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  1. That's the way it should be. Before the last update the propeller was always in the closest cabin to the boat. Too easy.
  2. i usually hear PAKNAK (russian)
  3. I fucking HATE this stupid map. 90% games i play its ALWAYS packanack small. Everybody always requests it in the lobbys, nobody ever wants to put on jarvis house or pinhurst when i ask, it's always fucking packanack small. How many months can you play on one dumb map?! It would be OK to play once in a while, but every fucking time? It's so boring that i disconnect at least 10 times to play on a different map.
  4. Sometimes when i'm Jason, after grabbing someone i can't attack. I can't use mouse button 1 or E. Only grabbing works. Can't attack or open doors, or take knives. It unglitches after i preform a grab kill. but if the councelors are in a cabin there is nothing i can do but quit. Anybody else has this problem?
  5. Halloween franchise

    I really love Halloween parts 1 and 2, but i never was a big fan of Michael Myers. I like F13, Texas chainsaw massacre, child's play, hellraiser, nightmare on elm street, evil dead much more than Halloween... halloween is on the end of my list of favourite horrors.
  6. Why I stopped playing Friday the 13th The Game

    That's why i quit immediately when i get trolled. One teabag and i disconnect. I hear a bunch of russians talking shit after stunning me, than i quit. Sometimes i almost let them kill me, and troll them back and quit when i'm stunned with the sweater. Fuck idiots, kids, trolls and russian players.
  7. Favorite Jason theme

    roy theme sucks and savini is annoying. so is part 3 retro. i like part 3 and 4
  8. Recent new hack being used

    Yesterday i had a councelor running in the sky and i could not kill him. Please do something about those fucking hackers. Or ban all russians, cos they are the only ones hacking, using uberjason, or having unlimited pocket knives.
  9. Creighton Duke Idea

    I'm not a fan of part IX, but Duke Tapes could be a good idea. Duke telling the truth (the part IX truth) about Jason, or maybe even his orgin.
  10. Weather

    i think that driving the car during rain should be more difficult (slippery road). councelors should be more scared during thunder.
  11. I am at level 150 and i still play, but only as Jason, i'm trying to get all the medals. I just need 5 more, almost have 2 of those 5... just need to kill someone in a hiding spot 4 times and trap 4 times.
  12. Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    The Houses October Built 2. The1st part was already crap but it was watchable, this one is a piece of shit.
  13. Horror Brawl

    How can anybody make a list like this and put Jeepers Creepers in it instead of Pinhead.......... Ghostface would get killed in the first 10 seconds, he was just a regular teenager in a costume with a knife.
  14. A whole bunch of ideas

    I meant real life. I don't remember enery bars or energy drinks back then.
  15. F 13 : The Origins of Evil screenplay

    No orgins or prequel film should be made. Ever. The coolest thing about Jason is that he's a mystery. We don't know alomst anything about him, and let's leave it this way. This kind of shit is good for comic books. They'd probably fuck it up like Leatherface anyway.