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  1. Disagree.. The changes to Tommy were too little to make any difference. He needs to be unique, not just another player starting with a knife, gun and health spray... also, I think this is the right forum, I was looking for discussion around Tommy, not necessarily a suggestion submission. Thanks for the welcome, but quite candidly I'm not feeling very welcomed with such utilitarian tone.
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    Hi, ps4 player here. playing since may, glad to be here.
  3. So I was doing some thinking. When I see Tommy Jarvis in the game I tend to stay away from him... why? Because 9 out of 10 times he gets me killed or attempts to escape without helping anyone. I think this has to do with the fact that Tommy is selected from the pool of killed counselors, again 9 out of 10 times this is the worse of the players in the lobby (unless someone intentionally dies to come back as Tommy, but this doesn't happen often in public matches) Why not have a random lobby person spawn as Tommy at the beginning of the match? just like one is selected for Jason, one could be selected as Tommy. Sure you would still have bad players selected but you would have just as many good players who don't normally play as Tommy. Some additional changes to make this character really stand out and to add some fun to the overall game play: - He could start in his own area locked away from Jason and the other counselors. He could collect items and ammo for his shotgun while he his locked away in this area by performing mini games. - He could have an additional set of mini games he needs to perform which would move him from his area to the main game. - Counselors can still call Tommy but he wouldn't be removed from his area to the main game until the 15 minute mark to allow him to play his mini game and gather some items. - If he doesn't escape or isn't called, he automatically enters the main game at the 10 minute mark or when only 2 counselors are left alive (this ensures he has some play time in the main game) - The sooner Tommy escapes his area the more powerful he is. Think base level Tommy at the 10 minute mark with an extra bonus point in each attribute for each minute sooner he escapes to the main area. - Once in the main area he cannot enter a car or boat unless he is the driver and cannot exit by car or boat unless the vehicle is full. If he runs over a counselor as the driver he is removed from the Jarvis selection pool for 30 days. - He cannot escape by the police until every other counselor is dead or has escaped. These are just some thoughts I had that could drastically improve Tommy, making him more of what he should be while adding some dimension to the game and adding replay value. Thoughts?
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