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  1. I just found fuse in fuse house. So maybe that wasnt fixed yet either?.
  2. So what i did was run the hard mode with 7 counselors, higgins haven map large 7 times so far.The results were the same. The full game play of it i also uploaded. Im going to do it while livestreaming later. yes sir amongst the counselors going into the water etc Everytime! I threw knives a few times he would heal and go right back to the drawers. I grabbed him, he did the same thing. I wanted to see if they would attempt to kill me on hard is why i didnt fight. I wanted to see there patterns. Etc.
  3. yes, the offline bots are def glitchy"--i posted a vid but they arent correct at all. Tommy jarvis ecspecially.
  4. Most definitely is, but thats why i Pay it Forward by giving away pamela tapes....lol nothing wrong with tooting one own horn every once in awhile!!!--im NOT a private match "Farming F@ck" .....lol
  5. My name is Jaybone, I'm an avid daily gamer. I love helping gamers game!! Need those Jason kills, I'll be the first to die. I first started gaming with ATARI. I run mostly live streams, loaded with tips n tricks. Anything else feel free to ask. Thank you!! Yes its tons of work but almost there.
  6. Stop in and say whats up!!--HELPING GAMERS GAME!!!

  7. Awesome!!!--same here, we have our kill squad..we were def on a roll...had those 3 then ended up bluescreening...was horrid...well post up your epic gameplay within a game....im sure you have tons as do i....id love to see it...heres one for you, Tommy tape giveaway....also theres the beastmode one.....
  8. You've given away a pamela tape plus a jason kill? Pretty epic...and absolutely have had great gameplay (3 jason kills in a row) quickplay matches. Not scripted. Thanks for viewing!!
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