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  1. She is a new player going against players most likely played for months. Because of the nature of how combat works, any player that hasn't have yet learned to avoid stuns will get danced on and teabagged. I don't know about that. Yes Jason is worse now since the May patch, but it's not like I wasn't already having a field-day on Jasons prior to it. Plenty of players I identified as "Jason main" left when they saw me in the lobby and even some counselor complained that they are tired of seeing me orchestrated Jason kills, lol. Again before the engine update and often without a crew. My point is Jason has always had the same fundamental weaknesses, and as player realized this over time, it was inevitable. The May patch only exposed it further. The irony is prior to the May update, I was counselor pref only, as you know. After my brief break right after that update, I returned with the goal of seeing what I can do with a weakened Jason. I play with several different groups makeup of 150s Jason Killing types and I tear though them, only been killed once in a game I was AFK for first 2 mins. While if they get the car out, cops call, or even getting killed doesn't bother me, the one thing I wouldn't tolerate from my play is being turned into pinata. I spend a good amount of time practicing, making sure I'm the best player on the map, and I feel if many put in at least some honest effort in practicing, many of the Jason's will avoid being bullied from average counselor players. Don't get me wrong, I do think Jason need buffs (and from today's replay from Shifty it looks like its acknowledged) but I don't agree with doing it at the expense of making counselors worse.
  2. @HuDawg Are you trying to make a new game? lol. Many of your changes pretty much will change significantly how we have been playing this game since release. For a game that is almost at the end of its development, drastic mechanical changes will need to be put though a new cycle of testing and balancing and perhaps major reworks to game code. While you may think its a good idea, I pretty sure majority of the player base will not. High level player especially would be annoyed if essentially stamina is cut in half while running, since we always run to get to point A to B quickly while Jason is not around, only jogging as a means of dealing with Jason. Majority of the players I've known in this game has been counselor prefs only, especially females. Making counselors worse, limiting both weapons and stamina more than as already existed is not the correct action. Making significant change to a game well past a year since release is not worth the development cost and risk of alienating the existing player base. No one, maybe except you, is asking for counselor nerfs (disarming is a direct nerf), but asking for Jason's tools to be better.
  3. That would not be a bad idea. Conveyance may be bad at first, since players will at first think the swing is unresponsive, but would adjust. Overall, it would accomplish somewhat what I suggested.
  4. No it would lead to more slashing. Slashing is a safer option than the easy to punish grab. If the disarm happens when the counselor in stamina crisis and need a hit, they can't pick up the weapon nor have the stamina to find another one. Since if Jason grabs them and they have a PK, he risks giving them stamina and picking up the weapon, its ALWAYS better to slash them once disarm. Counselor has a weapon, Jason has to respect their ability to stun him and gives a reason to use grab, I do enjoy that interaction from both ends. It's not the player's fault for taking advantage, it's devs for poorly implemented mechanics. Game balance and changes are intended to preserve fun for both and be fair enough on both ends, not make change in spite of one party so the other can feel vindicated. Pushback is a typical mechanic to ensure the player isn't recovering into a unfavourable or "cheap" situation. Platformers, shooters, fighter, etc all use some form of pushback. Besides, Jason's so massive a swing from his axe/machete would likely send someone flying with the cut. It's a game, there is plenty here that already looks silly and unrealistic without actually benefiting it like pushback could. Once again you resort to juvenile insults and accusations when I've not said one thing disrespectful to you. I stand by what I said about you. You don't care or want to consider other points, and will be hostile to anyone in disagreements to yours.
  5. It is, since most situations with a single counselor w/ Jason takes the swing because they need a stamina boost. Once disarmed, they have no hope as Jason can just sit on the weapon. Its a massive change to the meta and will likely lead even more players to avoid repair counselors (slow and low stamina) and just use Vanessa for safe kiting. Jason players will likely never grab, as slashing leads into many 1-hit = death scenarios.
