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  1. Creating a Party Chat for just yourself goes a long way in enhancing the enjoyment of this game.
  2. I do the same thing to those little pricks. Make'em chase me across the map and back again, tea-bagging the shit out of them while their little soggy twat counselor buddy flanks me and tries to block me in doorways or shut windows, etc. Few feelings more satisfying on this game than trolling the trolls the entire match until time expires and still treating them to the sounds of my flickering flashlight as the screen fades to black. And should I get caught I will absolutely disconnect on them right before they think they're finally gonna get the big payoff after dealing with all the frustration I've caused them.
  3. It has really gotten aggravating. Sure, the bots were always dumb as bricks, but this standing around/hiding indefinitely crap ramped up a couple updates ago and hasn't been addressed (nor do I expect it to). When I get down to the last counselor, and it's clear it's a hider who isn't coming out, I go to cabins I haven't been to yet looking for opened windows/locked doors, and can generally find them before rage. But, a buddy and me were "racing" the other night, in that we started a bots session at the same time to see who could kill everyone first (fun way to play!). And both of us ran into the hiders at pretty well the same time. Though we both found them and finished the round, we both agreed is just isn't fun. We avoid the Jarvis map completely now and usually Pinehurst as well. If isn't soulless bots crawling under a bed to spend eternity, it's them standing around indefinitely waiting to die.
  4. Agree. Maps, Jasons, and kills were what the playerbase was craving, aside from Single Player Challenges. Jason X/Grendel map would've kept the water boiling for a good while longer.
  5. He's noticeably shorter/smaller than C.J. Graham who preceded him. I remember the story of when John Carl Buechler presented Kane to Paramount and made his pitch for him to play Jason. Immediately his height was a concern.
  6. 4. Best Jason. Best cast. Best final girl. The original era closed out with a bang at it's peak, before the series went full cartoon mode and turned into a comic book.
  7. My take on the thread title question; views/ad revenue. So many YouTube videos about this game I've made the mistake of clicking on are the same old song and dance; glorified water-cooler chatter. Though I didn't click the video in question; in my experience it's almost always a video just over 10 mins with a super-pretty click-bait image with some hook phrase. So, as a fan, you click, sit through 10 mins of pure speculation, and at the end you wonder why the hell you wasted your time, as you've learned absolutely nothing new. To me, it's nearly the equivalent of getting rick-rolled.
  8. If memory serves, when I was chasing this one there was one specific location I hadn't done one of the corner kills. Some random table in the back of one of the cabins. It was the same corner kill I had done on tables, record players, generators, etc. One lone table in the back of a certain cabin was missing. Trophy popped right when I did it.
  9. This. Any time that map loads I feel like a star running back playing at home. Had I been keeping a graph all this time of maps I've died the most on, Higgins would likely be at the very bottom.
  10. For fans of the series, I don't think it's too high. It'll come through natural enjoyment. I got platinum about 6 months after the game came out. Now, for those who play games strictly to hunt plats, oh yeah. They won't last without boosting.
  11. Perks from whatever counselor you were using when you escaped/died used to carry over to Tommy when you come back as him. Not sure if they still do. I would like to see your counselor's emotes carry over. Tommy being stuck with those generic defaults is lame.
  12. It's mainly those eyeholes that stick out to me. There's some other minuscule things here and there, but the eyes give the video game Jason a different "expression" than what I see in the movie.
  13. Part 7's mask is a bit off. I don't see the same Jason I know from the movie when I look at the game version. It's pretty cool nonetheless, but those eye holes being off have always bothered me. Unmasked, I think he looks about as good as one could hope for.
  14. I don't make it a mission to kill Jason except for when it's clear he's cheating or otherwise being a douche. But, an axe hit from Tommy in combat-stance rarely ever fails, regardless of perks. It's very important to remember to go into combat mode prior to that hit. Most of the fails I've seen is when someone does the basic melee swing.
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