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  1. Personally, I think the whole idea comes from the old Friday the 13th game on the Commodore 64 where you play as one of several counselors who are stalked by Jason, who often times masquerades as a counselor himself, leading you to suspect everyone you see as the possible culprit. That was the first thing that came to mind back when I read what Paranoia was purported to be.
  2. Just a sidenote, and I have no numbers to back it up, but it seems the PS4 player base has dwindled substantially since hackers broke the online servers for a month. I'm seeing the same player names in public lobbies way more frequently than I ever did before.
  3. Last we heard from our man Larry Zerner is that the parties have not settled yet. That June court date everyone was looking forward to in hopes of a settlement reportedly hasn't happened yet due to Covid. But, as @TimDuke 01 alluded to, an eventual settlement isn't going to change anything in regards to the game unfortunately.
  4. This, and usually the Jason player is beating their chest thinking they're that damn good. 😄
  5. If I see it again I'll snag a video and upload it. It doesn't seem to be occurring frequently (as far as I can see at this point). I have noticed this as well.
  6. I've noticed lately (on PS4), possibly since the latest patch, that the phone fuse has been spawning in the same cabin as the phone box again. This used to happen way back when before it was adjusted in an update many moons ago, but I've started seeing it again recently. The first time was a couple nights ago, and I convinced myself I was mistaken. But tonight, for sure, it happened on Packanack Small. I found the fuse in the main cabin and the phone was there as well. Anyone else seeing this? @mattshotcha
  7. That, and I also love it when someone else in the lobby feels challenged to out-spam the spammer and they join in, and both proceed to cripple the ready button till the final countdown. Those moments I've actually taken the time to connect my headset, switch party chat over to prioritize game chat just long enough to say "You pussies done?", ala this video; https://youtu.be/XmQ9hdvpO4g?t=717
  8. I'm usually fine either way. There's plenty of times when a round ends that I'm happy to have a couple mins to run to the restroom, pour some coffee, throw laundry in the dryer, or whatever. If I've got nothing that needs doing I'll ready up immediately. Just depends on the day really. The only time I defiantly stay unready is when some jerkoff starts spamming within two seconds of entering the lobby. I'll make those goofs wait every time.
  9. - Counselor - Most used or favorite counselor (s) : Adam, (experimenting with No Fear Jenny) Favorite weapon : Bat Favorite perks : Marathon, Thick Skin, Medic, Swift Attacker Play style : Lonewolf; hitting objectives and helping people get away from Jason. Likes : Clean players/sportsmanship. Knife-happy Jasons; they think they're sooooo good, yet one of the easiest to out-play. Dislikes : Trolls/exploiters/glitchers/griefers Goal : If Jason is playing clean; fill inventory, call Tommy/cops, fix car (sometimes boat). If Jason is cheating; being his personal nightmare the entire round until he either rage quits or gets killed. Mic : Almost never unless I feel compelled to point out how awful a Jason player is if they're getting help from counselors and still can't kill me. I verbally encourage them to stop being a douche and play a clean game. - Jason - Most used or favorite Jason (s) : Part 4, Savini Favorite weapon (s) : Pig Splitter, Machete Favorite kills : The Jarvis, Up and Under, Fish Gutter, The Pamela Favorite environmental kills : Wall Headcrusher, Impaled, Boiled Play style : Put the pressure on and make them work, drain their stamina, then checkmate. Likes : Clean players/sportsmanship Dislikes : Trolls/exploiters/glitchers/griefers Mic : Never. Jason doesn't talk. Why should I?
  10. I'd honestly love to figure this out for use against Jason cheaters. Can someone provide a more thorough breakdown (PM me)?
  11. If you mean toxic as in little bedroom warriors who run their mouths over the mic, I voted 0% since I play the game in party chat and never hear them. Typical trolls who either cheat as counselors by helping Jason or Jason players who rely on exploits (some call them advanced Jason tactics 🙄) aka cheating, I'd say about 50-65% of the time. If I play ten matches in one night at least half have shady crap going on.
  12. This. First thing I do when I fire up my PS4 is create a chat party. Adjusting chat settings to "prioritize party chat" ensures you'll never hear a peep from anyone (I assume Xbox has some kind of equivalent feature). It also saves you the task of having to mute every single person you encounter. This alone takes the game to a whole new level of enjoyment. Squeakers/trolls begone.
  13. Agreed. 37 is what I hear, and have always heard. I don't hear a long /ī/ syllable anywhere in that jargon.
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