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  1. americanalien

    Sweet Trap Locations

    I put them where they wouldn't be expected. Part 2 is weak overall, but the + traps can really be effective if you use effective areas. "can" being the key word if you have a bunch of counselors with out med perks and/or thick skin. It's a gamble sometimes.
  2. americanalien

    Finally All 30 Legendary Perks

    That's pretty wild. I normally get rid of the legendary ones. Not a fan of the negatives that come with it.
  3. americanalien

    Escape artist perk question

    I used the rare perk before and didn't see any significant difference. That was that for me.
  4. americanalien

    Buff Jason

    I think it's as balanced as it's going to get. You guys talk about all these changes, but nearly all of them would make the game worse.
  5. In reply to the Original Post, It takes a little bit of skill to be a counselor. It takes a little bit of skill to be Jason. Just the way it should be. The game is as balanced as it's going to get. The reason counselors are kicking your ass because they know some of Jason's weaknesses. It takes a lot of playing to develop this skill in all honesty. Newbie Jason's are easy to figure out. I'm tired of people thinking that just because they are Jason they should win. It's a game on both parts.
  6. I was wondering why the last 20 plus times I've tried to kill Jason I couldn't stun him as the sweater girl. Good to know now. I thought I was just having bad luck....now it all makes sense.
  7. I was in 3 lobbies last night, all full of newbs. It was actually quite fun teaching them how to play. They were all worse then bots. Clearing everyone with Jason within 5 minutes was a real change in pace.
  8. I find it all convenient that our soundtrack as a backer isn't coming because of the lawsuit. I really don't care that it isn't but I just wish the Devs would stop their bullshit. I've inquired to them about this several times....all I get is that it's still coming.
  9. americanalien

    Jason bullying

    No one wants to be Jason again! Truthfully, just make his grab range larger and problem is solved. I can't tell you how many time it's a swing and a miss when I am right fucking there from a morph...then only to have some asswipe Vanessa stun me directly after. It's quite aggravating.
  10. americanalien

    Pinehurst Barn

    I always thought they should have some traps in the barn.
  11. I do that. If its a one room cabin, I hide behind the door, Jason gets trapped and then walks past. I close the door on my way out.
  12. americanalien

    Making Youtube Videos

    Anyone good at making Youtube Videos with Music? I would love for someone to make a sick F13 compilation video to "Killer In You" by Limp Bizkit.
  13. That's not getting real.