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  1. I have made 2 separate reports for 3 people and haven't received an email? Do they care? Just a question
  2. So instead of fixing actual issues. This is what they come out with? More Counsellors. You have gotta be pulling my leg out of the maybe 30 issues I have seen in my first 20 hours of playing they bring out new content instead of fixing issues. Alright thats fine, Get a new developer that will prioritise please.
  3. alroght that's all i need to know cheers cause some people are way out of line a in-game report function would be good
  4. basic not going in-depth. add a report section on the forums please.
  5. Hey whats up everyone! My names TheAlphaDogs, New the F13 and so far its actually awesome apart from the odd, "I'm going to report you cause you waited in a car near Jason for us" lol I'm streaming the game regularly @ https://www.twitch.tv/thealphadogs09 Cheers! Hope to see you ingame
  6. Pretty much the same but also 1- When Jarvis comes gets in a car and goes without helping anyone 2- When you find and fix phone and call the police people still run around and wait for a car to be repaired.
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