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  1. GeneiJin

    Demasking Builds

    Bugzy is way more likely to break the axe before the damask as he only get 2 swings out if it. Even if one stuns, the mask isn't coming off with at axe (but you'd still do considerable damage off the hit that didn't stun). Heck, I've even broken Machete with Bugzy before demask from time to time.
  2. GeneiJin

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Can we please get a update on what is currently happening? Is a another patch currently in the works, what does it fix, and when is a estimate on the drop? We don't need every detail, but we have been left in the dark too long, especially after the news regarding DLC.
  3. Yes, I realized you can do CS-swing and cancel the recoil into block the other day. Last night inside a cabin I hilariously swing at tables/couches to bait a few counselors to attack me, blocked and scored a easy grab-kill 🤣. Proper shift-grab is very powerful. If they don't see it coming, they are not going to defend against it.
  4. IMO, medic is still the best single perk, but Swift Attacker is very strong and my favorite perk. Doesn't matter what kind of build I'm running, Swift Attacker always have a open spot. Admittedly, SA had more impact in the previous build, since Jason CS-Block actually worked and the Grab wasn't a free punish like it is currently. Not necessarily to have, but you'll never know when those extra saved frames will save you.
  5. GeneiJin

    Demasking Builds

    This is the reason why I prefer to run with ether Adam or Fox when I want to play Kamakazi Counselor. Because I mainly I've been solo recently, there is times I need to repair a generator to make the Tommy call, I'd rather not relay on a Bugyz to repair it, lol. Fox is nice in case Jason already killed 2 players and I now need to switch to be a Sweater girl.
  6. GeneiJin

    Demasking Builds

    All you really need is a epic Slugger for the damage buffs on Bugzy. Will demask any Jason with one heavy swing. Personal, I don't think its worth it, as almost any counselor with respectable strength will easily Demask Jason with a Machete. That's kinda counter-productive to have a stun buff when you rather not have stuns for the damage. The only chance you'll guaranteed damage is right when Jason recovers from a knockdown stun where he is stun invulnerable.
  7. Um..... WW -> CE -> HF -> Super -> ST. Capcom struck gold and supported it for such a long time people were crying when SFIII was going to finally come. Each iteration, which added more playable characters, new moves/animations, and balancing is pretty much like modern day patches, but much slower back then. The "exploited" combo system in WW was embraced, fine-tuned, and tuned down adding more options and depth as the games evolved. Super Turbo, a 25 Year old game is STILL relevant and played to this day. I get that you're being facetious, but their is NO comparison between Gun and 90's Capcom.
  8. Yes, unfortunately you have to make that choice to burn shift, but you can get many players by surprise. Generally if a Jason tries to evade or block a possiable swing, a smart counselor will respect Jason enough not to make a unwise swing. By just walking straight with no intentions of evading, you may fool a counselor into thinking you're a bad Jason, ready to shift-block that swing. Some other things I noticed is whenever Jason goes into a recoil animation, such as when his swing makes contact with a wall, that recoil can be grab-canceled. If you're in a tight spot trying to get a counselor, you can swing, and if it hits a table or whatever, you can try to grab. Same thing against a wall near a window a counselor trying to crawl though it. I haven't got a chance to test this yet (because bots don't every use CS-block), but if a counselor blocks a swing, I think you can cancel the recoil into a grab before they can counter-attack. A Jason actually did this to me last night, so that's why I think this is possible. I think Jason can still be effective, but he requires knowledge and understanding of how he is flawed and mitigating it. Most players, however, don't every think about it and will be bully/killed once they join the wrong lobby. They tend to only use Shift as an offensive tool, but it can also to used for mobility,positioning, and pressuring using Shift-grab only when counselors can't see it coming. Stalk is actually Jason's most powerful tool, as it allow you to "trick" the other players or keep them guessing. If you showed them once you can effectively use stalk, then it allows you to morph away more often, the counselors you left behind will have to guess whether you're still there or not. I also remember every door I knocked down, so If I see them with Sense from a far distance, I'll morph to the general area, but out of their view, then shift into a cabin they may enter for a suprise >:D Jason is best played as a predictor. Don't let them see you coming, and make your strikes quick. Don't fight them if you don't have to, unless they are foolishly over aggressive and you can easily take advantage of it.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't have the exact damage values before.
  10. Im not referring to the Double window damage, I quick draw knive into slash to punish wiffed swings.
  11. I was certain it wasn't a problem from the previous patch. Since the engine update, anything to do with combat stance seems to be wonky.
  12. Yea, I was referring to CS -> Block. As you stated, because of the addition "start-up" time when not hosting, Quick blocking isn't doable on reaction and requires a hard read before the couselor's swing starts. Glad to know the dev are on top of it. I didn't have this issue until after the engine update. For example, I'll already be in CS Block, holding it. I'll block the first 2 swings, then suddenly the 3rd swing suddenly stun me, I never released block. Of course when I tested this against the bot I never had this issue, which leads me to believe its a bug, probably network related. You know I'm on PC, so there is no "host" so I can't test that while hosting. Good to know, thank you. I'll add that to my testing to see how viable it is. I suspect though a Max Swift will still hit while in recovery from the slash. Slash-canceling Shift straight up work though.
  13. Such people don't exist in QP. Why would anyone be dumb enough to willingly walking into something you know will kill you? I'm not even going to walk over it if it cripples me without a health spray.
  14. What do you mean? If you are stuck there, ether Jason will just kill you on the spot.... or.... just leave you there, kill others and come back for you later. Private match, maybe someone will help you, only Jesus can help you in QP.
  15. Well 3-4 pk on the map, forcing a player to just sit there because he doesn't have one isn't fun. No one actually dies from a trap unless they are a noob or it's a Part 2 being a dick 😂. The trap mechanic is fine how it is, perhaps giving each Jason just 1 more trap for the sake of balancing.