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  1. If you're hard up and determined for some Friday during all this, keep leaving dedicated server rooms the instant you get in them and hit quick play again. Eventually you will land in a P2P room and be the host. Could take anywhere between 5-20 minutes to cobble together at least five people for a match, but at least you can play. Been doing this the past week and have even had several full lobbies from time to time. Just make sure you have something else to do while you wait. I've developed a routine of getting some work done in between matches and have been having some fun despite the circumstances. That said, I'm ready for the patch (and hope it works).
  2. Same. But, it'd be nice to have an option to skip the carousel and go straight to it.
  3. This seems like the most plausible solution if d-servers are going away "sooner than we think" (@mattshotcha) and things are going back to P2P. Host migration was discussed in detail way back in the launch era and though I can't remember all the specifics, the consensus was it could not be done properly and I assume nothing has changed. If true, implementing the option to create/host our own lobbies would be ideal. Private matches are great, but truth be told, I have a hard time finding 2-3 friends who want to play this game these days, let-alone 7. Quick-play is needed, and having more control to avoid getting dumped in a troll-host lobby would keep a lot of die-hards playing post-shutdown.
  4. FWIW, I managed to drop into my own hosted P2P session tonight (PS4) and had a bunch of matches and all were good. One was even a full room. No problems at all assuming your internet speed is decent. Minuses are the time it takes for people to join, and the ones that do are reluctant to stick around for the extra minutes it takes to get at least five players in for a balanced match on a small map. The one time I had a full game was when 3-4 people dropped in on the final loading screen, likely lucky-timed deferrals who couldn't find a match on the dedicated servers. I'm all in favor of the D-Servers being shut down during the investigation/repair, @mattshotcha, if community votes should be taken into consideration at some point. P2P is better than nothing, as at least then, good players can try to host matches and it won't take long for the rooms to fill up. I could handle the way it was tonight till things are sorted out.
  5. Just had three games in a row (on PS4) lock up during the first minute and crash moments later. Feels very reminiscent of a recent issue. 🤔 @mattshotcha
  6. To each their own, but new figures/re-releases of existing movies and no new films/video games doesn't excite me.
  7. Doesn't seem like it's anything to get excited about (yet);
  8. I agree using up a slot for escape artist isn't worth it. You can give yourself a better advantage going with a counselor with a decent grab-break and developing the presence of mind to lead Jason into a tighter area if you're out of stamina/hurt and a grab is inevitable. I've been in many situations where just an extra couple of steps toward corners, in between a rock and fence, trees, furniture, etc, made the difference in getting away versus dying, as certain areas cause Jason to have to maneuver a bit after a grab to get in open space for his kills to light up and allow him to finish you. That's plenty of time for someone like Adam/Jenny/Mitch/Tommy to spam themselves loose. It won't work every time obviously, but as a last resort, it has saved me more than a handful of times, especially when you have a Jason who thinks they have you and they like to screw around and taunt you before they finally grab you. They play right into it, not realizing while they're trolling you, they're being led to a specific area for a reason. When you play as Jason, make a mental note of where these areas are as you encounter them.
  9. I mean, that's great and all. Find the offenders and prosecute them. High-five! But, when's the game gonna be fixed restored to the last playable state?
  10. I remember when this first started and I read "Russian hackers"... my first thought was this is probably beyond Gun's remedial means. A week later and they claim to still be investigating versus implementing a fix justifies that impulse. I do wonder though how/why everything went back to normal for a day then broke again.
  11. Same for me (PS4). Played last night for a few hours without a hitch. 'Thought everything was back to normal. Tonight... back to the shit show. Interactions cease within first minute and session times out shortly after.
  12. Assuming this is still going on? Was just about to sit down and play a few rounds when suddenly...... oh yeah..... that.
  13. I wasn't able to play at all tonight on PS4 a couple hours ago. Tried about five matches or so. All locked up and disconnected after the first minute. Was wondering what was up. I guess now I know.
  14. This won't effect the game at all. The impact from the lawsuit has already been felt with all new content stopped. Gun will keep the online servers on until they decide it's time to pull the plug, so no worries till then.
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