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  1. lol, a "squad" doesn't have to stay together necessarily. A squad is a group of players that regularly play with each other and has consistent communications. On PC, it can be on game chat but often on discord. Tournament players usually group no more than 3 unless its a kill situation. A group comprised of 2 Bullies/demaskers + 1 Repair counselors is optimal for spreading the map, getting shit done, and delaying/preoccupying Jason.
  2. Right. Nothing says "Fuck You, Jason!" more than stunning him then picking up a part and put it in before he recovers 🤣" You have a very shallow perspective. Repair Techs are the bane of Jason. Once they get Parts in matter of moments, that forces Jason to be focused on that part of the map. 2-3 Repair tech spread across the map will more likely force Jason to give up an objective than a map filled with 1 and 2 stats.
  3. He is viable as is. He isn't a good choice if you are playing solo, but in a squad, he provides a valuable skill while also reasonable capable to help Chads and Vanessas fend off Jason better than Deb and especially AJ with his decent luck. Deb is only really a better choice because she is female, otherwise its a choice between have a little more stamina or little more luck.
  4. Lord Lachappa is fine. He isn't the best but he is far from being just bad. Only change I like to see is a nerf to vanessas repair, if only to encourage players to pick someone else.
  5. Acceptance of exploits are largely dependent on the community. There are many exploits, often referred to as 'Tech', in just about any games. Since I'm familiar with fighting games, I'll use those as an example. The basis of every FG combo system came from a Input leniency glitch in the original Street Fighter II, and fundamental movement in Melee uses a air dash glitch called "wave dashing". Because these game generally have a established group that makes the agreed rule-set that is then adopted by Tournaments and then players, there is little argument of the legitimacy of using these exploits/tech. However, no such governing body exists for F13. We have a community, but it's largely fractured by different group of players with differing ideas of how it should be played. As for "balance", if we are talking about Jason, using "advanced" tech against an typical quick play lobby is overkill. However, I can't think of any since thing including exploit such as abduction or ghosting being overpowered against a team of counselors that understand how to combat it. Counselors, on the other hand, as a few exploits that can make kill them extremely difficult even to a skilled Jason, now times that with every counselors on the map and you'll understand how out of hand it will get. We are unlikely to ever find a set of rules that everyone will agree with. Some will say play it straight, no glitches at all, while others will say some glitches are ok, since it brings more options into the game and creates more depth. I'm personally on the latter camp, more options are more fun, and as a fighting game player, I enjoy complex inputs for combos or "special moves".
  6. IIRC, Jason used to have invincibility, or "god frames", back when the game launched. Some patch in between removed it for some reason, likely to fix another problem but was never re-implemented. Jason really needed that, because what else do you expect to happen to Jason if he's locked into animation with counselors surrounding him. 4 seconds is too long, honestly even 1 solid second is good enough since that is enough time for any player really to get into combat stance to block even with the off-host lag. Well this was something that was always been complained about since launch. I think it's now even more extreme since there still many new players coming in (on PC at least) and then they get fitted into a lobby with a brutal Jason which is now nothing comparable to how the game was played back then. Of course Jason seems overpowered, but Jason's fundamental weakness (besides being gangbanged, lol) is he can't be in two places at once. No matter how good a Jason is, he is potentially giving up an objective when he is answering a call of another. And if we talk about high-level play, its too easy to overwhelm Jason, especially if he has to worry about a potential early Jason kill attempt. As long as players play smart, spread the map, and unselfishly, escapes are always possible
  7. I don't really think that its any more or less harder, its really about the same. just different. Lets take a look on what changed: 1) Counselors Strength values are reduced (but not a whole lot)., meaning melee damage does less damage. 2) There is a minimum of 4 hits now that is required before the game will allow the mask to fall off. What counts as a hit is quite lot (Melee, gun, firecrackers, traps, PK). 3) There is a new RNG that is in place. Once Jason reaches max damage, then there is a RNG roll determining if that hit will demask. 4) This is the big change, Not In Jason's Favor. Every hit, stun or non-stun, does full damage. Prior, stun hits does minimal damage. The issue with Kill Jason is simply that it can happen anytime in the game once Tommy has spawn. It is too easy for squad to manipulate and most QP Jason's doesn't know or can't deal with how fast this can happen. Jason is weakest earlier on, while counselors have the numbers it's in their favor to just rush the kill. In a group of 4-5 counselor, there isn't much Jason can do. A dumb squad might be over aggressive and just give a blocking Jason rage earlier, a smarts one will just stay together and do nothing unless Jason commits to something so they can punish. The 4 hit minimum is just isn't enough even on a typical quick play game. For example: A Buggzy can still get 2 shots before dying. While the mask is still on, Jason still suffered massive damage. By the time that player comes back as Tommy, ether the mask is off or the next hit could very well do it. Also, the full damage on every hit really hurts Jason. Bugzy with a bat still does a good amount of damage, while still stunning Jason, leading to a follow hit after the recovery. Machete can be ignored in favor for Axes, as they now the best demasking weapon since stun is now desirable, making demasking easier and safer. I feel the balance is generally fair, but that is only if Jason is allowed to play. Since the kill setup neutralizes Jason and can be done early, the only way to ensure that Jason gets a fair chance for a game is if it won't allow the Kill until later in the game. That is why I've been of the favor to not allow damage until Jason gets rage, when he is at full power, so it gives him leeway to kill counselors, stopping cars, kill Tommy, or Sweater girl rather than going against a full squad 3 mins into the game or using the car as bait. @mattshotcha has a concern which Squads will just beat Jason into rage early, which maybe true, but It could be balanced out by reducing rage gained from melee attacks, or just make rage strictly Timer based.
  8. Honestly, Just make her a 1 repair ( and make Tiff 2).
  9. Jenny will scream if she is moving while Jason is around. However if she is couched in a some corner hiding behind a desk or something, she won't.
  10. y0 @Ahab. Lowest time? Not sure, and I'm sure others got me beat, but my lowest "recorded" time was 3:37 on 12/20/19. Agreed, counselors need nothing more. Jason only needs some protection from early Jason killing, but otherwise he's fine.
  11. Spear- Best ranged weapon, easy to double tap, compensate a bit without Quick Block in Quick Play by out-ranging counselor's counter attacks instead. Con: Hard to use, especially breaking single window with it.
  12. Custom Jasons? Part 3: Weapon Strength, Can Run, +Shift Weakness: Stun Resistance (doesn't exist lol), -Grip (I have chock), -Sense. -Why: (LOL) Roy: +Morph, Can Run, +Knives: Weakness: Stun Resistance, -Grip, -Sense (Why not) -Why: Have Roy morphing everywhere chucking Knives at everyone while retaining a normal Shift.
  13. 20 % - True No Fear: Stamina regain consistent, Never Stumbles, Never Loss UI, Doesn't scream 19% - Pseudo No Fear: Stamina regain takes a hit (but after quite awhile), very Rarely Stumbles (might happen once in twenty games), Never Loss UI, Screams sometimes
  14. What I mean is if someone does the same move over and over, then its quite easy to counter. Shimmy in and out of his swing range to bait a swing, and clock him with you own in-between his attacks. If you get hit by one of his attacks, create some distance, heal, then ether get away or re-engage him if you need stamina or any reason really to fight him. Maybe it just seems obvious to me since this is basic fundamentals from Fighting game, but I'm sure this should be obvious to any player that's has seen some success in other multi-competitive games.
  15. Not trying to be offensive, but I think it's a lack of skill or talent if someone can't figure out how to deal with Jason spamming one attack over an over. I almost never die from being damaged,
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