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  1. 1. Add "Expert" and "Impossible" difficutly 2 Make offline harder: - add more than 7 counselors - make Tommy Jarvis harder to kill like in the movie; more bullets in shotgun, can switch between shotgun and melee weapon, 4 pocket knives, more first aid spray, etc. - Take out out Jason's abilities in impossible mode - sense, shift, morph, etc. 3. Add option to play as counselor but make it hard: - add friendly fire - hide the item drops like gas, fuse from the map - give jason AI more throwing knives in harder modes - increase jason's abiities for shift, morph, sense in harder modes - add 2 jasons in a match so its harder to escape
  2. They should take out roll perk and let us choose what to buy. Make epic perks cost a lot of cp. And the game crashes / disconnects so much I don't want to be penalized for it.
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