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  1. i just sent back while it says syncing data. *EDIT tried a 2ns time and it worked maybe user error. thank you for the info everyone
  2. is there a way to tell if someone is banned ? like a list maybe?
  3. my buddy keeps getting dashboarded non stop. how do we find out if he may be banned or just being affected by the bug?
  4. update i can play the game on a guest account not my main account.
  5. installed game 2 days ago. played fine. updated game this morning and played great. took a 2 hour break and now when it hits the main menu before i can click anything it dashboards me. i have uninstalled and reinstalled the whole game and add on content. i have hard reset the system and it is a download version. is anyone else having this issue? on xbox one. also i dont think i did anything to get me banned and i am unsure how to know if i did anything. any help is greatly appreciated. if there is a place this needs to be other than here please point me in the right direction.
  6. because everything you read on the internet in real... haha get lost kid exit forums stage right ----->
  7. so your upset that you are getting killed in a game designed for you to be killed in? you wanna sit with him and have some tea and talk things over? there is 7-9 pocket knives and if you cant figure out how to outrun him your garbage kid. Get good. the exit to the forums is that way ---->
  8. have you not seen Jason's hit detection its garbage. also his grab is garbage. you haven't played much as Jason i am guessing
  9. Jason cant instantly kill you upon a grab. and dont be a child if you dont know what your talking about.
  10. if this has been said before i apologize but has anyone else had the bug when you are host and then become Jason as soon as the round starts it dashboards you? on xbox one i am not sure about the other 2 platforms. and its not just me in a group with 3 friends and we all tested it when one of us is host and they become jason.... dashboard. this bug and the achievement bug are the worst i am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
  11. hey who lied to you and gave you an early release date?
  12. started the game 11/30/17 as of 1/1/18 i am lv 90. i think i may be going thru the game a little fast but i got a few to go. and yea the Jason boat badges and being Tommy is definitely the hardest currently for me.
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