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  1. Admittedly (and sadly as such), only names that stick with me are gems like "URMamasBigRedBush", "SuckethMySouthernPackage", and (you get the idea). There's a part of my brain that can't help but appreciate when people find particularly clever ways to be crude, though the examples I gave really aren't.
  2. I guess I'm in the minority. I've never had any issues with firecrackers or flare guns save for the occasional times pre-rage Jason walks right through them for no apparent reason. I've never had a pocketknife disappear (yet).
  3. This I cannot fathom playing this game without being in a private party chat (unless there's a specific reason).
  4. Seconded, a million times. I have no interest in seeing "Jerome Vorhees", the poor black kid who drowned because white kids were too busy partying or whatever, and now he's back to exact his revenge. LeBron would probably hire Jordan Peele to direct and this fun franchise would immediately turn into social propaganda films, but hey, it'd be the one time a Friday the 13th movie would get nominated for an Oscar, so there's that I guess.
  5. I'll slash trolls all day long as my eardrums bathe in the sweet sounds of them losing their shit in chaotic harmony. They play the game to ruin the experience for everyone else, so I make it my personal mission to not only take that luxury away, but make them as miserable as I can in the process. Never gets old. When dealing with classy players I prefer the grab kills, and I've also noticed when I'm dicking around with offline bots I've gotten in the habit of never going for the same kill twice in a round.
  6. Of all the ones I like, Marathon is the one I notice missing the most when I unequip it in favor of anything else. I always go back to it.
  7. I believe that is the case. The ability to weapon swap didn't come along until after that Part 7 Kill Pack was released, and I'm sure Gun never felt the need to go back in and revise the description.
  8. Agreed. Even if the lawsuit ends in June 2020, it's a safe bet the online servers for the game will either be shut down by then, or not long thereafter (subtle vibes I've gotten from all the "this late in the game's life" quips I've seen from Matt over the last couple months). Best thing we could hope for, and I still strongly doubt it, is for Gun to release the stuff that's already in the game (Uber Jason/Kill Packs) for offline play.
  9. Yeah, I was just about to say; you mean I've been getting out and running for no reason? Haven't heard of this one either.
  10. Only thing I had been missing was the badge for escaping in the boat x number of times. 'Don't even remember what it's called. But, platinum'd the game in 2017, yet that badge eluded me for a long time because I used to avoid the boat a lot early on. Finally got it about a month or so ago.
  11. Funny username. I remember a guy I used to play the game with always, always called it that when the Packanack map was chosen.
  12. Creating a Party Chat for just yourself goes a long way in enhancing the enjoyment of this game.
  13. I do the same thing to those little pricks. Make'em chase me across the map and back again, tea-bagging the shit out of them while their little soggy twat counselor buddy flanks me and tries to block me in doorways or shut windows, etc. Few feelings more satisfying on this game than trolling the trolls the entire match until time expires and still treating them to the sounds of my flickering flashlight as the screen fades to black. And should I get caught I will absolutely disconnect on them right before they think they're finally gonna get the big payoff after dealing with all the frustration I've caused them.
  14. It has really gotten aggravating. Sure, the bots were always dumb as bricks, but this standing around/hiding indefinitely crap ramped up a couple updates ago and hasn't been addressed (nor do I expect it to). When I get down to the last counselor, and it's clear it's a hider who isn't coming out, I go to cabins I haven't been to yet looking for opened windows/locked doors, and can generally find them before rage. But, a buddy and me were "racing" the other night, in that we started a bots session at the same time to see who could kill everyone first (fun way to play!). And both of us ran into the hiders at pretty well the same time. Though we both found them and finished the round, we both agreed is just isn't fun. We avoid the Jarvis map completely now and usually Pinehurst as well. If isn't soulless bots crawling under a bed to spend eternity, it's them standing around indefinitely waiting to die.
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