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  1. It's the eye holes. They made them too big and they're weirdly shaped. Gives it a totally different feel.
  2. A sore loser doesn't like the truth. All these silly 'insults' come from weak-minded goofs who can't accept the fact they were beaten by a better player. Sad thing is they make themselves feel better by calling the winner 'trash', but are too blinded by rage to see the utter ignorance of it. If the winner is trash, the loser must be sewer-dwelling fly shit.
  3. Right. That kind of thing. Though I can't specifically remember if the face slam needed to be done on both maps (safe bet that it does), I know for sure the corner slam kill had to be done in different locations, despite being essentially the same kill. If memory serves, I think the trophy popped for me when I did the corner slam on one of the tables/desks in the back of a cabin at Crystal Lake. I had done the kill on every other surface but that particular one.
  4. It was bugged at one time, but that was long ago. As I recall (someone feel free to correct me) there was one kill that either couldn't be done, or wouldn't register as being done, which stopped the trophy/achievement from popping. A patch corrected the problem, and I remember getting the trophy right after. Keep in mind, as @OCT 31 1978 pointed out, there are certain variations of the corner slam kill that have to be done at different locations. It's the same animation every time, but the object you're doing it on counts as a separate kill. This is a good list to refer to; http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10137-kill-list-updated/
  5. Pretending that Wes never supposedly said Gun will never touch anything related to the F13 franchise again.... if they were to make a sequel when the lawsuit is done, I'd like to see all the content included that was frozen when the copyright claim was made. Grendel/Lazarus/Manhattan/Forest Green/NES maps, obviously Uber Jason, revisions to all existing Jason skins that correct minor inaccuracies, smarter offline bots, a Jason AI for offline mode as a counselor, Paranoia, more kills, and correct all the bugs/glitches. I'd be all aboard this sequel, even if it took five years to make it and make sure it performed well. Realistically though, whoever gets the rights surely won't ignore the initial success the game had, and will look to hire someone to make a new game if Gun doesn't want the job. Downside there could be who knows what kind of project it would be. May be an entirely different experience put together by a team with little to no passion for the movies, which would really suck.
  6. If the Jason player is playing a good, clean game and good enough to kill me, then no, I don't feel victorious if I come back as Tommy and survive/kill Jason. If I've died as a result of cheating/teaming and come back with the odds evened a bit, troll the assh0le all round long, and escape/kill him/make him quit, definitely a big W in the win column in my mind.
  7. I remember being impressed with the way the Switch version looked on launch. For some reason I expected a huge difference I guess because of some misinterpretation that the game had to be compressed down to fit on the Switch's tiny cartridges. Then, I remembered Nintendo's proprietary carts are very similar to SD cards and can store up to 32GB (more than a standard single-layer 25GB bluray disc). The differences really just come down to the Switch's less powerful processor and RAM vs PS4/Xbox. That said, the graphics and overall performance transitioned very well.
  8. I'm in favor of it getting a re-work. IMO, there should never come a moment during a match where counselors have Jason by the balls and the average Jason player's only two options are to either walk right into getting killed or run away to avoid it. There should be more dynamics involved in the process, like maybe adding a necessary third counselor to the mix, as in the one who kneels Jason has to be someone other than Tommy/Sweater Girl with a high strength rating, and that person has to have a specific weapon. And/or maybe there are only certain areas of the map where the kill can take place (not sure about that one). Make Jason harder to unmask, and give him the ability to put the mask back on. To really shake things up, could also give him the ability to make a player drop the mask from their inventory either by slashing/knifing or grabbing them, that way a counselor simply picking it up and hoarding it isn't a safe bet, and kill squads would have a new dynamic to think about. A strategic attack by Jason on the player showing up in a unique color on Sense, indicating they have the mask, could give him the opportunity to put it back on before the sweater is activated.
  9. I actually like the NES game, so I definitely would've been behind this. Also wish we would've gotten that NES map and 8-bit Jason would've undergone the rework they were, at one time, looking to do. A soundtrack more akin to the old game would've been cool too. The one they went with really isn't anywhere close to it.
  10. I used to record all my matches and would immediately submit videos of people teaming/exploiting/griefing/etc until it became clear nothing was being done about it. The game's community is so toxic that they'd be eliminating over half the player base if they banned violators. It's my understanding, be it correct or not, that the only thing that will get a player banned is indisputable video proof of PC hacking, and even that's no guarantee as others have mentioned. Your best remedy here is find another lobby when you encounter douchebags.
  11. Agreed. I still see this often. The fire to play as Jason is hot for some. A lot of people still hop lobbies until they're the last person in, as that player always seems to have a leg up on getting picked for some reason. But, it does suck when you're playing solo and the match starts in Pinehurst and two or three people leave. I remember talking to some people in the past who outright admitted they spent more time trying to be Jason than they did actually playing the game. If it's that bad, play some bots rounds on hard and experience that pocketknife 5-7 times a match. You'll be surprised at how quickly your desire to simply be a counselor and survive will grow.
  12. 🤣 Been playing since beta, and across two platforms since launch (PC/PS4). I've taken on players of every skill set and can conclude hearing counselors talk is not something I need in my life to be successful on this game. And I can assure you, you and your squad would show me nothing I haven't seen and handled before, but by all means, pound your chest about how good you and your six friends would be against one player if it makes you feel better about yourself. I play the game for fun, not bragging rights. So, feel free to come back with whatever, as I'm sure you will, but I am done with this conversation. I've stated my piece and you're not changing my mind. Continuing on from this point is just getting into a cyber shoot-out over nothing but a difference of opinion about a friggin mute toggle. I'm quite secure in how I feel about this, so I will wish you a good day, and happy hunting. Cheers. 🍻
  13. I don't need to test it. I know for a fact if you mute him he can not hear you (on PS4 anyway, can't speak for Xbox). To be clear; I'm talking about the actual sounds going into your mic, not the goofy yelps and cries for help your counselor spews every time Jason is near you. Muting him doesn't stop any of that. But, the chat-mute; this was discovered long ago shortly after the game first came out, and we always used it for the reasons I've shared (and my opinion is unchanged). If muting Jason was some frowned-upon advantage for the other players, the devs wouldn't have given you the option to do it with a simple click. It's a preference setting, not an unfair buff. I mean seriously, @Risinggrave, how much power/privilege do you need as Jason for you to consider the playing field fair? It's pretty clear what the counselors are gonna do; fix cars/boat/phone, call Tommy/police, get sweater/try to kill you. A good Jason doesn't need the benefit of super-sonic hearing to have the upper hand against mortal people. I've cleared many a room 8/8 while in a private party chat by myself so I'd never hear a word uttered from anyone. I've never once felt I was depriving myself of one of Jason's abilities.
  14. He can hear interior chatter perfectly standing over 10 feet away on the outside of a cabin that's sealed up tight. That's a bit more than casual proximity. And on that note folks, muting a player is now considered "borderline cheating" by some. 😄
  15. This is exactly what I used to do back when I public chatted in quick play. Back when randos actually played the game the way it's intended, it was illogical to me that Jason could hear you while you correlated with other players about repairs/strategy, etc. He doesn't have a radio, so he shouldn't be able to magically tap into that frequency and eavesdrop. My opinion anyway.
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