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  1. Nice idea, but Jason is already weak against groups and since his melee attacks is the only the way to eliminate someone in a group of 5 counselors that constanty stuns Jason, It will take more work for Jason to kill more than 2 people in a match (At least in private matches that everyone is higher level and all of them are team players).
  2. I will sling a gun for this.
  3. The Gunslinger

    Savini Jason

    Dude , he says "Learn how to spell" and other things. He didn't realize I was joking so he took it serious.
  4. The Gunslinger

    Savini Jason

    Dumbo? It counts as what?
  5. The Gunslinger

    Savini Jason

    Well, enough jokes. Will you stop insulting me or I should tag an admin?
  6. Grab spammers ruin this game. You cannot fight back.
  7. The Gunslinger

    Savini Jason

    I know how to cast a spell. If that counts.
  8. The Gunslinger

    Savini Jason

  9. The Gunslinger

    Savini Jason

  10. The Gunslinger

    Savini Jason

    Savini Jason is trash. He has weapon strength but hit detection sucks. Only shift and destruction makes chases so much difficult because he will not let you breathe. He counters cabin hopping and long distance pursuits and has no defense weaknesses. Water speed could be a problem but he has average morph and with good map control, nobody can kite him long. You see I started typing "Savini is trash " but wrote down his strengths. I don't know what the fuck is going on. I am pissed off by hit detection .
  11. The Gunslinger

    PC has to wait for console

    They make emotes only for counselors because counselors will teabag Jason players and they will want to buff Jason so they can easily catch teabaggers.
  12. Let's make that QTE balanced for both sides. QTE difficulty determined by Strength Health( Fear fills you with adrenaline so while on high fear you can break free faster) . This way, Jason will have to slash and throw knives on victims who can break free faster from Jason. Pocket Knife on high fear should be a button press because you will forget anything but to survive. This is my opinion and I hope this can decrease grab spammers.