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    Gaming, gaming, gaming!!!
  1. Current issues with bots!

    I just found fuse in fuse house. So maybe that wasnt fixed yet either?.
  2. Current issues with bots!

    Im sure they'll fix it too.
  3. Current issues with bots!

    Push right then x on ps4
  4. Current issues with bots!

    So what i did was run the hard mode with 7 counselors, higgins haven map large 7 times so far.The results were the same. The full game play of it i also uploaded. Im going to do it while livestreaming later.
  5. Current issues with bots!

    yes, the offline bots are def glitchy"--i posted a vid but they arent correct at all. Tommy jarvis ecspecially.
  6. Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    YES!!!--Thanks a ton for the info!!!--awesomesauce!!!
  7. Epic Quickplay Gameplay!!!

    Most definitely is, but thats why i Pay it Forward by giving away pamela tapes....lol nothing wrong with tooting one own horn every once in awhile!!!--im NOT a private match "Farming F@ck" .....lol
  8. WHAT IS HAPPENING??!! Platinum Bound!!

    My name is Jaybone, I'm an avid daily gamer. I love helping gamers game!! Need those Jason kills, I'll be the first to die. I first started gaming with ATARI. I run mostly live streams, loaded with tips n tricks. Anything else feel free to ask.
  9. Stop in and say whats up!!--HELPING GAMERS GAME!!!

  10. Epic Quickplay Gameplay!!!

    I can help you get what you need as long as you will "pay it forward" after?.... Theres 3 of us in my squad that give them away.
  11. Epic Quickplay Gameplay!!!

    Awesome!!!--same here, we have our kill squad..we were def on a roll...had those 3 then ended up bluescreening...was horrid...well post up your epic gameplay within a game....im sure you have tons as do i....id love to see it...heres one for you, Tommy tape giveaway....also theres the beastmode one.....
  12. Epic Quickplay Gameplay!!!

    You've given away a pamela tape plus a jason kill? Pretty epic...and absolutely have had great gameplay (3 jason kills in a row) quickplay matches. Not scripted. Thanks for viewing!!