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  1. It's been a great run here. The F13 forum has been an open tab on my browser for years. It's gonna be weird not seeing it up there anymore. Thanks to everyone for making this a cool community for true fans of the game to converse, celebrate, and commiserate. Throughout the ups and downs and everything in between.... it's been fun. I'll continue to enjoy the game for as long as it's possible to do so. Here's to five fantastic years and hope to see you all again, perhaps on a forum for Gun's next big game. Till then... 🍻 ~SC
  2. Obviously not, nor should it ever be a bannable offense. That said, I usually pass on the option to kill Jason when it's a newer player who is noticeably struggling to learn the ropes. Feels like slapping a blind man or something.
  3. Agreed. The overall playerbase skill-level is the worst it's ever been. It's not very different from a bots round.
  4. My go-to games these days (besides Friday) are Red Dead Online, Brutal Doom (PC Mod), and I've been playing around with the RPCS3 emulator. 'Wish they'd make Fight Night Champion playable and fix that game's bugs.
  5. I'm in a bit of a dry spell with new games these days. I've yet to pick up a PS5 and currently have no plans to, which is kinda weird when I think about it. I bought a PS4 around launch and a PS3 within a year after it came out. Nothing I've seen about the PS5 so far interests me. I hope I'm not getting old. 😟
  6. DBD remains a bit of a mystery to me. After spending some time with it around the era Michael Myers was first released, I am bewildered at some of the things it's supporters say about it. They tout it's supposed variety compared to F13.... that one makes me laugh every time someone says it. What variety? You fix generators; the end. If you're the killer, you throw people on hooks; the end. Has there been tons of new gameplay added since Myers came out? Because back then, this was literally all the game was. I got bored with it within 30 mins and put it down. Never been back. Contrast that with F13; I played it a week straight during beta in 2016, and I'm still playing it.
  7. Underrated gem. The original may legit be the scariest game I've ever played. I'd love to see it get a full-scale remake.
  8. I'm always hosting so I only leave/kill the match when I see Jason-teaming. If Jason is playing a clean game and manages to snatch me early, I'm totally fine to let the match continue while I'm off doing things around the house.
  9. It's always been my interpretation that Jason sees a reflection of his own innocence prior to drowning when he sees a child. In the original lore (first eight Paramount movies) there wasn't a backstory of bullying with other kids being cruel to him because of his deformities. It was simply "he drowned due to camp counselors not watching him". So, it could be believed Jason has zero rage against children and possibly sees some variant of his own life, happy with his mother, when he encounters a kid. In Part 4 I don't see a killer about to strike young Tommy Jarvis. If you watch Jason throughout the Final Chapter, he's fast and very aggressive (Ted White salute) when in kill mode. In the Tommy sequence, he is entranced and approaching with curiosity. He's reaching out to his past self in a calm and passive demeanor. When he busts through the kids door in Part 6 I believe he's baiting Meagan, who he'd just lost sight of due to being blindsided by Sheriff Garris. He was poised to bust right back out of the cabin as soon as she showed up.
  10. Obviously anyone affiliated with Gun won't publicly endorse the mods, more specifically a certain one currently making the rounds. But, you guys know you'll be playing it. 😄
  11. Wasn't. Highly unlikely, at least per that string of supposed logic. If a game the caliber of Halloween is being made, no way it gets dropped out of nowhere with zero hype. Not as to say the game isn't being made, as I have no idea. But, I wouldn't place any stock in a guy claiming it's already getting packaged.
  12. Just making sure I understand this right; a guy... who knows a guy.... is claiming a game that hasn't been announced is already in the packaging phase?
  13. I've seen it (I periodically do the same thing in the situation you describe). I couldn't swear to it (or prove it), but it seems like this kind of thing started happening around the time the update went in to fix the Jarvis House bots a little over a year ago. That's when I began noticing it anyway. Doesn't seem to happen too often though. And you're probably correct in your thinking that the bot set a trap, stupidly walked into it, and rinsed/repeated until unintended death.
  14. Of all the perks I've ran with and eventually replaced, Swift Attacker is the one I miss the most. I begrudgingly gave it up in favor of Medic some time ago and made myself adjust my playstyle so I could live without it and still be effective when I need to hit Jason with a melee attack. It definitely took some time to get used to not having it. In the end I concluded Medic was just a smidge more vital to the way I and my usual running mate play the game. But, I still miss it.
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