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  1. Holy shit! The Beta intro cutscene looks great(Or I liked it because I never saw it). I actually hate to see Rob dying every single match, could've been used as a playable counselor. And instead the first victim could've been a counselor who's not been selected by anyone in the lobby. For example if no one choose to play as Shelly, he will be the first victim in the opening cutscene. This has been brought up once I know. I liked it and brought it up again. Shame we cannot getting any of these suggestions.
  2. Jason cannot die, but he can be put down. And for that, you are gonna need a good team and meet the requirements.
  3. My game is not launching either. Easy Anti Cheat pops and loads up, but nothing else.
  4. Just a quick response. I am not just trying to make my new perk stronger. I don't want people to misunderstand me. There is a huge need of balance right now IMO.
  5. So hello. I rolled an Legendary Evasion perk. %20 faster Dodge but %10 more damage taken really makes it useless for me. I got an Epic Thick Skinned too but I think we really need some balance changes to perks too. I think majority of the players will choose Thick Skinned , Medic. The third perk depends on the playstyle of the player. There was a thread which was mentioning character traits (Adam would start the car faster etc.) but that is now considered as new content so I'm thinking 4th perk slot. The 4th perk slot is not necessary if there will be balance changes or when certain character stats are reworked. Currently, luck is above all. Start the car faster, more stuns, weapon duration etc. these are all Luck stat bonuses. There are other characters which would get an edge to make them a really good choice for their specific role. Maybe stat redistributions too. I would give Buggzy more Composure because the guy is strong. But currently the Strength stat has only one purpose which is unnecessary after Jason's mask is gone. I will gladly wait responses and ideas from other members. I just made my suggestions for balance over here so don't get mad at me.
  6. Just really amazing that this game only survived for like 1 year. And Gun decided to drop this game due low playerbase and excuse was the lawsuit. Miller said he's got nothing to do with the game but Wes insists that there will be no new content. Fuck this shit and your business.
  7. He's from the game Dying Light. This is a troll post so don't give a shit about it.
  8. Kyle Crane Composure: 20/10 Luck: 5/10 Repair: 30/10 Speed: 30/10 Stamina: Infinite(after getting skill Quarantine Runner) Stealth: 10/10 Strength: 20/10 Only appears if Jason is Part 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 or is Rais.
  9. You guys got any tips after Jason gets angry af? Jogging all the way around the map is an option until you run out of breath but let's be real here , you can escape from Shift Grabs only a certain amount of times. You'll run out of luck eventually. For me, I have no friends playing this game and I play in QP where there is a huge chance of a troll, teamer, russian people(I am not a racist, just making a point) WHO screams at their mics will appear in your lobby. They will either die with parts 95 kilometers away from the objective or repair the car and run over counselors or just quit because they are not Jason at the start of the match. IMO , only characters with strength higher than 7 should be able to stun Jason. Let's give Strength counselors an edge , right?(bcuz str stat does literally nothing but knock off mask).
  10. When he's mask is knocked off , every counselor gets 50 xp and the text "Show Yourself!" appears. No issues here i am guessing.
  11. It is challenging for randoms. In QP an average Jason can wipe the lobby out. But in Private Matches with good comm and experienced team of at least 5 counselors will be the same.
  12. It is really funny that Luck is more important than Strength to stun Jason. Everybody is choosing the persons that would run away from the every fight they see and they are the most useful for fighting Jason. I really can't understand why Adam or Buggzy exists if they have a stat that they cannot find a use for.
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