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  1. Forum twitch channel LIVE!

  2. Decrease repair and add some more points to speed and luck. Like Adam, she knows about cars but that is all.
  3. Do you guys recommend PUBG?

    Title says it all.
  4. Why Do You Play?

    I play to find something that I can complain the game on the forum.
  5. What if...

    If you are so salty about the gram,use slash. Like me.
  6. Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Everybody is camping @ShiftySamurai's profile LOL
  7. Camp cameras and computer

    I think you are completely out of topic @uberXJoshua. When I Said "hack in" could be understanded by "using". That way ANYONE can use the computer and watch the camp.
  8. Suggestion for new tapes

    The game takes place in 80s and you are suggesting Grendel tapes? Jason X and Grendel was in 2500s.
  9. Camp cameras and computer

    First camera was invented in 1983. So I see no problem to add this in game.
  10. What if...

    Game is not balancing by someone's desire. Jason buff is a need. The Need for Buff. Seriously though, I agree with "Jason needs buffs" subject. His traps are fucking useless. Step on it and then use some hairspray and you sparkle like new.
  11. Step into a deadly trap? Got hacked almost to death? Use some hairspray and you sparkle like new. This system is ridiculous. Left 4 Dead healing system is good and balanced. Only way to "sparkle like new" is to use medkits. People should use pocket knives on traps. And we know that why people don't use pk on traps. Break free mechanic. It is impossible to break free. And people uses pk on Jason. IMO first aid spray should regenerate health slowly and in the other hand, Med Kits should give you full health instantly after a healing delay. Bandaging animation or something like that.
  12. What if...

    It isn't clickbait. "What if the devs" it say.
  13. What if...

    It needs a fix too.
  14. It would be nice to have a computer to hack in and watch the camp to get additional info. Of course when the generator explodes the computer shuts down until the generator repaired. You could also find cameras and place them somewhere you want and you can have access to the computer with a keycard or something like that.
  15. The Devs surprises us with the update and reworking the game. New progression system, new break free mechanic, perk adjusts, and all other amazing ideas that forum members invented. Would you be happy or just stick with what they announced?