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  1. I recall being Jason and not placing any traps since it wasn't until later I found out later that "r" was to place traps. On a side note, the first month of playing as a counselor I was wondering why I ran out of stamina so fast because didn't know there was a jog button.
  2. Actually there is...that one cabin in Packanack near the main house going up the hill on the left. I don't usually troll but couldn't resist when finding the fuse and battery. I dropped those key items inside the cabin, barricaded the door, and climbed out the window. There's no way for counselors to get in unless Jason breaks the door since the windows are too high from the outside.
  3. I like this feature, but could you please take out the auto-lock? It's better if we control the direction we're facing with our mouse. Thanks.
  4. I experienced the craziest glitch playing as Tommy in Higgins Haven last night. During the match I began to float in the air about 30 feet high. I was pretty much in GOD MODE with the exception that Jason could still throw his knives at me. It was weird too because I seemed to move faster when walking than running.
  5. But before you could place traps really close to the door. I believe it was before the shelly update when it worked. It's easy to trap Jason there especially when he "rages" through the door.
  6. 1. Jason stuck in the break window animation.."E"...and becomes powerless...can grab but can't execute kill until becoming un-glitched via pocket knife or counselor melee attacking him. This is one of the worst glitches, still waiting for it to be fixed. 2. As a counselor, placing traps near door still not possible. Instead of setting trap, it will try to lock/unlock door. This was a problem in last patch and still exists in this patch. 3. Played as Tommy and got stuck in swimming animation...swam on land.
  7. I wish they added 2 traps to each Jason. Three traps for Part 7 and Part 9 not enough to place for the phone, 2 cars, shack, boat, etc. Or at least let Jason reset them.
  8. Looking forward to the new changes. Also, how 'bout making Stalk available when the match starts...or at least for Jason's that have Stalk as a strength. It takes too long to use it... and please fix it so that when you cancel stalk the cooldown will be shorter. Thanks.
  9. 30 plus years... Here's a list with some of my favorite games that I can remember: Atari 2600 - Pong, Combat Apple II/C - Hard Hat Mack, Boulder Dash, Lode Runner, Zork Nintendo - Tetris, Blackmanta, Cobra Command, Marble Madness, Duck Hunt, Friday the 13th Super Nintendo - Puzzle Cosmic Gang, Super Mario World PS1 - Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII PS2 - Socom 1-3 & Combined Assault, Max Payne, Splinter Cell series PS3 - Socom 4, Uncharted 1-3, Last Of Us, GTA series I still have a crap load of games in containers but plan to sell throw them away in the near future. I pretty much only play PC games these days...and my current favorite game of course is this forum namesake.
  10. How 'bout 2 cops enter the camp...but if you are playing as Tommy they will try to arrest you.
  11. I wish Stalk would be available earlier in the match. Also why is it when you cancel stalk after using it only 1-2 seconds you still have to wait super long for it to recharge.
  12. Those are some nice ones Comedy Night - tell and listen to Ground Beef jokes PUBG - Parachuting Practice Conflict Desert Storm for PS2 - When auto-aim goes wrong NFL 2K5 - The last innovative football game
  13. Good idea....I'd also like to be able to flip the car to be unusable after stopping it.
  14. Agreed. I'd like to add an option for bots to how the bots play. You can choose Aggressive (will attack you more), Objective type (focus on escaping), or Grouping (will try to stick together). Be nice if they could do emotes as well after they stun you.
  15. Or if you set the A.I. difficulty to hard, all bots start with random epic perks.
  16. Brawl in Cell block 99 - Low budget but good acting by Vince Vaughn. There are some brutal kills in this flick and one that's funny at the very end!
  17. Alekhine's Gun - Low Budget Hitman Hurtworld - Poor Man's Rust Nether - you should NEVER play it Dead By Daylight - Be a mysterious killer who changes weapons and hands. Friday the 13th - Drawer Opening Simulator
  18. This is a great idea for Single Player mode. But don't think it will be that easy. On hard mode, these cops/bots are equipped with aimlock and walls.
  19. I place more traps at the 4-seater car than the phone. Even when the cops come most players don't bother to escape. They'd rather troll Jason and look for the sweater...and have a dance party.
  20. - and fix the glitch where counselor is aiming the flare gun standing still and "gliding" very fast around the map without using any stamina - glitch where Jason is stuck in the "press E" pop up and becomes a handicapped ; can't swing his weapon..only grab and do nothing after the grab - as a counselor, still can't set bear trap near door
  21. I know that's why I said opposite. I'd be more interested to get DBD if the Killers view was 3rd person and survivors we're 1st person. It's more immersive that way...don't like the idea of being Michael Myers and mostly see his damn hands and weapon.
  22. Just make it like it was in the end of the movie, one on one, Tina VS. Jason. Tina will have the long range advantage, Jason will be stronger in the clinch.
  23. I've been lobbying for this a long time. It's the opposite perspective of Dead By Daylight but that's a good thing. Combat will be improved with no combat stance / lock on. Imagine Jason punching your face up close and personal and your head comes off!
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