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  1. Unmasked Jason

    Make it so you have to knock off an unmasked Jason's britches before you can defeat him. We've seen an unmasked Jason plenty but we've never seen a de-pantsed Jason. Give the fans what they want. Let's finally see what the situation is down there.
  2. "That idea has an extra 21st chromosome." Tom Segura.
  3. That's a lot of hours. I wish they could show how much time was actually playing and how much was waiting to play. You had a great year
  4. Nice post @Left2Right I will have to try some of these techniques. I have never really used Buggzy. These guides are helpful for people that want to get out of their counselor comfort zone and try something new! Thank you.
  5. New Emote Pack for Counselors

    The funny thing is that I completely agree with you.
  6. New Emote Pack for Counselors

    I was just kidding dude. Thank you for the English lesson.
  7. New Emote Pack for Counselors

    No it's not the "E" is just silent.
  8. New Emote Pack for Counselors

    Well put one on and shut your whiney mouth.
  9. New Emote Pack for Counselors

    If you really want to be immersed in a life or death situation go walk through your local ghetto with a "Make America great again" hat on or something.
  10. New Emote Pack for Counselors

    If little dancing cartoon characters on a video game bothers you that much then you are probably a little too sensitive.
  11. Then they all die and Jason lives happily ever after. The end
  12. Yeah there's no denying that matchmaking was a nightmare. When you found a game it was a treat though! I'm a huge fan of every installment of the series. My brother introduced me to Friday when I was a kid and now this game allows us to play the game with eachother from across the country. The game is definetly not without faults but it blows the NES version out of the water. 😂
  13. Ahh yes the golden days back at launch. That's when it took 30 minutes to find a game so nobody was leaving lobbies on purpose. You appreciated and cherished your spot in a lobby. It was awesome, my heart rate was jacked every game and everyone wanted to be Jason back then. It was addicting, you just wanted to play more! I still get that game launch feeling every once in while during a match but not like the Golden days.
  14. Haha "bullshirt"
  15. I'd drive out on the rims if Jason was after me. It should just make the car slower or harder to control somehow.