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  1. If little dancing cartoon characters on a video game bothers you that much then you are probably a little too sensitive.
  2. Yeah there's no denying that matchmaking was a nightmare. When you found a game it was a treat though! I'm a huge fan of every installment of the series. My brother introduced me to Friday when I was a kid and now this game allows us to play the game with eachother from across the country. The game is definetly not without faults but it blows the NES version out of the water. ?
  3. Ahh yes the golden days back at launch. That's when it took 30 minutes to find a game so nobody was leaving lobbies on purpose. You appreciated and cherished your spot in a lobby. It was awesome, my heart rate was jacked every game and everyone wanted to be Jason back then. It was addicting, you just wanted to play more! I still get that game launch feeling every once in while during a match but not like the Golden days.
  4. I'd drive out on the rims if Jason was after me. It should just make the car slower or harder to control somehow.
  5. I don't want to be a hater, but I'm a little pissed they gave Michael another movie and cancelled Jason's. I'm still gonna watch it, but Michael always seemed like a boring killer to me in comparison with Jason and Freddy.
  6. Keep em comin. I enjoy watching a good Jason round vastly more than watching people doing the bunny suit dance parties everyone on this forum is so fond of.
  7. I liked it though, it was a good round. Although I thought that Shelly you had in the bathroom deserved a swirly.
  8. You posted this same video like a week ago talking about his racist remark toward the end. You did good man. Good job ?try and make a sequel now. I would've said this.
  9. I wish i could figure it out. When I play I wanna play for a couple of hours. I don't want to sit in the home screen half the time. I'll never understand quitting as a counselor in this game. You're meant to die.
  10. No it doesn't. Whenever I tried to invite my brother it gives him the message "Cannot retrieve game details" my connection is 75 mbps seems like that should be good
  11. Part 2 I think it's called the can opener kill he sticks the pick in the head and twists it 180. That ones pretty good.
  12. Those do really capture human emotions. You win this round 'Masher
  13. I didn't post this, man. I'm just as sarcastic as you
  14. Oh so you're saying it has been talked about before on this forum?
  15. I had one today where the 2 seater spawned with the driver's door pinned to a tree on Higgins Haven small. Once we had the car repaired and ready to go we weren't able to get in. Played later, same map and the 2 seater spawned with the bumper adjacent to that tree. I'd never seen that before it was kinda funny!
  16. Fair enough, I guess I may have been exaggerating when I said "Gold." I'm probably the minority but pt. 5 was one of my favorites of the series. He made poor Vinnie deep throat a road flare.
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