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  1. im going to post the same thing that i posted on twitter.... do you really think that dividing your playerbase in a game that only has (atm) less than 600 players (yesterday was less than 800) is a smart move? dont answer that because a lot of the things you guys do arent very smart.... let me put it in perspective for you. yes there are assholes in this game.... just like any game. but some of us, like streamers, dont care about that extra end match experience when we already have everything unlocked, if someone is already tommy and we are being killed we want to move on to the next match, if we die and no one is tommy we wait, if we dont get picked as tommy we leave.... forcing people to stay or be put into a server full of asshats is fucking ridiculous.... you really need to rethink this or get a business consultant because you are killing this game more so than before.... pretty soon you'lll be dividing the 200 players you have playing so that everyone decides to DC just to get to the salty servers to play with people again..... use your heads
  2. the fix for Roy's music is cool but the real thing i was looking forward too was the issue with melee weapons going right through jason or just not doing anything to him at all effectively. i played a match the other day where i was in a grab and a friend hit jason 3-4 times with a bat and it didnt do jack. i wiggled out, hit him with my bat, and still... nothing. its a shame but its too little too late. the game is dying and will be completely dead before you try and revive it with an engine update. such a sad excuse for a "small company"... do everyone a favor and sell the game to a company that cares. you'll still get a shit ton of money and the fans wont have to deal with you any more
  3. does this mean once the new system is active we will start receiving regular hotfixes to fix bugs as they arise instead of months later?
  4. no time frame so id assume we wont see these fixes until the next content update? you guys really need to pull in a team for a hotfix patching system. this is a start atleast what about the unable to interact bug present on jason and counselor? what about jason getting stuck in door ways? i stopped playing after the latest update because those bugs persisted.... would like to get back in game at some point
  5. you are fixing the "unable to interact" bug for counselors but not for Jason? what about the new servers and auto region detect recently discussed by devs on discord? how about the issues with when playing on dedicated servers in quick play in a party getting random disconnects for different reasons? i know you say more is coming later but thats content... you shouldnt hold out on talking about bug fixes especially game breaking ones.
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