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  1. Great thread, and I'm completely on board with a rework. I've listed my thoughts on it in another thread, but since Matt has been tagged here I'll re-post my two cents; Ted White's #1 priority in playing the role was to make Jason faster, and he did this beautifully. I believe he should be the fastest Jason in the game. Buff his normal run, and bump it to where he closes the gap on joggers quicker. Honestly, this one change could negate the need to make his shift faster. His slow water speed is fine, as we didn't get any scenes in the film that suggested he was a shark like Part 8 who swam overnight to Manhattan in the Atlantic Ocean. His destruction should stay right where it is, as he plowed through a cabin door late in The Final Chapter with ease.
  2. Good call on the window fails. The accidental closet/bed dives are another one that's happened various times, as well as the weapon glitches you mentioned. What really sucks about those is a lot of the time you aren't even aware you can't attack until he's right next to you.
  3. I think a more interesting topic would be "How Many Times Has Illfonic Killed You?" Meaning how many times has Jason killed you because of the game's poor design? Like during a pivotal moment of the chase and what's this? An impassable 5-inch rock??? How the F....*grab/dead. Or you hit the button to shut the door on Jason and your counselor kinda flinches or twitches and nothing happens (save for Jason killing you). Oh? A shotgun! Yaaaay! Point-blank BOOM right between the eyes, no hit registers, Jason grabs you/kills you. Fireworks! Yes! This'll buy me a precious few seconds to gather myself and find a weapon/item, barricade the door, jump through a window, something. Oh, that's right, Jason can randomly walk right through them unaffected...........and dead. Car fixed! Time to roll out! Juke! 'Can't catch me! *Car destroyed by throwing knife (and who could forget the good old rubberband glitch days). DEAD I wish I would've kept a stat counter on the number of times the game killed me vs. a Jason player's actual skill. And don't get me wrong, plenty have. But, I'd be real curious to see that stat.
  4. Though I'd be for it personally, I don't think we'll see any changes there. Some of the people I've been playing with since launch still aren't 150 yet. 'Probably wouldn't be logical for them to bet the player base will be around to go beyond that, especially the new Switch crowd.
  5. I don't think Randy is affiliated with the game at this point. Though Gun is still listed on his Twitter bio, I asked someone in the know about him recently and the answer given lent a lot of credibility to the notion that he's not connected to it anymore, or at least right now.
  6. Hobbs made a statement about a year or so ago (whenever the lawsuit initiated a claim against the game) that "even if the lawsuit ended tomorrow, development on the game would not continue" or something to that effect. Wes more recently stated that continuing work for new content wouldn't be a practical business decision. Makes me wonder if the game now being ported over to the Switch makes the possibility more appealing to them, especially when considering Uber Jason was so close to being finished. I could understand the Grendel remaining in limbo, as it apparently still had "months" of work left on it. But, them finishing up and releasing UJ feels like the least they could do, should this thing resolve in May, especially when considering the game is about to have a bit of a resurgence by coming to a new platform.
  7. Ouch? Sorry if my reply came off any other way than an objective take. The clip wasn't 100% clear, so I assumed it was just random footage of a legit match where a Buggzy baited Roy into a trap glitch. Cheers.
  8. The Jason player had control over whether or not to morph on a known troll character who was probably obvious in baiting him by simply standing and waiting for him. That trick doesn't work if the Jason player knows not to feed into the situation.
  9. He absolutely controls his mask coming off. But, interesting method with the traps. Wasn't aware of that one.
  10. Never said that, but my methods haven't failed me yet. No gameplan is unbreakable. My main strength is probably adapting well to the situations around me. There's always gonna be somebody who throws a wrench into the mix and shows you something unusual. Those are my favorite matches.
  11. I do not. Again, I'm executing my gameplan, which doesn't involve pulling up the map to see where people are. Now, if I'm in a group, and someone audibly says to me "Oh sh*t! He's here and I haven't got the fuse in yet", I'm asking "what cabin?" and I'm on my way. No map needed. Not real sure how to respond to that.
  12. Higgins always holds a special place for me. I guess because it was the only map we had in beta. Whenever the match takes place there, I feel like a sports team playing at home.
  13. I'll respond to this, as it's actually a question. The rest of your post are your opinions, and mine are unchanged, so no reason to bicker about it. But, I will answer this. Sometimes, yes, I do help others. But, I don't play superhero and spend my time looking at my map and basing what I do off the locations of other players. I begin to execute a specific gameplan at the start of each match, and certain aspects can change depending on where I start and what items are nearby. If I encounter other players who need help as I do this, I'll assist if I can. But, I'm not gonna drop what I'm doing and run to the other side of the map because it looks like someone is running from Jason or trying to repair something that isn't contingent on my end goal(s). We all have our strategies. There's no right or wrong way to play outside of Jason-teaming/glitching, etc.
  14. The counselor circles assist trolls much more than they actually help the real players, IMO. I've been advocating for their removal since the beginning. What a silly premise to not be able to talk to another player on the opposite side of the map without a walkie-talkie, but you can magically see their whereabouts/movements at all times. Meanwhile, there's one asshole tucked away in the corner of the game with their map pulled up giving Jason full play-by-play on what everyone is doing. Nothing I do in-game is contingent on another player's location/activities. If I'm in a group of people I know, we are executing our gameplan regardless of what everyone else is doing. If I'm a lonewolf, same thing. I do like the idea of circles only appearing when a walkie-talkie is found, however, they are all over the place and everyone will get one fairly early. How about your circle only appears on the map when you actually speak, then goes away again when you're done? That way the player has some control in their position being detected or not.
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