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  1. Last night I managed to get to a dedicated server (PS4) for the first time since the Switch launch. Jason quit 30 seconds in, back to the main menu we go, searching for session for 5 mins, land in the all-too familiar P2P session alone, one person entered in four minutes and left.... Dashboard>Options>Close Application. Guys, seriously....... what is the F'in problem? @mattshotcha
  2. Yes. Their behavior/intelligence has taken a step even further back from where it was (which is saying something). When I morph into an area and use sense, I see sometimes two or three of them standing around completely soulless. Of course, when I shift on one, as I'm zooming in on their location and get close to them, they magically become aware before I come out of shift and then they start to move.
  3. Co-sign. Dedicated servers have been completely screwed up for me on PS4 since the latest update. Tried tonight for two hours to get a match going and couldn't connect to dedicated servers one time. Best I could manage was a P2P match with three other people. Rebooted the game, PS4, even my modem/router.....no dice. Finally said screw it and settled for a round of offline bots. Not five mins into that match; blue screen. Shut'er down and Red Dead it is. Please fix.
  4. I tried it out yesterday. Graphically, I was pleased. The game made the transition over pretty well. The controls were a bit tight on the joycons. Morphing took a little longer with the analog stick making it harder to pinpoint where you want to go (or y'know, the general area at least). I have a Pro controller coming today though and am looking forward to testing with that.
  5. Feels a little silly to say, but I've always wanted the shadowbox emote on PS4. Seems odd that something as miscellaneous as an emote would be exclusive to PC (and now the Switch).
  6. +1. I used to go to the wrong trap often before my eyes got trained to seriously hone in and pinpoint which symbol looked noticeably different than the others. A different color for sprung traps could easily remedy.
  7. Most people do, which only ends up playing right into his strengths. I mean, I get it; when people see the low trap count and slower shift and can't play the way they do with some of the other Jasons they write him off as "sucking". When he was first released I wasn't happy at how he was built. Ted White's Jason was the fastest, most menacing one in the series, and I remember being especially displeased with the slow shift/water speed at first. But, because of my love for Final Chapter I stuck with it and mastered him. Now, there isn't any Jason I feel more comfortable in playing (including Savini).
  8. Oh look, an update is downloading.... Does it make me a Negative Nancy that my immediate reaction is "wonder what's broke now?" 😬
  9. Part 4 has been my main Jason since the day he was released. I consistently get 7/7 (8/8) with him, probably moreso than any other. My two cents worth is to remember; he's the ultimate badass. Play him as such. Don't go into the match feeling like you're at some kind of disadvantage and need to hurry before the tide turns. IMO, this will cause you to play your game in a defensive mindset. Wrong psychology in my view. Part 4 is a pressure Jason, and the player should employ an alpha mindset. Attack from the opening moments with relentless pursuit and do not let up (pausing only to pick up every knife you see along the way). Take your target out of their comfort zone and pressure them constantly to wear them down. Doesn't matter how good they think they are or how many perks they're packing. Keep them moving at all times and they WILL get tired (assuming you haven't already broken them down with well-timed attacks or snatched them up with a pinpoint shift). That -shift is not a disadvantage. It gives you practically all day to properly align yourself with the target before you grab them. A Part 4 shift just after a well-placed morph is deadly.
  10. It's no different than those badass counselors scattering like roaches and running for their lives the moment Tommy or SG goes down. All that macho bravado disappears like a fart in the wind. Not one of them runs toward Jason in that situation and tries to engage him knowing it's a death sentence. Why should anything less be expected of Jason when his mask is off and there's a group of five ready to gang-bang him? There's no rhyme, reason, or only a certain situation where it's "ok to avoid getting killed". The game is about survival, and since both sides can be killed, same thing applies toward both. I'll make a kill squad chase me the entire remainder of the round and taunt the shit out of them while I do it, as in most cases, it wasn't five minutes prior they were trying to do the exact same thing to me. Works both ways. There's no cowardice in giving them a taste of their own medicine. IMO, only cowards are those who quit the moment something goes wrong in their gameplan and they get frustrated and leave the match.
  11. Exactly this. This is why I always balk at comments that are something to the effect of "if an experienced kill squad wants Jason dead, he will be dead, nothing he can do." There is ALWAYS something he can do; not engage. It's simple. Every Jason who ever died made the conscientious choice to not use his abilities to distance himself from the team (or forgot/didn't know how/whatever). There are other ways of dealing with kill squads that don't involve walking right into them like a goof and being slaughtered. They only get their way if you allow it. And if you fail at picking off the key people, you are under absolutely no obligation to say "whelp I tried to be smart, here goes nothing." That's just stupid.
  12. Personally I'm not a fan of the glitch. I feel like I have too much advantage in the beginning of the round and I try to resist using it until it'd normally be time. Of course, if I meet some asshole players early on I don't mind going to it and getting rid of them.
  13. Reverting back to the old engine would mean so long to dedicated servers. I agree the game seems like the biggest shit-show it's possibly ever been in terms of bugs/annoyances, but none of that kills the experience faster than a salty host pulling the plug on the whole match. Every time someone cowards out just before I kill them I still instantly remember what it was like when the whole screen went black and the match was over for everyone. That's one thing the engine upgrade definitely made better. As for now though, I'd like to propose they start a new crowdfunding project. Raise enough money to send this game over to Rockstar or Capcom for about six weeks. Either would probably do more for it in that time than we've seen in two years between Illfonic and Black Tower. I was halfway joking as I was typing this paragraph, but hell, sounds like a good idea all of a sudden.
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