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  1. If they add in road flares they gotta add in a road flare kill man.
  2. @Alien_Number_Six Beautifully told story. I laughed, I cried, I felt myself in your shoes. I really enjoyed the dialogue. That "Fuck you" line was my favorite part. ?? Two thumbs up, bro.
  3. Hell yeah dude. The tension makes it so much more fun as a counselor. Escaping as a counselor is so much more rewarding when Jason has the advantage, as it should be. I'll admit, my heart is beating out of my chest in some of these rounds, reminds me of launch. ?
  4. You can definetly knock his mask off, and you kill him the same exact way as every other Jason, I can confirm.
  5. I love the kills and the map. It's a really nice change up.
  6. Yeah I like every movie in the series. JGTH, pt 5 and X are all great IMO. Those 3 have the best kills in the series, but they get the most shit. They're slasher movies. Its about watching people get killed in funny ways. Slasher films are much better if you kinda ignore the plot.
  7. @Deku Killer (F13 The Game) Nice ideas dude. I'd have to have a Michael specific Haddonfield Map though. Putting Michael in Crystal Lake or Jason in Haddonfield is just wrong IMO. Also I'd rather have the Halloween theme as his chase music. Good post!
  8. Yes this is a great idea. All the immersion boys should be jizzing their pants at this idea.
  9. The opening cutscene for Pinehurst should be Demon taking a knife to the face while he's making a break for the shit box after a bad batch of enchiladas.
  10. I really hope there's a road flare environmental kill along with this map. Who doesn't want to make a dancing Chad deep throat a road flare?!
  11. They need to go do their research. He called Crystal lake a river. Jesus.
  12. Agreed. My wife and I often play this game together and hand the controller back and forth between rounds. It's good fun!
  13. @Bropollocreed79 Oh yeah that's right. Still though a well placed movie quote is good comedy.
  14. Can't believe you all just ignored this and kept talking about suicide. That was the greatest soliloquy of all time.
  15. I had an issue where none of my friends were showing up when I went to invite them to a game. It said that I didn't have any friends. And if that wasn't a confidence crusher itself when I did get into a game it told me to verify that I had an internet connection. Everything else was working perfectly. Netflix etc etc. Just this game was being a bitch. I had to call my mom to make sure we were still friends
  16. Make it so you have to knock off an unmasked Jason's britches before you can defeat him. We've seen an unmasked Jason plenty but we've never seen a de-pantsed Jason. Give the fans what they want. Let's finally see what the situation is down there.
  17. That's a lot of hours. I wish they could show how much time was actually playing and how much was waiting to play. You had a great year
  18. Nice post @Left2Right I will have to try some of these techniques. I have never really used Buggzy. These guides are helpful for people that want to get out of their counselor comfort zone and try something new! Thank you.
  19. If you really want to be immersed in a life or death situation go walk through your local ghetto with a "Make America great again" hat on or something.
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