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  1. Don't get mad because you get bullied and killed as Jason look it happens just not to me and people like me that know how to play it's all good man Yeah you wouldn't make it against me so sick with the newbies The ones whining aren't ready for my friends and I so just stay in this site and continue to beg therm to name Jason way stronger so you can at least have a chance thanks for y'all's time
  2. I have never hid are ran anything like that never would. I'll be on join if you wanna play 

  3. Want some come get some


  4. I'm on Xbox ArmyVet316

  5. I have been Jason over 700 times I'm on Xbox ArmyVet316
  6. So I'm just going to throw this out there regarding the players complaining about being bullied as Jason. I'm just going to be straight forward about this if your being bullied are getting you butt handed to you then you just plan suck as Jason and you need to put your preference on counselor. I been playing this game since it came out I backed them during the process of making the game. So get your game up and stop complaining about being bullied as Jason I have never got killed nor been bullied they have tried but they all died thanks for everything
  7. Lol you could try that and you will fail like all the others lol top easy
  8. Right I love the cocky ones who do that just make sure you collect your knives and have patience and do not waste time on them use your stalking abilities also helps
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