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  1. Nah. You always know where they are and if you're good at ambush shifts, not hard to dispatch.
  2. Yeah it was. However, most lobbies aren't filled with a coordinated League style players. It would get way out of hand and tiring dealing with it game after game, not to mention that Trolling hasn't yet devolved to the low standard we have now when that objective buff was implemented.
  3. Yeah first frame they completely recover and can move is when you want to grab, so obviously press grab when counselor is just about finish completing the animation. Keep in mind that connection quality do matter, so high pings can throw you off. All Jason function as same character besides assigned perks. The Perk types and Weapon of choice are the only differential factors
  4. Late Reply , I guess I don't like lootboxs are that it incentives devs to remove content that had been included in the full game. PS2 games were CONTENT RICH, comparatively to now. With "Games as a Service" model, it's very easily can be abused, and attracts our urge to "Complete" something. Sad to see this game as dead as it is, at least on PC, but anyone got perspective on what's going on in WoW right now? I hear BLZz abruptly end it's future support. What you WoW guys have to say of the matter?
  5. If we are talking about solo QP, then I agree. Personally, information about what is going on, relocation of Jason immediately after he exits shift or morph (can be difficult sometimes since your dealing with max fear), and other quality of life issues remedied by keeping the mini map are more powerful the other perks. So long is the information is being used to keep yourself out of bad scenarios, I believe that. Team play, that's a bit different. If you want to play "optimally", in the case that you're in a league match for example, then the only 3 perks that matter are TS, Medic, Hypo. Regardless of spawn location and looting, there is always going to be a counselor able to instantly disarm double traps. Ive seen league play where Jason used ALL TRAP just for phone speaks volume on how disruptive and OP that setup is, lol.
  6. Meh, TS is obviously important with a league caliber Jason, not so much with a pub Jason. I guess maybe if you feel like pestering him for the whole 20 mins, but I really don't think there is much to worry about so long as the HP is capped out. Took me about 3 months to get an useful TS, but maybe a week on an smurf account that I used to anonymity crash into lobbies with players I know . It helps now with Fixed CP boost, but still it was frustrating to finally get my first one and I hate being in 'Perk'atory. Still never bothered to replacing my epics with legendarys.
  7. Its entirely due to instant feedback of Jason's positioning. Really helpful since you can see Jason's Shift trajectory since you're not going to pull up the big map while Jason's in mid-shift. Being able to know where other counselors is also convenient and being able to react instantly rather than taking a brief moment to check could matter with split moment decisions.
  8. Yep. Movement and spacing separates players, so if a player has a good sense of it, I'm going to be aware of it regardless of Level. Of course if he uses, "Advanced Tech" , then that's an instant tell. If there is one thing that might matter, lower the level means less likely to have Meta Perks, so no Medic and Especially NO THICKSKINNED! Easier to plan around 2 hit cripple than 3, more opportunities to get him quicker.
  9. That's the unfortunate nature of games as a "Service" model. Not only can they just die and can not longer be played, but even game still supported can be patched for the worse with no way for those who prefer previous builds to go back too. I prefer the older model too, especially for fighting games as DLC in general go on far too long and predatory. Feel like video games peeked sometime between the PS2 - PS3 Generation, then industry got taken over by lootboxes
  10. @ULTIMA It's as @HaHaTrumpWon says, Killing Jason is easy and pretty simple. I'd say that I have a 3/10 games that I orchestrate Jason dying in a random lobby. I main Jenny and I play without a Mic. If with Vanessa and w/ Mic, maybe 5-6 or of Ten. If I bring 1 or more players around my skill level and coordinate, Jason's gonna die almost guarantee.
  11. I think that Fox and Adam are good all arounders, great for in-experienced and causal players. They are still good high level too, but really on teams. Solo, especially Fox, is easily runned down by Part 3 if isolated. Adam is slightly better than Fox, but she can use the sweater, however what you get with Vanessa overall has more value than better repair.
  12. Bunny Deborah. I often choose to take out a Vanessa and underestimate Deborah w/ a PK around the Phone.
  13. While the mask change did lower counselor's strength across the board, hits that stun now does full damage, when previously did not. Also the first 2 hits (which is anything including firecracker and PKs) are protected from demasked. It's worth a reminder that Heavy Swings do double damage. Which then mean if you stun Jason, you get a Heavy Swing setup on a recovering Jason if your timing is good. It's not unusual to demask Jason with Vanessa off of only 2 Stuns (total 4 hits). One more thing I will add is after Jason's HP is depleted, there is a demask RNG determine whether that hit will demask. Its definitely a thing as I've witness Tommy waste TWO FULL AXES without demasking Jason, so it can be a bummer. There % chance of the demask is established on the average damage-per-hit, so Damaging Jason with Tommy or Buggzy will score the best chance of demask after Jason's is passed his HP threshold.
  14. Well there is still reason's to hit Jason, stamina bonus and of course saving fellow counselors. Demasking as well, but yeah otherwise Pinata Jason shouldn't be a thing.
  15. Well the point of it was to incentive players to leave the map. Too often, players, especially parties, stick around to bully weak Jasons. Rage buff fixed this. Surviving the night is the last resort, when all other escapes, including Killing Jason, is no longer feasible. With that said, surviving the night is still very possible, but it does require more skill, techniques, and experience, relative to the counselor's to Jason's than previously. While I wouldn't be able to do it against a League Hardened Jason with 10mins left, majority of my survival came due to surviving the night against the usual pub Jasons since trying to kill him often goes astray and objectives doesn't get done for whatever reason.
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