  6. I wasn't using punishment in the sense of gameplay. I used it as in this change feels like a big FU and a punishment toward player to spite them for taking advantage of Jason's flaw. Why are you repeating this? Especially since I agree this is a problem and already make my own suggestion of addressing it. Pushback prevents trading hit. Counselor takes damage and doesn't regain stamina since they didn't get a free swing on Jason. Jason's pressure game is still in effect and he maintains advantage without the need of disarming counselors.
  7. Doesn't mean changes should be as a "punishment" for these player, making the game more frustrating for them. The problems you mention, I and anyone with a decent understanding of this game, already understand this and it's obvious, but there is ways to address this though meaning adjustments to Jason without directly altering counselor combat. Simply making Jason's swing "safe" on hit will go long way in addressing these problems. Doesn't need to be as drastic as unarming the counselors and make it a snore fest for Jason, as I likely will feel like it would be.
  8. I also pride myself for having a strong Jason. I fight as Jason against the same squads I go killing with. I don't welcome the idea because it would effect majority of the games player base, the average skilled player, the most and will negativity effect them, not necessarily players like me. My Jason game was pretty much developed after the May engine update (switched to Jason pref after), so I didn't suffer from the loss aversion like many other Jason players with his grab change, and found solutions avoiding counter-hits with good spacing, clever defensive uses of shift, when to grab/when not to, and many of the techniques shared by @Tommy86 or self developed. Jason's flaw in direct combat is that if the slash isn't at absolute max-range, he'll likely suffer a counter-hit and be stun (or worse demasked). Both of our suggestion would fix that (pushback on hit I suggested), I believe mine would be fairer for both parties and isn't likely rewarding the lesser player too much if the gap in skill between players is large. Honestly, I'm having a blast playing Jason currently, and I'm actually upset when the game gives Jason, over me, too some player that just quits after the cops are call . I enjoy my prey to have the ability to fight back, especially the last few once I have the map under my control so I have time to "play" with them lol.
  9. It isn't that we disagree with you that Jason should get adjustments, we are all saying that, it's just how exactly and to what extent is the disagreement at.
  10. He isn't trying to get us to agree with him. He trying to be the most heard, attempting to speak for all of us, incase development actually are hearing our suggestions here and make changes. It would explain why he's so hostile to any other suggestion other than his.
  11. It depends on the quality of the lobby. If it was the typical QP lobby, I'll still steamroll it regardless of the Jason. However, in a lobby that will test you in every aspect counselors can push Jason, every advantage a Jason choice will give you will be needed.
  12. Against a skilled counselor, this may work only if he wasn't already aware of Jason's presents prior. If Jason was already chasing such a counselor already, especially one with NervesOfSteel equipped, if the counselor suddenly lost Jason's position due to a power use, he'll likely know Jason has shifted inside and knows its safer to remain outdoors and head to a different destination or to teammates if around. Again, if you feel unsafe with doors open while you are inside, just close them without locking them, protecting them from shift. As a bonus, if Jason chooses just to open them rather then flat out smash them, it's a resource you keep for later.
  13. Such truth here. For those who can't deal with having the door open while you're inside, close the door but don't lock it. All it does creates a wall for counselors locked. A good example where you may want to barricade per-emptively is if you plan on grabbing the sweater alone and want temporarily refuge in a cabin near by. Make sure you open ALL windows if the doors are locked.
  14. Oh, that is not true. You sound like you'd be a competent Tommy, and given what happened in this game, the Jason isn't very good. You lead a female to the shack, have her grab the sweater and hold the axe. Tell her not to activate until you say so, demask Jason (if he wasn't already and should be easy if you have combat skills w/ machete). Demask, drop the machete and tell sweater to pick it up thus dropping the axe for you (new players don't know how to drop weapons ). Tell her to activate sweater (whatever button is your platform), then kill Jason. We had a similar influx of n00bs on PC with the humble bundle last month. I'm happy to say I helped many new players "earn" their first Jason kill, lol.
  15. The only thing left that would make this a perfect game would be to stay behind with one female and kill Jason, lol