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  1. Hmmm. Double trapping Tommy Radio, Shift-grabbing, slashing, blocking attacks, stabbing counselors with the spear/trident outside of their attack range. Generally anything they deem as "Try-harding".
  2. Baseball bats were slightly nerfed as part of the adjustments made with the "Engine Update" patch in May 18. It is no longer guaranteed, but it is still quite high. I believe frying pans are 100%, but very frail.
  3. Oh wow, we just miss each other then, lol. Cool, we'll likely run into each other eventually, looking forward
  4. Its cool man, like I always preach "there is no shame in dying as Jason" and I myself have died 4 times. @Ahab and I were talking about quick draws knives last night and in general agreement that its now janked, like I've complained about before in some of my recent posts. Sometimes it isn't a issues, and other times it completely misses it's mark.
  5. Amateurs, LOL! Didn't even use the shortcut on on the west path to the shack on Pack. @badassgixxer05 I just realized you are on PC, I'll keep an eye out for you when I go "hunting",
  6. That alone will shift the meta of the counselors a little bit, definitely shake things for the better and will keep things interesting. Composure penalty would bring Vanessa hopefully to moral status... poor Chad though. LOL
  7. Yea she is fine, overall. She is well ahead, IMO, to the others counselors, but you better be able to challenge/delay Jason, because he can find you at any time he wants.
  8. Dude, I am not salty at all... just tired.... tired of hearing new and bad players complaining about Jason's slash. My first 6 months or so I was exclusive Counselor Pref. During that time I never complained or thought that Slashing was cheap. I learned how to deal and fight against slashers and it was very apparent that Jason needed that tool. Admittedly, is was kinda condescending to call them "$4 steam players", whatever, I'm having my fun lol. I assumed you were one of these players since you are a new member when we got a flex of new blood in the PC ecosystem. Sorry, but I'm surprised a veteran is complaining about slash deaths, as all the veteran I know don't care about being slashed to death.
  9. I'm seeing too much of this with all the $4 players brought in by the steam sale that I'd be crying if I wasn't laughing so much, lol.
  10. It's not that bad, they're wasting weapons and you're gaining rage. Killing them will come
  11. It's not that bad, well I guess for me I have good read of when counselors want to attack so I'll CS->block at the moment they begin to swing as a read, not on reaction. It's nice to have rage sooner, lol >:D
  12. Yea, it be nice for quick block to be fixed, not just for balance but for general playability.
  13. DontZzz is right, Knives are fine. Jason is where he should be right now, only needs at least one more counter measure against killing him.
  14. Yea, its no problem as long as we politely piss on each others opinion, lol. Helps keep at least some interest on this forum.
  15. The case against Tiffany is she is highly flawed in her repair. Realistically against a competent Jason she is often dependent on others to do the repairs for her. While Vanessa's isn't good ether, it's still 1/2 the time taken to complete comparatively. Otherwise, stat-wise, Tiff is often regarded as a inferior Vanessa since the former has the edge in Speed and Luck. I guess if you like indoor kiting, Tiff has her place there, but otherwise Vanessa out shines her. Unless Vanessa brings Jason to them, lol Honesty not exactly true since late game at that point, Jason will have rage and everything will light up regardless. It's really up to Jason who he should gobble up first. Anyone who reads here, the reddit, or the steam guide would have came away with consensus that Vanessa is the best counselor. This make her appealing to Toxic Try-hard/troll/selfish players who wants to win easy. Everyone seen these types of Vanessa, but I've also know and play with good ones, and I'm also a Vanessa Main.
  16. Counselor were meant to be easily eaten by Jason. Slash hasn't been, isn't, and will never be a issue. It's the player responsibility to learn where the counselors are valuable at and minimize it as far as you can. Add the fact that there are 7 of you, if all counselors work together even simi-coordinated, they can cause headaches for Jason.
  17. It would encourage more caution with Jason than him now being invincible to melee, while give a possible break for the counselor. I'd think I would have to play a few games of that to see how I feel about it.
  18. It's been decide. Debate is over. No longer up for discussion.
  19. LOL, yes it's n00b city here. If I find myself in the same lobby as you, I'll help
  20. Just saw his follow up post. New forum member, likely a $4 player Steam player. Not bashing him for that (its good to have new players ) but yea, uneducated and inexpreanced, hacked his way though a bunch of other $4 players filling the PC ecosystem. If he dealt with just about any long time member here, he'll change his tune.
  21. Damn, I'd stick around to see if he's killable. It's kinda like hunting a Unicorn 😛
  22. A counselor choice is kinda like your child. You have a emotional attachment and yours is always the best.
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