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  1. "Copy on the road 30" maybe? Maybe he's saying the road's code?
  2. My presses won't show up on game

    I am on PC. And I am getting frusturated when seeing other players breaking free so fast.
  3. [Video] Combat Adjustments and Ideas

    Buggzy should use Dropkick to Jason , you have to sprint for at least 4 seconds , move towards Jason , when button shows , press it , and knock Jason.
  4. Instead of fourth perk slot , why don't we have special abilities for each counselor? And of course , we can give one more slot to Jason if this becomes a thing.
  5. I am key mashing when I grabbed , but some reason , the bar fills so slowly even I am on low fear , high strength , equipped rare Escape Artist perk (%11 bonus with no penalties) but I just can't break free. Other guys breaking free from Jason in 3 seconds (some of them 2 secs) but I fucking can't. It takes 6 seconds with Adam while on low fear to break free for me. What should I do?
  6. This could reduce the fun and players count on this game. So , I disagree.
  7. Man, we should play together. You are one of the most respectful guys in the forum for me.
  8. You forgot @Alkavian and @Ghostboy20
  9. Grab Break speed limit on PC?

    I grab Adam , he breaks out 1 sec later after I grab him. Jason grabs me with the Escape Artist on Rare perk equipped , but i can't fill the bar.
  10. Is there a speed limit on PC or my game don't read my presses?
  11. Region select is back?

    Okay , my problem solved. I don't know how to lock topics so , anyone can tell me how?
  12. I play on steam and there was an update. It was 3.6 GB. I downloaded it , select my region (Europe) but no lobbies. I quit steam and re opened but didn't worked.
  13. Has driving been nerfed

    makes sense since the car is not an off-road vehicle.