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  1. @DontZzz34 yea, you can cancel Jason's slash on block, granted if he was in CS before the swing. Even if players don't block, its good practice to input block anyhow. If they block, then you cancel into your own guard, if they didn't well you are stuck in the slash recovery anyhow, simple option select. If you wanna get the feel for it, slash at a wall to get the timing down.
  2. As someone who would have fought against the implication of an the "Rage Buff" prior to it, I am "generally" fine with it. Yes, I would have preferred an improvement to the combat system as @DontZzz34 mentioned, but it's not going to happen with the current scope from development. Honestly, even if the combat was directly addressed, it would have only benefited advanced players and, like it or not, Jason unstunnable post-rage addresses pinata-Jason for more skill-levels (past 2 years in, and I still come across 150s that doesn't know Jason can block 😂). Even with the "Rage Buff", Jason isn't OP. Jason can still have his hands tied with more than one objectives being pushed and killing him is the same as it always been (easier once he gets Rage). For anyone following the "hardcore" scene, last weekend skilled players streamed a "Money Match". Top-Tier Jason players against 7 Chads; survive the night, no escape. Out of the 3 Jason players, only 1 player manage to kill all players, and it was only in 1 out of the 3 game he played. Of course you can't compare an organized team vs the typical Quick Play game, but keep in mind that they are forced to remain on the map for the full 20 mins against a tournament caliber Jason. Next to killing Jason, surviving the night is my most common survival condition. Jason isn't OP.
  3. I "pad" something between the PK (1st slot) and Firework (3 slot), usually with a med spray.
  4. It is not harder to play Jason now. Sure damage is guaranteed after rage, but if you had anti Jason kill strats before the buff, it's really not much of an issue now. Before you had to patently space and attack during the entire game, now as soon as you get rage, just slash away. My 2 cents regard balancing the Rage buff. As mentioned before, make flare guns and fireworks stunable again. Also adjust the rate Jason gains rage from hits, decrease it a little. What I'm finding is that Jason gets rage too fast during battles for the car or fuse. Adjust it just a bit to give counselors a little more time and chances to fix it.
  5. Yea, he should be temporarily immune to stun and damage coming out of any recovery. I'm not sure why this wasn't already implemented, its a common solution in game design to avoid cheap hits. Megaman gets hit, he is invincible for a few seconds, even to things that kill him one-hit like spikes. I think what we have now is fine, spray canceling that is. It's not game breaking(if Jason manage to do any damage to counselor before it's heal effect is applied, it's voided) and it's available to anyone willing to learn how to do it and us it. Besides, anything the devs decides to do will likely be worse for counselors than how its is now.
  6. God damn it @Ahab, you keep talking about me like this, I'm going to start believing the "hype". There is no way I can live up to it, lol. Success rate with Shady is kinda low, but he is also good, I share my methods of shutting Tommy out with him, and I'm a fuck up when a opportunity is given lol. I say proudly though that no one has made him "sweat" as much as I, . Oh and for anyone wondering, I died as Jason 5 times (twice before I could call myself a Jason main). I calculate that I have over 1200 Jason games by now, so that an .004% rate of me dying. Pretty good considering about 1/3 are against parties of +150 kill squads 😎
  7. Jenny and Tommy fo sho. I mean, she is the "Final Girl", who else Tommy has after everyone else is dead and Jason is defeated? 😎
  8. Dodge canceling kinda fell out of favor with me, it's by no means "OP". You have to hit, if you attack up front with no stun and Jason is mashing grab you could get snatched as dodging is actually a teleport so you are still there for a few frames, consumes stamina and it has recovery at it's end point and Jason can get you if he happens to grab it that direction. My methods is hitting Jason from the side, CS light attack with a one-handed weapon or Heavy attack -> block cancel out. I still use dodge cancel when I feel it appropriate, but its not my go to anymore. I've been doing this with Jenny w/o swift attacker, while the timing needs to be tight, it's an example that it's useful to all counselors. Post rage and trying to find a use for those useless fireworks? You can "swing cancel" by using them. If you are in CS, just toggle out or run out (even though you're still in mid swing) and use those fireworks to erase a bad swing.
  9. Sweaty Try-hard Jasons? Cops get called? Rage Quits 4-seaters gets out with only one player? Rage Quits Gets Sweater-ed and kneel stun? Rage Quits Final Jenny Dances with only 4 seconds left in the game? Rage Quits.
  10. Well, you're not going to magically "suck" because you pick a certain Jason. Each version after all is really the same "character" with tweaked values. However, since that is what the OP asked for, a quntify list on ranking each choice, certain combinations of strength and weakness will lead to the "Best" choice. "Best" choice meaning which Jason has best combination of Killing Potential, Objective Control, and can accommodate different playstyles. Savini, 3, 8 ,and Roy are the best since there is no glaring weaknesses, well maybe except Savini's water speed, which may not be a issue at all if there is no boat. LOL, honestly I still double trap the Tommy Box if I'm a -Trap Jason, which mean I don't trap the cars at all. As for I don't need to "rely" on it, it really depends on the lobby. In a typical QP game, then not really, but I do my routine since I believe in consistent play. A game filled with skilled player with the goal of killing Jason, it's otherwise hard to counter with any other method.
  11. S. Savini (Strongest, but honestly not by much. Some would even consider Part3 better for the mobility in fights, and maybe for boats ) A. 3, Roy, 8 (In that order, Roy over 8 due to "can run" and extra knives) B. 6, 2 (not sure which one is better. Part 6 has better killing potential, but -morph compared to Part 2 +morph is considerable.) C. 7,9,4 (In order. Not bad Jasons on their own, but poorer objective control limits their playstyle, especially Part 4.)
  12. It does 20HP or 20% from a full HP Jason. Personally, I would halve the damage to 10HP, since the gun is free damage, stun, and pretty much unavoidable outside of a well timed shift.
  13. Well, anyone really can tell the difference. The issue becomes when ether stacking traps next to each other and when placed on a objective, since it's icon is also red.
  14. Right. It could be something simple like "blue" for armed, and "red" for disarmed or used.
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