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  1. A.J., because she legit makes me feel sorry for her when she cries after the power gets knocked out.
  2. Most recently Vanessa and Debra, but it's happened multiple times over the course of time with different counselors. We got curious sometime ago as to why we'd occasionally have someone in our group say "WTF??? I'm hitting triangle and nothing's happening!?!?" and tested it to recreate the problem. I was able to recreate the situation several times, as I was spamming triangle for about 20 seconds standing right in front of Jason and it wouldn't work till I backed off and came at him again with the prompt visible. Not sure what other variables contribute to it or how often it happens, but can absolutely confirm it's happened to me and a couple others I run with more than once.
  3. Keep in mind that Fear plays a role in the process. If your counselor's fear level is high to the point where your mini-map has faded out and your screen is darkening, the sweater prompt goes away and pressing triangle does nothing. When this happens you need to move away from Jason and let the fear level settle back down (turning on your flashlight speeds the process up a little). When your screen goes back to normal and the mini-map fades back in, you should see the sweater prompt come back as well. It'll work then.
  4. Agreed. That was the game as the genesis of the original concept in it's rawest form and was honestly the most fun to play. Felt like too many cooks in the kitchen not long after launch to especially where we are now.
  5. A cloaking device that disables sound detection and reduces Sense detection to a quick flicker, along with other counselors not being able to see where you are on the map for a period of time. Would've been especially interesting to see on the futuristic Grendel map.
  6. I share items with my group, but that's it. Like someone else pointed out, randoms could be (and these days usually are) Jason teamers. I'd much rather have a healthy stash of sprays/knives so I can troll the cheating Jason as long as I can. Or if I see Roy or Part 6 at the start of the match I tend to hoard sprays while letting them get their knife-happy jollies on my thick-skin perk before I make them realize they've emptied their supply for nothing in forcing them to hunt without their safe crutch. One exception is when a random proves themself as an honorable player by helping someone in trouble, completing objectives, etc. I usually drop items for them if I have extras.
  7. Agree. The heartfelt job they did in recreating the film universe is something only passionate fans would've taken the time to do, and sadly, that aspect is almost always overlooked because of all the technical problems within the game.
  8. I've heard the supposed Halloween game rumblings as well and wondered where they came from. I'd be on board with that, for the record. With Gun's attention to detail, a proper '78 style Myers experience would be intriguing. There's a fan game out there for PC that was fun to mess around with which probably cost nothing to make. In the hands of a decent developer (smirk) and a budget of some kind it could be cool.
  9. I'd rather see the option to skip cutscenes for the single player challenges. As finicky and unpredictable as counselors detecting Jason is, I'm surprised that hasn't been added.
  10. Looking at the track record; "Early 2017" for the game's original release date really equaled mid '17 (closer to quarter 3 than Q1) at 5-26-17. "Spring 2019" for the Switch launch really equaled late summer '19 at 8-13-19. No reason to expect "soon" meant anything other than sometime in 2020.
  11. I did. I got him a bit frustrated and he started making some mistakes like not breaking windows, etc. Then, I finally got him to my favorite cabin with the two interior door ways where there are beds all around. I was able to break line of sight and loop around that area as he was looking for me. I steal a lot of time with Jasons in that cabin, as they walk outside to check sense and see that I'm still there, then get convinced I'm hiding under a bed and start stabbing them all. That strategy has saved my neck more times than I can count.
  12. Thanks for the info. I guess it isn't an exploit really if it can be done so easily. I can see it being a way to play in which the devs didn't intend, but if there's no hacking or no glitching (technically) I suppose it's fair game. Here's some video on it for those who either haven't seen it, or are just now encountering it like me. Note; I'm being a d*ck to the Jason guy because at the time I was sure he was cheating via a hack somehow. I'm not normally an asshole player. 😄
  13. Interesting. I've not experienced any signs of these until just this week. The double-tapping could explain them getting through the doors so fast, but the shifting was what really raised a brow. Does this technique enable a way for them to bypass cooldown? It seemed like little to no time was going by in between shifts.
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