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  1. I've been lobbying for this a long time. It's the opposite perspective of Dead By Daylight but that's a good thing. Combat will be improved with no combat stance / lock on. Imagine Jason punching your face up close and personal and your head comes off!
  2. Any chance of re-releasing a modified re skinned version as a paid DLC? Let's face it, money talks. I'll pay $60 for it.
  3. Bots seem good at throwing firecrackers at the right time and have fairly good gun aim. But even when calling cops they don't seem to try to escape when they arrive. And I've yet to see a bot drive a car.
  4. Fair enough. It will be first person and feels like Outlast on steroids. One way to stun Jason is be above him then fall and land on him like in part 4.
  5. I have Freddy vs. Jason and F13 2009 on DVD. But I have the whole collection in .mkv 1080p digital format.
  6. Bear traps don't work near doors after this patch...was fine before. If I try to lay a trap down near the door, the "E" will pop up prompting me to unlock the locked door instead.
  7. Scarier game mode is where you can't use weapons. You wake up in an area and have to escape. Jason is hunting you down and you can only run, hide, and use distraction to survive. Some maps include hospital, prison, and hotel.
  8. Agreed Agreed. Just start the game as the only survivor and your only goal is to survive! One big cabin with a few hiding spots outside. Jason will be more poweful in this mode. Stalk is always on and can pick up weapons and other objects.
  9. I've suggested this before for single player. Scenario is similar to Halloween 2. You wake up in the bed of the hospital. The goal is to escape the hospital but it won't be easy. There are security cameras, doctors, nurses, guards, oh and Jason you have to avoid. Outside there is a car you have to repair and use it to escape the cops!
  10. I'm hoping for this as well. With First- Person person counselor mode you can get rid of combat stance. I don't like the idea of first person Jason though. I think people want to see Jason not his hands. That's what turns me off about getting dead by daylight. You get to be Michael Myers and Freddy but when you play as them you only see their hands / weapon.
  11. Death Day Horror version of Groundhog Day with some comedy elements as well. A lot of copy and paste and I didn't feel satisfied after the end. 5/10 Annabelle I thought this was okay, not the best. Some good jump scares. Hard to find doll movies these days so I'll bump the score +1. 7/10 Cult Of Chucky Somewhat okay chucky movie. A lot of dark humor. Not as good as part 1 or 2. 5.5/10
  12. Return of the dead Scary Movie Naked Gun
  13. Cool idea. Or another scenario, you're a counselor in a hospital and have to try to escape. But you have to be stealthy as well. There are doctors, nurses, and security guards you'd have to sneak past, not to mention Jason. Outside there are guard dogs. You have to repair the car outside. And once you do, you have to use it to escape from the cops!
  14. Since improving the counselor A.I. may take some time, perhaps other things can be done to help in hard mode. 1. Disable sense 2. Make stalk the first ability to have instead of morph, so bots have more time to do objectives. 3. Counselors start with epic perks and weapons...and weapons don't break 4. Allow more than 7 counselors, maybe 12 total 5. Tommy Jarvis shotgun has unlimited ammo
  15. Just make public matches have casual and competitive mode. Friendly fire is turned on in competitive mode. In Casual, FF is turned off and you can't level up or gain XP.
  16. This is a GREAT idea. Also to make it more like the movies and jump scares, I'd like to see another mode where you play as the counselor and are the last person standing and have to use stealth to do objectives and escape Jason.
  17. Part VII - I think this one was entertaining and original, poor Jason. 2009 - I liked the modern feel of this one, ended up buying the DVD.
  18. Annabelle vs. Bride Of Chucky
  19. I'd like Valve to buy Friday the 13th. If they can make expert bots in Friday the 13th like in Counter Strike Source, offline may be way too hard.
  20. Yes there are threads about playing as a counselor offline w/ counselor A.I. and Jason A.I. But I'm talking about 1v1 First-Person perspective stealth mode played in a very small map (One big cabin, no lake)....ok screw the escape methods just hide and survive til time runs out. Imagine Jason chopping your head off in 1st person! That would be okay cause I could just troll him like how it already is in online mode.
  21. How bout a single player mode where you are the only counselor alive and have to escape from a Jason A.I. (or kill him) in a small map. The programming would be easier since the map is small and would only be against one counselor, you. The map might consist of one big mansion (the roof would be accessible) with a few other places nearby. The gameplay will be a little different than online mode and played in first person perspective. Objects and furniture are more interactive. Like if Jason grabs you and there is a vase nearby, you can use it to stun him and free yourself. You can also move and pick up furniture to help slow down Jason. But he can interact with these things as well. Stealth will play a bigger role. ..you can sneak, crawl, and climb. But Jason will use stealth more as well, especially in the beginning of the match and have unlimited stalk. More hiding spots will be available like inside the shower, under the car, inside closets, etc. Instead of pressing "E" to hide under bed, you have to crawl under it. If you are found, you still have a chance to escape if you time it right or counter attack. Jason can also pick up items / objects and use them as weapons. But some will only stun you so you have a chance to recover. Hardcore Mode: - You can't escape only hide and survive til time runs out - Jason's abilities are maxed with shorter cool-down times. - In rage mode, Jason can climb over obstacles, through windows, and run faster. -
  22. Any chance of improving the morph ability to go exactly where you put it on the map? It's always not accurate making it easy for counselors to escape in the car. Thanks.
  23. I agree. Perhaps it could be a smaller map or even a different scenario like starting inside a house and jason would be already trying to break in. In hard mode the car and fuse box would already have traps so you'd have to find pocket knives to disable them or a couple health sprays. Also in hard mode maybe you'd be the only counselor or have only a few other AI counselors helping you.
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