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  1. I know this may be a touchy topic for some. After spending significant time with Vanessa/Chad and got tired of tripping to my death when confronting Jason, I decided to give Jenny a try. While I do like her high composer (less tripping) and high luck, I started to feel why everyone has a low opinion about her. Now, I am not saying she can't be effective of surviving by herself, but I'm questioning her value of contribution to the team. She is as slow as repair characters, but can't repair effectively, and she can't get to a counselor as fast as Chad or Vanessa to help them out. Sure she can stand up to Jason pretty decent, but is sustainable to a shift-grab from a distance. She can act as a "Pocket Knife" for front-line fighters in a pack, but she is a hindrance when moving from point-a to point-b. Again, I'm not saying she is "unplayable" but I feel she really is the weakest consoler and I would like to hear you guys if I'm missing something here.
  2. Thats the issue though, in terms of character balance. Character the have good stats on Luck, stamina, and speed has better survivability. Right now, having a 2 in repair isn't that much of a penalty to offset the stats that allow them to effectively combat/kite Jason, so there is less incentive to pick a repair character other than the character ascetics or challenge.
  3. Repair character don't get more XP, character that perform repairs do. The issue is that characters with low repair skill isn't penalized enough to warrant use of a actual repair character enough. Yes, it is cool to install that battery in Jason's face with Eric/Deb, but after that car is stop and under Jason's control again, their repair stats isn't going to help them retake it.
  4. I believe the issue is that there isn't enough of a penalty for having low repair.... unless you are Bugzy or Tiffany. With the re-roll trick, Vanessa, Chad and Jenny also can do respectable repair. While I would like play Jenny more, her issue ,for me, is that she has repair character-like speed, so I rather play Vanessa or Chad most games. I think making a fixed amount of skill-checks will help address the issue. I would figure after a bunch of matches filled with Vanessas, Chads, and Bugzy, people will get tired of nothing getting down after breaking all their weapons.
  5. Yea, Thats a strong combo. Buggys with the machete with Vanessa as support will get J's mask off so quickly, then Vanessa can grab the mask if you care to sneak the Jason kill on the player. Worst.... I would say Vanessa and AJ, if the AJ cared about being unseen and she would just slow down Vanessa.
  6. Run them over son!!!! Also don't feel bad for accidentally running over counselor as you start the car when Jason is approaching. The car may need to move forward or back at any notice, so it their fault for being in the way.
  7. Is that a bug or intended? I understand that if you accumulated enough damage when blocking, then you'll get stunned as the mask drops.
  8. Honestly, in a lobby full of skilled player, 7 Vanessa would be unstoppable.
  9. Combat stance is Jason's Friend. If you're tired of getting stunned breaking doors down, combat stance it and slash it down. You can still be stunned from a stubborn consoler, but its not free and you can space yourself in a manner that is harder to hit from. Even late game when Rage is unlocked, consider slashing the door instead if you believe the player will challenge you.
  10. AJ.... Because It's a chore to find her after I killed everyone else. Vanessa or Chad though..... they will find me. >:D
  11. That is not necessary true. First if you are alone with Jason, you should never just bolt away and waste stamina regardless of character due to both Shift and Morph. Just set the "spacing" beyond his grab or swing range as well as account for any actions you do (healing, picking up items, climbing into windows, etc..). Chad has slightly less stamina then Jenny, but the fact that is much faster allows him to set "spacing" more efficiently than Jenny as well as the aforementioned shift-grab. Even against Vanessa or Tommy, any counselor is venerable to shift without walls and door, but speed does sustainability help avoid it.
  12. Wait, how does speed does not contributes to survival? Speed get you from cabin to cabin, firepit to firepit quickly, reach another counselor to break them free or fend off Jason, fairy key items to it's destination, and make you less valuable to shift-grabs/slash. Stamina is obviously important, but don't discount speed. Ironically she is best equipped to survive the night how the game is right now. She requires less support than any other counselor when kiting/fending off Jason. I agree. Personally think she is the best counselor when it comes to directly squaring up with the Big-J. She won't trip at critical moments as much as other counselors and the high composer allows her the fend of fear longer, meaning she'll be able to regain stamina faster (at stand-still) than those that freak out like Chad or Vanessa. However, I feel what she is bad does hold her back more than any other counselor and I will only really play Jenny is when I'm in a lobby and I'm confident the other player are looking out for each other. I love fighting Jasons straight up but when your actually trying to survive (play to win), every swing is a risk (especially against a good Jason), so I find it's best to strike at him when you're wrestling for objectives, saving someone, and "free"-hits. Otherwise when fleeing, confront him only when you need the stamina.
