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  1. Agreed. Every counselor has janky hair, even ones that aren't out yet (Victoria).
  2. So would this make me a problem since the 2nd and 3rd one can apply to me at times? Often I would to "throwaway games" where I would just armor up then seek the Jason to test or practice, I'd dance or tea-bag to entice him to single me out, and after he kills me and gets the points, I'd just leave the game to join a new one to repeat. I think we need to be clear what trolling is. I play to undermined and frustrate Jason. Since he is the enemy, I would say I'm not actually trolling. I won't do things like lock away key items, team kill with the car, or anything that hinders other counselors.
  3. They get mad because they believe they are safe from Jason's bigger threat, the grab-kill, but don't know how to deal with slasher, so they complain. Most "hack and slash" Jasons I've come across are not good Jasons and players that fall victim to them are equally not good counselors. Yea pretty much this. I play very brave and aggressive toward Jason, with or without pocket knives. Since many Jasons assume I have a PK when I confront them when I don't, they'll resort to slashing even though grabbing is the bigger threat.
  4. @BeautyNumber2 CS is fine how it is. It may have not been implemented in the manners the devs intended, but effective use of CS is what separates players that really know how to fight to players that don't.
  5. I'm I the only one who isn't annoyed by Slashing Jasons? They are far easier to handle than Jasons that go for grabs first in a 1v1 scenario. Spacing, blocking, and punishing, handling them isn't a problem.
  6. Well as annoying as that may be for Jason, Pocket Knives are meant to be a 2nd lease on life for counselors. Even 3-4 PK will feel like too many if each are in the hands of skilled Chads or Vanessas for the run-of-the-mill Jason. No mini-games for inventory items. Nothing is worse than breaking the flow of gameplay. If healing is a issue for balance, nerfing healing points per use would be a more elegant solution.
  7. It is, but try to coach others isn't as simple, and Jason may have a opportunity to grab after the hit if you don't have back up.
  8. The damage boost will do nothing as long as stun occurs. Bugsy, and Tommy, with such perks should one shot the mask with the axe on a heavy hit, but only if there is no stun. With Bugzy's bad luck, axe will likely break because all 3 hits could all stun. Take the consistency, and durability, of the Machete over axe every time.
  9. To support what @MichaelMemers stated, while Axes are good weapons to defend yourself, they are terrible for demask. It's durability are more like bats than wrenches, and they are more likely to break before mask is removed because of it's high stun, and unless you know how to score damage off of Jason's stun recovery, which guarantees damage, they will often leave Tommy looking for another blade to confirm the kill. Always use a Machete; if you want the J-kill, treat them like a key item.
  10. Stupidest Thing You've Done

    On Jarvis map, cops called and already arrived, and Jason hot on me. On my way to the exit, I entered one of cabins and found a tree branch sitting on the dinner table. For some reason I thought it would be hilarious to swapped my sturdy wrench for the flimsy branch, climbed out the window, then proceeded whacking him 4 times with it getting only just one stun before I was slashed to death after it broke. Had no regrets .
  11. Hahaha, it's the ultimate complement when you have to factor a gameplan dealing with a pain-in-the-ass. . A Jason player I play with often said he'd kill randoms or easy targets first so I'll get a bad Tommy or avoid trying killing me first for the same reason, lol.
  12. It's the end of the movie..... he will return.
  13. PC. I'll have to play again, since I'm just now aware that freeze up is a possibility, I haven't been watching for it. I just notices after the dodge, my counselor stayed in point B longer than used to. I was thinking to myself "has it always been that long?" just looked strange. I'll PM you after I play tomorrow of my findings.
  14. Vanessa is the best, no question, but not as much as people like to say. I do disagree with Jenny, she doesn't really need the buffs, Once overcome the speed shortcomings, along with great luck, she remains the most consistent counselor around Jason (stamina regen, no stumbling). If you're good at stalling, Jason will likely leave for an objective or tire of you and search for easier prey before her compose falters.