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  1. I didn't say you were, but people tend to complain about any glitch that work against them, so I'm just saying it's better to accept it and work around
  2. "Sweater Canceling" has always existed since the beginning. There has been few attempts to remove it, (the original method you only had to enter Combat Stance and cancel out). It's a glitch, but it's pointless complaining about something player have been using for this long.
  3. To be honest, 80% of all Jason players isn't all that good, and within the remaining 20% is large gap between decent to the very best. A good Jason player can wipe the typical Quick Play Lobby easily before getting rage, leaving plenty of time to look for an cheeky counselor loaded with avoidance perks. Most of these Players I find are couching in some remote location on the map, easy to ambush shift before the counselor even realize I've found them. Right. I usually notice a counselor w/ avoidance perks when I'm hunting down someone else. Because it's not guarantee to avoid sense, I'll let the counselor have an false "sense", , of security and nab them when they thought they were unnoticed.
  4. Not really, absolutely not. Avoidance perks is only helpful if the Jason player is weak and is struggling killing counselors before he has time to go look for you. Once Jason eliminated other counselor (or if they escaped) and enter rage, assuming he still has a decent time on the clock left, he will eventually find you by spamming sense. Escaping or killing Jason are better chances of survival, and if you are loaded out with meta perks (Medic, ThickSkinned, Nerves of Steal or Swift Attacker) you are better off running the clock than you would be if the slots are wasted with sense avoidance ones.
  5. @Dragonfire82877 Thanks for the shout out. I also ended my F13 journey the day before the update. Good luck to you moving forward in this mad world and the same to everyone.
  6. I guess I didn't literate well, since thats not what I was suggesting, I was only saying to when counselors slide, removing the lock would cause the sprint to use stamina during it. Not swings draining stamina in general.
  7. Nice detailed explanation. I think you are confused what I suggest with what @Somethin Cool, which he suggested to add a stamina cost for swing. I just commented on his since I recognized this as being a nerf to counselors game-play. What I suggested is removing the stamina lock that occurs during the swing animation, but of course without looking at the spaghetti code, I wouldn't know if this is possible or what it possibly might break. My best guess is the reason for the stamina lock during swings is the game checking for that contact hit on Jason, then updates the stamina value to apply the stamina bonus. Personally, as you said, I'd rather they just leave CS alone, prior to the last patch. We have gone this long with sliding remaining, most dedicated players will form groups to avoid hosts leaving for consistent gaming and would easy to place "house rules" on the lobby everyone can agree to.
  8. That is exactly what I said but in different words. Swing action “lock” or “freeze” the stamina value, leading to pseudo infinite stamina when sliding (and its non teleporting variant), we are at an agreement of how it work. Adding a stamina drain to the swing animation as you suggested could address players spamming sliding, but whether it discourages it is depended how much that stamina cost is. It would be a nerf to counselors tho, since it would add a penalty on wiffed swings and the game needs to check for that after the game checks if the swing make contact on Jason in order for the stamina bonus to be applied correctly, something I have no faith the devs to correctly implement it especially at this point. Removing the stamina lock would mean that it’s kinda a small buff (stamina regen during swing animation but not during sliding), but honestly I’d rather they just revert to how it was before the last patch (again, no faith lol)
  9. As far as I understand it, sliding has a pseudo infinite stamina because the Swing animation "locks" or "freezes" the stamina value until it finishes. Removing that lock would presumably cause stamina to drain at the same rate as just sprinting, since the Slide glitch cause the game to be confused on what state or action the player is in. They are swinging, sprinting, and on others screen, the player's locations (with their hitboxes and junk) is separated from the character model until it resyncs upon swing animation finishing (which is why there is an "after-image" then teleport). I don't see how sliding would still be optimal than just sprinting (other than the benefit of the teleport), but it would still limit its usefulness since constant spamming will just drain stamina quickly on such a change.
  10. @mattshotcha Overall, sliding is a rare exploit. Yes, causal will run into 150s spamming the shit out of it occasionally, but thats still only a very small percentage of the player base, and likely will drop with the removal of dedicated servers. Players learn who to avoid and without dedicated servers, likely more private groups will form for stable games. Because its somewhat hard to perform, ether needs to be practiced or with macro/chronos, compromising combat stance, an intended mechanic, to be less responsive or useless in a pinch should not be the answer. Personally, at this point, I don't believe an effort to remove it is worth it, especially with the dual nature of bug fixes (fix something leads to other breaks). If there was anything simple I'd look at to address it, I would just remove the "stamina lock" when counselors swing. It would not at all remove sliding, but it would ensure that stamina is drained while preforming it, limiting it usefulness and prevent spamming it to achieve pseudo infinite stamina.
  11. All Credit to @Tommy86 1.39 CS change notes - * Does NOT affect executing actions upon entering CS. Can still swing or block upon entering with the same speed pre-patch * DOES affect the timing of being able to exit CS. Cannot exit for approx. 0.5 seconds upon initiating CS, roughly the time of the camera zoom * Does NOT affect the transition of exiting CS itself, provided 0.5s from entry have been allowed. If they have not, exit inputs will not register and cause further delay due to additional input(s) needed. Learn the timing * Tech such as block grab is still viable. CS can be entered at beginning of swing instead of just before contact (swing cannot be cancelled hence the result is the same). Transition to action such as grab is still same speed as pre-patch upon exit * CS change is meaningless for removing sliding, as the activation inputs only require the player to be in the CS state, regardless of how long they sit in it. update edit: * New bug that allows sprinting in CS. This is because Sprint is no longer registered as an exit button during the mandatory 0.5s window, so instead it boosts CS movement to the same speed as a jog. I’m assuming this is something unwanted. @mattshotcha
  12. That would be nice for me since I still haven't bothered unlocking all the single player stuff despite logging in insane number of hours
  13. Agreeing with @Somethin Cool. The mask buff from the last patch addressed 2-3 hit demasks.
  14. Any Jason is a beast with a skilled player. The Jason's variations aren't really all that different.
  15. Because the Devs thought it wasn't enough for Part 4 not being able to catch a car so they decided to also making him fail at the boat as well. 🙄
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