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  1. Even tho I was a complete ass and idiot, I still had good times and learned a lot. Sad to see the future of this game and Last Year's to be cut this short, whole lot of potential but it will never be reached. Goodbye F13 forum and their veterans. Here's hoping to see you all in another Asymmetrical Horror Survival Multiplayer game that isn't DbD. Cheers
  2. Tommy Jarvis calls every Jason a "maggothead" so I didn't waste any time finding nicknames for them.
  3. Hello again, long time no see. Yeah I bet you all missed me. Anyway I don't exactly know where to put this so I'm sorry if this isn't the right place. I have this "You've been kicked!" issue. It wasn't happening before. It all started when I decided to change my ISP. I got much better speeds now, but I get network issues on some games. F13 is the one that got affected most. Whenever I start-up the game, join any match (Quick Play, Offline bots, Challenges, basically any mode) I get kicked from the match, sent back to the title screen with messages that say either "You've been kicked!" or "Session heartbeat failure! Verify internet connectivity.". After that, I can't join back to the database. No matter how many times I try, it will fail. I shutdown Steam and restarted the computer and tried again. Result is same. I get kicked from the match and sent back to the title screen. I let mail support know about this and they are telling me fixes they know. My issue persists even though I did whatever they asked. Any of you guys have a fix?
  4. Well, you are right. I just started to play again after a long break because I had discovered DbD and spent the same amount of time on it as F13. 300 hours both. Both has bugs, but dbd is way more frusturating than f13. But f13 died, so does the feeling it gave me, i no longer feel scared, excited, adrenaline. I just play the game with my neutral face. I hoped forum had ideas to change this. Dead dream am i right?
  5. So one thing I've been thinking lately is that people sometimes forget about having fun and just go full tryhard asshole mode and forcing the rest of the lobby to be one as well. I do not have any ideas how can you roleplay in Friday the 13th, so I'm asking those who knows. Post your roleplay ideas. What to say as what character, what to do amd when to do. I'm sure you all have crazy ideas, so go on and post them. I'll try to post any footage I think viable. Thank you!
  6. I was checking Deceit (multiplayer fps game of trust and deception) discord and I saw that Automaton, the original Deceit studio got bankrupt. Another company named Baseline Games picked the game up and continues developing it now. But I don't think this will ever happen to F13:TG, otherwise you know something else? It's still gun's decision to continue to make new content or not even after lawsuit ends, right?@tyrant666
  7. I actually couldn't believe someone took that crown from me lol
  8. Hello there, again. Some know me, but they are probably just moved on from this forum and game, as am I. I just felt like I should create at least one topic that makes sense (i was a shitposter as many of you know). Well, first of all, I don't have any idea how did I first see this game. But when I did, I just thought "I must play this". This game was the first game that made me meet Steam. This game first game that I spoke english in-game chat. This game was the first game I made friends. This was the first game that I cared, made suggestions and visit its forum. Although I did know most of my topics was based on pure bullshit, I enjoyed posting them, seeing people reply. I am not best person or player to play to talk with, but I do enjoyed sharing this ride with you guys. I wish this game didn't get axed so we could had much more fun but what can we do, right? I know even this whole text looks like a big diarrhea shit to you but I just wanted to say that I love you and thank you so much for having me here. I wish you the best!
  9. The only Jason I couldn't survive against. Savini Jason is so scary and strong at the same time that reminds me to be afraid of Jason.
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