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  1. I know, but it's hard when people keep crowing at them for miracles and horrible changes. As a small dev team they're already working hard, the last thing they need is the official forums flaming them for glitches and screeching for the new update. Just saying, there's a reason they pay more attention to the subreddit.
  2. I've only been browsing these forums for a day and I already understand why people say it's full of thinly veiled Jason worshippers Serious answer though, As of now 5 pocket knives spawn on the map each game. That's enough so that two people will be without one, assuming all of them are found and assuming no one gets more than one. It is a one time auto break out for counselors that stuns you for little more than 3-4 seconds. Unless they manage to save it until the cop exit, which is doubtful if you're a competent Jason, I think calling it OP is a bit ridiculous. Also, as it is most people that know what they're doing will just grab an extra med spray, step in a trap, heal and run. It's not that difficult unless Jason lands a very lucky morph, a pocketknife is usually saved. As for the argument that it would never work like that in the movies, no shit. He's an 8 ft tall 300 pound undead mongoloid, even if they had the time to use the pocket knife on him it would be akin to shooting an elephant with a BB gun. But this isn't the movies, it's a video game, and video games are meant to be concerned with balance so that everyone can have fun on a fair playing field. As I said I've only been browsing for a day and already I've seen so many people lament that they want this shit to be exactly like the movies, it's sickening. If you're looking for a power trip, wait for the challenge mode update to drop, go play an easy single player game, or shoot up a school or some shit. Do not expect illFonic to tailor this game to the Jason player's wishes so that you don't have to make an effort. And, as an afterthought, you can just whack the counselor until they're injured and then grab them if the pocket knives really give you that much trouble.
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