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  1. Easy coming from someone that can log on the game they paid for and play it anytime. As for boosting, what people do in private matches is up to them. Its not getting old complaining about it, especially for the people who have not been able to play since SEPTEMBER.
  2. I can't even play the game on Xbox since getting all the achievements, because when you get the last achievement it totally breaks the game. Can't finish a match without a crash. So seeing how they are already saying they are patching patches for xbox the small group of us that this effects is basically FUCKED. Thanks. PS if you guys need tips and suggestions on how to fix this mess let me know I've been beta testing this shit since May 26.
  3. Is the game going to be playable for the 27 people who completed all the achievements on Xbox one? And now the game crashes upon interacting with anything in a match?
  4. Wrong. It IS caused by completing all the achievements. I have hundreds of hours into the game and as of five minutes ago obtaining the last achievement... Game over. I cannot interact with anything in a match without the game crashing.
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