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  1. I've been playing the game daily since day one. Yesterday was an interesting game. I was part 9 Jason....wasn't stunned once yet and someone went to the shack. Had them blocked in, missed a couple of throwing knives, stalked and they managed to still get out after missed grab. Tommy was there in no time. Shotgun hit followed by a direct stun afterwords and the mask was off....like really? 2 stuns? I was killed instantly after that and tea bagged....there was literally nothing I could do to avoid it. I don't care if I get killed, but that was pretty ridiculous.
  2. Here's a game mode. 1-Everyone play the same character and same Jason. 2-Turn off Jason's music (for when he is near by). 3-Use party chat. Have a brand new experience. I've played this way a couple times...it's wild.
  3. I've gotten the 1000 Jason's finally a few months ago and I agree, it's a little ridiculous. But escaping in a boat is still 30 away. What gripes my ass is that not every map has boats...and what is most played!?!?!? You guessed it....the 3 without boats...
  4. So what. You'll get in rage quicker and the counselors aren't even gaining anything out of this other than xp.
  5. I hope for nothing because that's exactly what's going to happen.
  6. Curious of your stories on toxic lobbies. What happened? What was said? Etc
  7. In my opinion, this whole "bullying" crap with Jason is/was way overreacted to. Jason had/has the tools necessary to beat any scenario. I first thought this whole reinventing Jason would be a good thing...but now I'm starting to think of all the problems it will cause. Maybe not...but the game was sort of balanced...it needed small tweaks, not this. Just my opinion...well see.
  8. Wait until people who team with Jason stun him into rage 2 mins into the game.....
  9. Wait until people who team with Jason stun him into rage 2 mins into the game.....
  10. This is also my theme song coming up the stairs when my kids didn't clean up their room like I asked.
  11. I put them where they wouldn't be expected. Part 2 is weak overall, but the + traps can really be effective if you use effective areas. "can" being the key word if you have a bunch of counselors with out med perks and/or thick skin. It's a gamble sometimes.
  12. That's pretty wild. I normally get rid of the legendary ones. Not a fan of the negatives that come with it.
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