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  1. Though I've tried to main several other counselors over the course of two+ years, Adam is the one I believe I've died the least with, and the one I always find myself coming back to. I have him slotted with epic/legendary marathon, thick skin, and swift attacker. You can get his repair wheel down to three bars. Only thing about him that bothers me is his luck rating. All weapons usually break after two hits (sometimes one).
  2. I only do it when I'm convinced the Jason player is cheating. I troll his ass all round long and make him put in the work, then rob him of the pay off when he finally manages to snag me. But, as Jason, I definitely see my fair share of people doing it solely because they're sore losers.
  3. The difficulty levels are such a letdown. While I enjoy having them engage and attack a little more often on the harder setting, the pocket knives completely ruin it for me. It doesn't add any extra challenge at all, just makes the round a total chore to play through. This leads me to only fire up a bot round on easy so I can enjoy seeing the kill animations without being aggravated to death, and the whole time I'm wishing they'd actually try to fix things or come at me with their weapons.
  4. I'm generally solo unless I'm with my regular squad. I'm not one to socially browse the quick play lobbies with intention of forming a group. Used to try that here and there, and usually found that I was just talking to myself during the match.
  5. Time must flow differently in Lexington. 😄
  6. And how many arm-chair know-it-alls guaranteed us the game wouldn't make it to the end of the year? Yet, here we are in the 3rd qtr of 2019 still playing, and the game is about to get a shot in the arm with the Switch port. Play on.
  7. Say what you will about LJN NES games; difficult, tough to figure out, etc. But, Friday the 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, Jaws, Back to the Future, and Karate Kid all worked right out of the box. Granted the hardware was easier to develop for in those days, but devs knew they needed to have their sh*t together when they declared a game finished. Now days, they seem to use the internet as an excuse to release a game while it's still beta-level, knowing they can push updates out to (hopefully) fix things as they're cashing in. It's a crap way to do business that only ends up inconveniencing the consumer. I'd love to see some kind of software commission for video games. A governing body of sorts that have the power to hold companies accountable for putting out unfinished products and penalizing them. Probably would never happen, but it'd sure be nice.
  8. This is a good strategy for groups. A well-correlated team effort can ruin a Savini's day real quick. No matter how OP people think he is, he can only be one place at a time, and an experienced group of people who work together often can negate his strengths. While on the other side of the token; in a one-on-one tunneling situation, a Savini controlled by a good player who knows how to play to his strengths can be more menacing than all of them. He's a high-pressure Jason who will test your endurance (quickly). If he catches up to you early on when you haven't found any helpful items, and you're not particularly good at juking shift, you won't last long against a Savini if the player knows what they're doing. That said, I've kited several Savini's for half the round when I've been lucky enough to find a bat/axe and any combo of a pocketknife/spray/fireworks before he locks onto me.
  9. At this point I'm starting to feel that Cunningham is so bitter about the whole thing that he's purposely dragging it out just to waste time in hopes Miller passes away in the process. He'll be 80 next year (though Cunningham is 77).
  10. Adam is the closest fit for me. We're both old school 80's rockers/metal heads with similar taste in women. We can fix things. Decent power. Good composure. My luck in real life is usually the sh!ts and my speed would probably be somewhere in the middle of the group. I'd like to think my stamina is higher, but I dunno, I went on an incline hike here recently with some photography gear in my pack and nearly fell over dead, so 4/10 is probably generous until I can get more cardio in. Only area where I feel like I significantly exceed Adam is stealth. Over the years of cosplaying Jason and Michael Myers I've gotten pretty conditioned at creeping around silently. That said, Adam is still my closest match.
  11. Done it several times only because I know I'm dealing with a counselor who can break grab quickly and of course, no kills are lighting up for me. So, there's always the chance that someone is merely trying to get the game to work. If it's happening excessively though, yeah, you're more than likely being trolled.
  12. This. All that other stuff would be good, but this would be at the top of my list. Lawsuit or no, new content or no, the game will die eventually and all we'll have is offline play. A well thought-out, well-developed Jason AI would be a fantastic addition and is something we could enjoy forever.
  13. Outside of teaming and using game glitches to their advantage, I think I scoff the most at a Jason who verbally pounds their chest after clearing a room full of do-nothings. It's like "really, dude?" 🤦‍♂️
  14. Technically they have until June 21, and remembering the ol' Early 2017 target for the game's initial launch, wouldn't surprise me at all if it goes all the way to the wire and drops June 19 or 20.
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