  13. Please then, tell us what usefulness Jenny provides over other counselors. That is the reason I started this topic after all, lol.
  14. Surge of new player came in due to Christmas. This game seams very "twitch viewing friendly", so make sense it has become appealing to kids.
  15. Correction, your survivability is fine
  16. Thats how I feel. I am of the belief that if your going to do something, do it fast, otherwise you risk everyone dying, and you're now with Jason solo. While I'd rather be around a Jenny than a AJ (this is more of the mindset of the player), as my experience AJs will flee, Jenny's will stick around, but I can't help but to think that player would be better suited to just use Chad.
  17. I remember reading somewhere that her stat screen is believed to be misleading. Lists her stealth as a 6, but in practice it should be a 8.
  18. To be fair to Shelly, he does have High strength if you want to de-mask Jason, so he can be played as a slightly slower Kenny with that benefit.
  19. I think this merits are more your skill than that of Jenny's as I would expect from someone at level 70. I can survive just fine with any counselor, but I want to be able to effectively help and save others. While its true that you can "re-roll" to off-set the low repair, but it does take some practice and decent reaction to do it effectively, and if you wanted to fairy a key item stealthy, why not just use AJ. Having high composer can help keeping the mini-map for driving, but I can handle that regardless of the character due to my map knowledge or just equip Nerves of Steel to a low composer character. The only use she has, in my eyes currently, is she makes the game more challenging, which isn't bad in itself. But when you ask yourself how you want to play and which counselor will be best (or close too) to for-fill it, Jenny doesn't have any compelling traits.
  20. Her repair is good as Vanessa, and while I'm quite good at "re-rolling" for a favorable repair, it's only practical when Jason isn't around. When I say practically repair, I'm referring to repairing in Jason's Face during a stun, which isn't practical at all with these characters. LOL, you'd think Jenny's repair would be better since she is the "Girl Next Door" which that troupe typically has a girl with real world everyday skills. I like Jenny too, but esthetically. In practice she falls short in too many areas when you could pick someone else to serve that purpose. I do value speed, but it for purposes beyond just getting away from the Big-J. Just go into a match w/ randoms as Jenny on Jarvis Map and you know what I'm talking about. Agreed. That was my initial attraction to use Jenny, to protect other and fight Jason. But she just can't move around fast enough to be effective when you have characters like Chad or Vanessa.
  21. Agreed. The thing about cheats is that they give you such a upper-hand that things will get boring fast. This game has no ranking system or incentive to win other than XP, after a day or two, a typical cheater will just move on to other things.
  22. Thank you Bomber for doing all that boring work to the benefit of everyone!!!
  23. Stunpocalypse

    All weapon has a CHANCE of stun on hit, bat always stun (I'd say without fail, but damn this game hit detection, lol). If you think a counselor is going to retaliate, ether maneuver to avoid the swing then punish, quickly enter combat stance and block then punish, or attack or grab 1st to stuff their attack. When dealing with a mob, block and swing occasionally and look for the counselor that is leaving the group to get a weapon or going to an objective and shift toward them. Be aware of the spacing between each counselor and if they are a bit too far apart, go for the grab; usually before they realize their buddy is being strangled it's too late >:). I'm really hard to kill as a counselor, but even I am vulnerable when I think I am "safe" and caught off-guard.
  24. Hey guys, I wanted to here our opinions regarding different swing attack speeds for counselors. Personally, I'm not sure what I would like better, as having static swings (as now) makes it simpler switching from counselor to counselor, but character specific swings adds another consideration when choosing a counselor and possibly more varied of play. I usually use Vanessa, but I would switch to Jenny in a heartbeat if she had the fastest swing (then stack it with swift attack perk >:D)!!! What are your opinions?