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  1. @Tommy86 I agree, the mistakes can go both ways tho when you're drunk and can make it more challenging. I've also played stoned which makes it seem more immersive IMO.
  2. @Maddogg_8121see that's how I continue to enjoy the game. It adds an extra challenge and becomes more 'immersive'
  3. 2 for the drunks 0 for the stoney's. What do you got to say Stoney's?
  4. @Bigblue2581 thank you for staying on topic. That's 1 for the drunks
  5. @Ghostboy20 well yeah I was looking for a response from the cool kids not the nerds
  6. Everyone knows it's more fun to play this game when you're either stoned or drunk. But who has the advantage? The stoned or the drunk?
  7. I'm as big of a fan of the franchise as anyone. It is a video game though and it's supposed to be fun. I personally don't own the dance emote packs or anything but it doesn't really bother me to see people dancing in the game. I get it if you don't like seeing them, I'm just happy to be able to play a game that has movie accurate Jason's with movie accurate maps. Also I said that sensitive comment last quarter, why you gotta bring up old shit?
  8. If you have an extra knife burning a hole in your pocket you're better off going and breaking a trap with it. The most selfish thing you can do in QP is quitting as the host.
  9. Sure glad you came along to set me straight. From fact checking jokes to correcting people's spelling and grammar, is there anything you can't do?
  10. I watched that one too. I agree with your review for the most part. I did like the Baby mask on the killer, they did a good job making that mask creepy. Some of the stalking and chase scenes were well done in my opinion as well. I also thought the music did a good job in building suspense in a few scenes. My wife had her birthday recently and she wanted to watch it, and I thought it looked really cheesy. I had really low expectations but I'll admit it had it's moments.
  11. I have a feeling whoever owns the rights to those movie songs we suggested would probably hand them over for just little cocaine. Well Alice Cooper might want extra but still it probably wouldn't take much to get the rights to those songs.
  12. @Jigsaw That happens to me all the time on PS4. I just close and re open the game and that usually fixes it.
  13. Yeah that looks like a lot of fun. Buggzy needs to drink more water.
  14. Really? I never noticed a speed difference between the running Jason's. We need to hold a Jason drag race between all versions to get to the bottom of this.
  15. For me it's a lot more fun when Jason has the advantage whether I'm playing as the main man or a counselor. I remember when the October patch dropped and I was able to escape 6 matches straight and it just wasn't very fun or challenging. I have Jason as my preference of course but that doesn't mean I don't like playing the counselor. I would rather escape 1/10 times where it was a challenge than 9/10 easy ones. You should definetly die more often than you live as a counselor. But I know that a lot of people that picked up the game for the 1st time around October-December thought they were shit-hot as a counselor because they escaped very often or maybe even killed a Jason or 2. Now they're realizing that their just average counselors and they're upset about it. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, the same thing happened to the Jason boys when he was weakened (myself included.) Of course this is just my opinion and opinions are just like orgasms mine matters most and I couldn't care less if you have one. Haha jk good poll @sims2series3493 cheers!
  16. Thank you. I pray for this kill to be featured in this game. Nothing would make me happier than making Chad deep throat a road flare.
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