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  1. SteveChristy

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    @ShiftySamurai Some issues I've noticed on PC so far... Counselors are starting the match randomized, despite having a specific one selected. Jason seems to be randomizing his full palette sometimes. Multiple parts from all Jasons combining into one. Matches ending prematurely. Just had one end after 16:30 despite no one leaving. Matches have been permanently stalling out just before the loading screen. Just had to kill the game and restart. Muting players doesn't seem to be working in lobby or loading screen. Haven't been able to tell if it's working in-game or not.
  2. SteveChristy

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Playing on PC now, and not sure what it is I've "won" exactly, as the game is still quite broken, but the posted fixes seem to be going well so far. And Mr. Jones says I'm #1 so that's reason to celebrate I suppose. *Sip
  3. At least we can agree on something. Mine is reeking of bacon cheeseburger with raw white onions and chili cheese fries.
  4. Yep, I play those too, and my PS4 still gets plenty of exercise. Lol, somehow I doubt that. But, for the sake of making up shit, I'm a multi-millionaire too, and guess what, I own both, and like each for different reasons, and guess what else? My shit doesn't smell sweeter than anyone else's (neither does yours).
  5. Wake up to what? If I didn't already have a high end PC that I mainly use for video editing, you've basically told me I could drop at least $1K so I can play Friday the 13th at 60fps and use a keyboard and mouse. No thanks. If I was in that situation I'd happily take the PS4 version any day. Moreover, I have it on both platforms already, and I still play the PS4 version more.
  6. Opinions are always questionable. As stated, I'm a frequent player on both platforms, both in and outside of Friday the 13th, and for me, my best gaming experiences have come from PS4. Just chiming in with perspective from someone with a neutral stance. I see these PC vs. console debates everywhere, and don't see the need for allegiance to one while shunning the other. PC is good for certain games I like that consoles don't offer. Same can be said for consoles. To this day I am baffled when I hear someone say what a disaster it was that Red Dead Redemption never came out on PC because they'll never get to play it. They make the choice to never get to enjoy that awesome game because they flat out refuse to play on a console. That's madness to me. I currently own an Atari 2600, an NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, N64, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and I have a gaming PC. There's games I like on each platform for different reasons. I don't put one over the other in any sense. Back on the topic at hand; I could play Friday on PS4 for three solid hours then switch to PC and notice some differences, especially after the engine update. But, there's nothing the PC version offers that would make me refuse to play the PS4 version again.
  7. I own the game on both PC and PS4, and have put in extensive time on both platforms, and can conclude there is no worthwhile advantage of choosing to stay exclusive to the PC version. In a head-to-head comparison, PC edges PS4 right now only because of dedicated servers for quick play, which is also negated in the same aspect because of how easy it is for hackers to cheat on PC. For people who play mainly private matches there is virtually no difference between the two, unless you're micro-obsessive over minute details that most gamers aren't concerned about. While I do enjoy the PC version of the game, I certainly wouldn't call it a superior gaming experience. My most memorable matches have all come on PS4. And I have no personal loyalty to one platform over the other.
  8. Pick a Jason with + Stun Resistance and block. If they're equipped with an epic/legend sucker punch, give them angles. Make yourself tricky to hit and make them miss. Another tactic I love to use on 'Nessa trolls is shift. They're all accustomed to having aggravated Jason players quick shift on them and come out of it within a second or two and try to grab them fast, and they'll all immediately sprint around like headless chickens to avoid to being caught. Have you ever noticed if you stay in shift for the entire duration they will keep sprinting until they finally see you come out of it? That burns a lot of unnecessary stamina. I've caught many a 'Nessa troll using shift, though I was simply circling them while they exhausted themselves.
  9. Vanessa is only a nuisance if the Jason player allows it. She can be hurt, caught, and killed just as readily as the rest of'em. If you suspect a Vanessa is running around the map, looking for traps to tank; get proactive and wait for her. Snatch her up out of that trap and it's usually game over. Or slash her before she has time to use a spray. If she gets away she is most certainly going to be window hopping. Use knives. As Jason, you have a counter-punch for everything she does. Make her play your game and watch her die (and usually rage quit). If there's one area where she needs a nerf, it's the same for all counselors who have the ability to casually jog and keep Jason at distance despite him walking or running as fast as he can. That's B.S. and needs to go.
  10. SteveChristy

    Not fun rolling Perks

    Agreed, and not impressed by legendary perks. I got to spend a little while rolling yesterday and came away feeling very tired and unnerved. Had over 400K going in, and got to see some of the differences between Epic and Legendary perks. For instance, I rolled an epic Heavy Hitter which was a 13% stun increase with 0% penalty. Sometime later I rolled a Legendary Heavy Hitter that was 14% stun increase, 3% penalty on sprinting speed, and a 5% bonus on swimming speed (I think). At any rate, I found myself saying "who cares?" and sold the legendary and hung onto the Epic. I saw lots of instances of this kind of thing where there was either virtually no difference between the two in terms of value, or the Legendary was actually hampering in some way and wasn't worth keeping over its Epic counterpart. The whole system is just silly. You ought to be able to just buy the perks you want at a "poor" entry level, then spend CP to upgrade them, eventually maxing them out at Legendary if you wish. I'd easily take the trade of having to spend more CP on the perks I actually want versus wasting hours on the nickel slots and not knowing what I'm going to get.
  11. SteveChristy

    Potential Jason Teamers

    If they ever give Jason a head tilt emote I'd pretend to entertain the gesture for a few seconds. Would make for an amusing interaction before I rip them in half.
  12. SteveChristy

    Team killing hit by car!!!

    I find I'm shying away from cars in general these days. From the nerfed speed to the rubberband glitch, it's not worth the risk most of the time unless I'm loaded with at least one knife and a spray and a weapon. Usually if I'm helping to repair a car it's because I have my eye on something else and am getting a would-be driver prepared to provide me a much needed distraction.
  13. Not sure if this will help at all, but I had this issue the other night with the Steam version. Could not morph anywhere on the map and got the "buzzing" sound everywhere I tried it. Problem was; I run a dual monitor setup and had switched the game to my second screen using shift + windows + right arrow keys. Even though the second monitor is the exact same size as the other, switching it over screwed morph up along with some other things. During one of the challenges I got noticed even though I was well-hidden about three feet from the door way (with no weapon poking through the wall). I switched the game back to my main monitor and restarted it, issue was fixed.
  14. SteveChristy

    Have maps become scarcer?

    I was playing with a buddy last night and he asked the same thing. I hadn't really noticed any difference myself, and we were playing on the Jarvis map to boot, which has always felt like an archeological dig trying to find a map. It's worth it to go out of your way early on and hit the map stand if you're anywhere near the area where it is. Personally, I refuse to waste a perk slot. I'd rather do without. Besides, at this point the map's only real crucial use to me is telling me where the cops spawned, and if I haven't made it a point to visit the map stand by that late in the match, shame on me.
  15. 4. I enjoy wearing people down. I stay in their face and make them work, trickling their stamina away despite marathon perks. I love the ones who like to kite you till they're exhausted, only to turn and try to get in that cheap melee shot and start the process over. The new grab has absolutely killed that strategy in my experience. If Jason is close enough for you to swing on, he's also close enough to snatch you up before that swing gets 50% into animation.