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  1. Offline bots are just an sandbox training/testing ground for me, so whoever escapes, escapes. Usually I'll just restart the game on the last counselor to save time.
  2. Flashlight? Not really but it might matter a tiny bit if its not true No Fear, which needs to be the full 20% to be True No Fear. I've said before that I've done 19% for a long time, and it's still really strong, since you won't go into full deep fear. You got the right idea by having Thick Skin. She really goes as far as you are skilled at this game. She gives you stability, doesn't make you magically a better fighter. What is nice about her is you never need to blame the game's innate randomness (that aren't glitches anyhow ). Sure you might have gotten shift-grabbed when someone like Vanessa might have avoided it w/ her speed, but you can say to yourself if there was anything you could have done better to avoid it. I rather live with that than I gotten killed because I tripped while trying to bait a Jason into something .
  3. LOL.. Thanks??? First time someone accuses me of having something "well written" (I am the Grammatical Error King 😫). Don't do that, it is pointless. You will get ZERO benefit from that wasted perk slot. IMO, the only perks you should consider for that remaining slot are ThickSkin, Medic, or Swift Attacker... with ThickSkin by far what I strongly recommend. You might not see it's worth in a typical QP lobby, but once you get paired with a tournament-caliber Jason, having an extra hit before cripple is vital for surviving.
  4. The way sense works is if you are within it's radius, your counselor will glow red (w/ the exception of when sense avoidance perks trigger). However, if you fall into deep fear, you will continue to glow red to Jason (example: Jason morphs away and still sees chad across the map). Because NF Jenny never enters that stage, she will only glow red within that radius. NF Jenny is really a combat build. Because the fear mechanic is meant to undermined counselors, Jenny being immune too it makes her the most consistent counselor around Jason. You can be the best Vanessa in the world and still die to a mediocre Jason by an ill-fated stumble. Stamina regen not effected by Jason's presents relieves her from the pressure of constantly needing to hit Jason for stamina, allow you to play more unpredictable of when you actually go in for an attack. You can actually be stamina Positive if you bait Jason into a missed grab or swing and rest while Jason recovers from the animation 😂. She isn't perfect though, of course. She still is slow and the mandatory perks for the NF build limits her perk combinations (no ThickSkin+ Medic shenanigans). Swift Attacker is likely omitted in favor of ThickedSkin or Medic. Also if you are trying to make an optimal team composition, it's likely better to comprised of Vanessas (Demask, sweater, defender, ferry parts), Deb (fix), and Fox(Demask, Repair). Jenny doesn't specialize in any particular task other than being an defender, and Chad is overall a better defender since his speed isn't a liability like Jenny's. However, as a solo quick play player or one that rather be on his/her own than having backup for safety, NF Jenny is a very strong choice if you are self-reliant
  5. Yea, this is really the only build since Jason combos will to cripple any counselor w/o ThickSkin. 10% fear resistance is the max for both Perks. If she is falling into fear, then your perks aren't good enough. I've ran an 19% sum of the two perks and Jenny won't go into deep fear (loss of mini-map + Items slots) if you don't have the 20% yet, but she does fall enough to have some negative effects to her stamina regen. No point running any other perks for fear resistance, she is already immune with NoS + Preparedness. Why would you want to stay away from Jason w/ NF Jenny? Isn't that the whole point of her? She isn't frightened at all by Jason, so it doesn't matter managing her fear level.
  6. Actually yea, that would be cool. Perhaps if an counselor has an key items they would have a associated dialogue "I have the keys" or "I gotta repair the fuse". They'll only say this if Jason isn't around (or at least not on their mini-map >:3), gives stalk another utility.
  7. Part 3, Roy, Part8 and Part6 are common picks on PC. Savini is actually fairly common (no comment on it's legitimacy), more so than some of the other Jasons.
  8. I'm not one to judge, but with an reaction like that, he has "issues" 🤪. Justice is served.
  9. That sounds like an interesting challenge. No survivors w/ 0/8 kills. 😂
  10. Depends, if its a full low level lobby, Jason gets a free lunch. But even one good +150 player can dominate the game on a newish Jason.
  11. Ran into one yesterday, my buddy records his games so this magical moment was captured. The Scumbag's reaction is Priceless!!! 🤣 To be fair, most of the "illegitimate" Savini I've ran into in PC-land are without any other additional hacks. While many are against it, I don't really mind since majority of the backers no longer play, so It's nice to have a chance kill survive a Savini.
  12. Well, low level lobby usually means low level Jason, so I don't really worry about it much.
  13. Actually, not really, lol, since she never goes into deep fear. Jennys w/ other build and other counselors like Mitch with an altered composure stat will however. It would balance out Vanessa, but Chad would suffer quite a lot, reducing his solo capabilities against a good Jason.
  14. Not a fan of this idea.. only because Vanessa will benefit, as @DontZzz34 said. She already out pace a running Jason while jogging, not losing stamina will only force her to burn it when Jason shifts. I do agree with making low composure consequential, which can be fixing it so they recover it slower, which is the drawback of having high composer currently. This is why I play No Fear Jenny
  15. Shushhh..... Jason killing is already easy enough. 🤐 😶
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