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  1. Just a fun rant topic about types of selfish play you see that irritates you. I hate seeing players holding more than one pocket knives. There are few of them now, and you really only need one. Unless you have a legitimate reason keeping a extra one (defusing trap at the fuse or everyone else in the lobby is a asshat and derping around not doing anything), be generous and donate one or trade with another counselor. Don't be that guy that waits for Jason at the exit for him to grab you twice and then run for the cops.
  2. Hey Tommy, just want a confirmation. Can you dodge cancel on a blocked attack? I've been under the impression it doesn't work, but last night I swore the Jason blocked my swing then I dodged he counter-grab.
  3. It is possible to dodge cancel backward successfully, but it must be early and must be max distance w/ heavy attack. As everyone said, dodge cancel to right in most case is best, but please realize that this in not 100% safe from grabs. You can still get grabbed if ether cancel too late, didn't run fast enough, or tough luck.
  4. Most Vanessa mains, as well as Chads and Jennys, can manage quite well with 2 in repair. It's common knowledge at this point.
  5. And this is a bad thing? Trust me, if every game on QP turn into a "shitshow" of smacking Jason around, it would be both frighting to be Jason at the risk of being humiliated, and boring to play/watch. Even in a game of both skilled counselors and Jason, Jason isn't exactly bullied (good Jasons don't allow it), but he is overwhelmed by too many objectives.
  6. ..and a certain "someone" here says QP is always a mess.
  7. lol, yea, Ive seen that several times. Still doesn't stop me since you only need to go though 2 to get in. If I see that ether have back up or fireworks as you get in.
  8. Yea, if you have any objective or task in mind, but you find other key components (keys, fuse, battery, etc) just drop it for others to do. Same goes when you have the fuse and Jason shows up to stop you. Just drop it when you can and kite him around. Don't bring the damn fuse with you so other can't fix it while you're "distracting" Jason, and have them go to the other side of the map where you died . Same goes with the gas or battery. They are not going to help you when you need to hit Jason. I wanna shoot myself when I see a Chad running away from Jason with a battery, bringing it away from the car.
  9. You did nothing wrong, you were already at a severe disadvantage. Honestly, defending a Jason kill begins in the lobby before the match. If you see a bunch of high lvl players come in at once, see the same player grab the sweater or getting the J-kill several times in the same lobby, or anything that gives you a clue that you're dealing with Jason hunters, you have to play a different meta.
  10. Add A Door To Jason's Shack

    True, if the object Jason is facing is thick enough to block Tommy from getting the prompt, then that tactic will work. Then its just a boring stalemate for however long that match is left . Honestly, if Jason's going to do that, he might as well just park himself in the waters and go grab a beer.
  11. Add A Door To Jason's Shack

    Actually no, lol. They can still kill you. KnightProwl showed this to me a few days ago. I activated the sweater inside a cabin with Jason facing the wall. Tommy is outside on the other side still gets the kill prompt, and we get a hilarious cinema of Tommy offing Jason though the wall Only stupid Jasons getting killed is not true. That would be a disrespect to the Jasons we've killed that I considered good players. The more Jasons I've killed, the more I feel the whole mechanic is a scam.
  12. Small maps are the easiest to scam a Jason kill. If someone is running their mouth and say something like "I Will Never Die as Jason, You'll Never kill me", I'd pick Vanessa and select (or request) Pack Small to humble them.
  13. Im looking forward to his reasoning as well. I alway use a Destruction Jason, and I knock down any door I conveniently come across (because I'm a dick), counselor inside or not. I guess barricading doors won't matter much since its only one more swing with it locked and I heard complains from players of repair counselors that something a open window isn't available and the door is locked with Jason hot on them.
  14. Yep, and just as bad as the lack of information provided is the default button assignment for Consoles. With the swing assigned to a "trigger" button, getting the light horizontal swing from CS is almost impossibly to always be consistent. Getting the Heavy vertical swing and its shitty tracking when you wanted the light swing can easily cost you your life. R3 to initiate CS is also very clunky, especially if you like to toggle it on and off to fake out Jason. I play with a Pad on PC, thankfully steam allows for custom button assignment. . If you can do all the fancy combat stance "tricks" with the default assignments, I applaud you good sir.
  15. I started playing because my brother watched the AVGN video and bought the game. We took turns and I got hooked. The appeal to me is the classic "David vs Goliath" as counselor vs Jason. Overcoming a monster that the game designed to be stacked in his favor and prevailing is very satisfying. Blah, forgot I already posted here
  16. No it doesn't. Jason will drop a counselor from ANY hit, stun or no stun, as long as it makes contact with Jason and not blocked by the counselor's body (or any other counselors) whom you're trying to save. I've had plenty of swings from a bat that doesn't faze Jason at all, like I never swung. Though I wasn't here at launch, many of the players I game with have. They've all agree that hit detection has gotten worse since the initial version.
  17. Nice to see a Chad actually using Nerves of Steel. I don't understand why so many sleep on it
  18. I agree, this is not a fighting game, its a survival. To survive you need to fight back at times, and as a game, it need to be consistent and not incoherently frustrating. I did not play at launch, but I don't have a problem with the lack of pocket knives as I don't relay of them and learned how to avoid getting into the grab in the first place. But not saving a buddy even if you did it perfectly should be addressed.
  19. Jason doesn't have a issue hitting me if I'm in his attack range, unless he is savini or J6 . When you are hitting Jason to make a save, the hit just has to land, does not need to stun. I disagree. fighting Jason should not = death. If you know what you're doing, you should not be free for Jason. This game is already stacked in his favor, and with less pocket knives, saves you make need to count. What I want is consistency, not sometimes it works and other time doesn't for no understandable reason.
  20. If a player wants to get better at this game, there is plenty of resources online resources. While a better in-game tutorial would be nice, ultimately its the player who decides to make the effort. Many don't bother even if good in game resources are built-in, just like not every player uses training mode in fighting games. Many players play it casually and do "what they think is good" when they play. Then they die because don't have a pocket knife (even if they did, they would only last another 30 seconds :P), then complain. The player that is least prepared is more likely to die.... Yep, this is a survival game.
  21. Jason attack detection is much better than the previous patch. My issue is detection as counselor, specifically when saving others. I'll have a clean shot at Jason's back as he hoist a counselor up, use the heavy vertical swing, hit nothing else but Jason but he doesn't even flinch, counselor dies.
  22. If Jason was "double tapped" or hit more than once by 2 or more counselors after the sweater stun, it can cause the glitch with the floating kill confirm, but will not activate. I suppose it can happen with only one hit as well, but use a bat for the knee stun as its the most consistent weapon for success. Ether have a designated stunner or the sweater wearer can do it if she knows how to sweater cancel.