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  1. This has happened to me as well on PS4 (Tommy not hearing sweater girl, Jason not in confused animation).
  2. It's all fair game, especially when their intent is to kill you. Nothing you do to them is unfair. Disrupting their plan and making them whine like little bitches doesn't make you a dirty player. It just makes them whiny little bitches.
  3. I'd try being nice to him. Never seen that before. Maybe he'd stop and hang out. Offer him some good food and cold beer. Trying to kill him is pretty fruitless it seems. Maybe unconditional kindness would neutralize his rage.
  4. Even as an avid Jason player I have no problem with this. It lessens his awareness and compromises the ability to morph into the water and hide the entire round when they sense the end is near. I feel if a Jason player is beaten to that point the counselors have earned a kill and shouldn't be deprived if they know how to execute. Besides, when has Jason ever ran away from death? If someone is good enough to kill him, he always takes it like a man. There's always another sequel, and in the game's case, another round.
  5. I don't make it obvious and if they talk trash I immediately halt 'training mode' and commence to smacking them around with full tea-bagging. If they play nice, they walk away with the satisfaction they finally got a guy who was tough to catch. I never hand it to them or tell them they're getting a gift. Exactly my point.
  6. I have. When I see a new player struggling to learn the curve and he/she is trying and doesn't quit, I'll gently kite them for a while and put them in situations where they'll learn something. Like a light sparring session. I'll throw a jab here, move around a bit, jab again. Let them get their feet wet. If they've kept coming forward and haven't talked any nasty crap, sometimes I'll let'em grab me as a reward for their hard work. One thing I think people need to keep in mind, especially us 150 vets; this game can easily mess with people's psychology. I've witnessed grown adults get so flustered, some even cry, because they feel like everyone is ganging up on them and laughing at them. It takes them back to their childhood and getting picked on by other kids, much like the character they're controlling. Being conscious of that, and thinking a newbie may be struggling to keep it together while they're pursuing me; I won't dance, I won't teabag, I won't spam the flashlight. I'll play a clean game and give them a good run to test themselves and learn a few things. Giving them that kill at the end after they've given it their best effort will motivate them to stick around versus throwing their controller down and screaming "f*ck this game!!" Not running off our player-base will keep this game around longer. 😉
  7. The one is "be relentless". The rest is a thorough breakdown of what I mean by that. 😄
  8. Be relentless. Force them to play your game, not them baiting you into their's. Make them work, constantly, and wear them down. Don't get frustrated and stop moving, giving them time to recharge stamina. Even if they appear to be besting you, the key, they are still burning stamina to move. Stay on them. Smother them. Choose a Jason with +Destruction (Part 4, 8, Savini*) so you can slice through barricaded doors in seconds. If you're chasing someone who is good at avoiding shift-grab, stay in shift the entire time and circle them so they'll keep running. Don't come out of it quick and chance missing them. It isn't worth sacrificing the stamina you make them burn by frantically running around like a headless chicken while they wait for you to reappear. Smash all the power generators immediately. Raises fear; faster stamina drain/slower recovery (may avoid Tommy). Pick up knives every where you see them. Never pass one up. This is my lone exception in never stopping. Window trolls are sitting ducks every single time. Make them pay with a knife and ALWAYS break the window. And, very important; use offline bots to practice grabbing counselors as soon as they begin to swing their weapon at you. This will be the difference-maker in you getting kited or smashing them after one wear-down. A good kite'r who has exhausted their stamina will wait for the perfect moment to swing on you to refill a chunk of it so they can begin the process again. Never, ever give them that shot. Snatch'em up mid-swing and dispatch them. Also, practice using morph with offline bots. When a counselor is running from you, go to sense to light them up and observe the direction they're running in, while also observing if they're running full speed and not stopping. If they're running hard, hang back for a few seconds and let them burn that extra energy, thinking they're getting away from you. Then, while facing them, go to morph and select a spot on the map that is an inch or two in the direction your icon arrow is pointing (timing will improve with practice). You'll drop in right near them and force them to keep moving. So many ways to rope-a-dope counselors. Even the cagey ones whose sole mission is to cause you as many problems as possible while their teammates focus on objectives. No matter how skilled they are in avoiding being grabbed/melee'd, every single counselor has the same common denominator; stamina. Take it away from them and they're as good as dead. Lastly; prioritize who you pursue first, always focusing on the counselors with high repair stats. None of them can run very far without being gassed and are typically the easiest ones to pick off. Clear the room of those and suddenly you have a bunch of run-happy jocks who can't fix anything without you knowing about it. Party time...
  9. Just getting back to camp a little bit after an RDR2-induced hiatus, and I'm seeing a lot of bootleg turns happening with the car, where the driver is able to pull off a perfect 180-degree turn and take off in the opposite direction. I don't remember seeing this in the past. Is this considered an exploit? I wouldn't think so since it looks like it can be performed within the regular confines of the game, and I'm not seeing anything about it in the upcoming patch notes. How do you do it? Looks like a handy skill to have during a getaway. I tried to do it a few times while a Jason player was busy dancing with his buddies, but never could pull it off.
  10. @ShiftySamurai Some issues I've noticed on PC so far... Counselors are starting the match randomized, despite having a specific one selected. Jason seems to be randomizing his full palette sometimes. Multiple parts from all Jasons combining into one. Matches ending prematurely. Just had one end after 16:30 despite no one leaving. Matches have been permanently stalling out just before the loading screen. Just had to kill the game and restart. Muting players doesn't seem to be working in lobby or loading screen. Haven't been able to tell if it's working in-game or not.
  11. Playing on PC now, and not sure what it is I've "won" exactly, as the game is still quite broken, but the posted fixes seem to be going well so far. And Mr. Jones says I'm #1 so that's reason to celebrate I suppose. *Sip
  12. At least we can agree on something. Mine is reeking of bacon cheeseburger with raw white onions and chili cheese fries.
  13. Yep, I play those too, and my PS4 still gets plenty of exercise. Lol, somehow I doubt that. But, for the sake of making up shit, I'm a multi-millionaire too, and guess what, I own both, and like each for different reasons, and guess what else? My shit doesn't smell sweeter than anyone else's (neither does yours).
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