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  1. What exactly happened here? I've seen it a few times where Jason comes out looking like a mutated combination of two different designs. I has Jason 2 selected and got a screwed up version of Part 3.
  2. Ok, just played a game where I escaped in a car and got the "you died" screen. Proceed to check the player list, my name is red and says Suicide. What?
  3. Twice since the latest patch the game has finished early before the time ran out, host was the survivor in both cases. The matches were not even close to the two minute mark, yet just suddenly ended when it came down to one counselor left.
  4. I absolutely hate when people quit as they're being killed, it ruins it for whoever is playing as Jason. Now you're in the salt mines and complaining about it, hilarious. Seems like the system works.
  5. This happened to me as well , bu the second AJ only appeared after several retrys of the level.
  6. I'm sure most of these have been mentioned already but here they are. All while on PS4 this past weekend. - Sound effects aren't working about 80% of the time. Including doors, drawers Jason's knives, etc... - The counsellors vibrate wildly when being killed by Jason - As a counsellor I was randomly unable to pick up any weapon/item or intereact with doors/windows - And on Saturday, this happened out of nowhere...
  7. I'm pretty sure they aren't tied to the films at all. Just original scenes made up for the game.
  8. Haven't played as Jason yet but the game looks and plays great as a counselor so far. I have noticed some door and drawer sound effects not working though.
  9. This happened the other day during a Quick Play game on Higgins Haven. The four seater was fixed, I had the keys and was set to leave, when this happened...
  10. I'm looking forward to it. Been saving my points since it was announced.
  11. The two handed choke. It just takes so long to finish and it ends with a nice head stomp.
  12. Pretty pointless thread. Just your useless opinion on a game feature that hasn't even been added yet.
  13. Jason 2 with the machete or pig splitter, the pickaxe isn't my favorite weapon.
  14. Just had a host, playing as Jason, quit the match because I phoned the cops. Can't wait for the salt mines.
  15. This sounds great, can't wait. Hilarious that people are arguing about this one.
  16. Funny how some people get upset at anothers strategy. The whole "there's only one way to play" argument is ridiculous. The only thing I hate regarding traps is when people set them up at windows or inside next to an unlocked door.
  17. Exactly, it just wouldn't make sense to nerf Jason's grab like that.
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