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  1. Well, you're not going to magically "suck" because you pick a certain Jason. Each version after all is really the same "character" with tweaked values. However, since that is what the OP asked for, a quntify list on ranking each choice, certain combinations of strength and weakness will lead to the "Best" choice. "Best" choice meaning which Jason has best combination of Killing Potential, Objective Control, and can accommodate different playstyles. Savini, 3, 8 ,and Roy are the best since there is no glaring weaknesses, well maybe except Savini's water speed, which may not be a issue at all if there is no boat. LOL, honestly I still double trap the Tommy Box if I'm a -Trap Jason, which mean I don't trap the cars at all. As for I don't need to "rely" on it, it really depends on the lobby. In a typical QP game, then not really, but I do my routine since I believe in consistent play. A game filled with skilled player with the goal of killing Jason, it's otherwise hard to counter with any other method.
  2. S. Savini (Strongest, but honestly not by much. Some would even consider Part3 better for the mobility in fights, and maybe for boats ) A. 3, Roy, 8 (In that order, Roy over 8 due to "can run" and extra knives) B. 6, 2 (not sure which one is better. Part 6 has better killing potential, but -morph compared to Part 2 +morph is considerable.) C. 7,9,4 (In order. Not bad Jasons on their own, but poorer objective control limits their playstyle, especially Part 4.)
  3. It does 20HP or 20% from a full HP Jason. Personally, I would halve the damage to 10HP, since the gun is free damage, stun, and pretty much unavoidable outside of a well timed shift.
  4. Well, anyone really can tell the difference. The issue becomes when ether stacking traps next to each other and when placed on a objective, since it's icon is also red.
  5. Right. It could be something simple like "blue" for armed, and "red" for disarmed or used.
  6. Yea, I'm usually against such underhanded tactics.... but I play Jenny, so.... Guerrilla warfare!
  7. I wouldn't say stalk is "Broken", since it's all variations worked like this always. More like the game incorrectly advertised it . +stalk should gain something though. I say keep the duration the same, but reduce (and increase it for -stalk) the amount burned when moving.
  8. I have yet had weapon bug that @GhostWolfViking reported as well. Seen the old vanishing weapon still, where the weapon is invisible but otherwise full-functional. I've experiances the firework glitch that removes PK from your inventory though 😡. No idea about the various car "exploding" glitch, since I'm almost never around the car except when I'm looking for a cheeky demask 😛
  9. Based on the track record, its a safe bet it will. 😫
  10. "No Fear" Jenny is nowhere "worst" counselor, it's not even funny.
  11. I think the duration itself is fine. Perhaps if they decrease the amount used while moving would allow more elaborated "scares". I believe that smart uses of it (as well as in combinations with Jason's other powers) makes it Jason's most deadliest ability. No matter how good a player is, a counselor is most vulnerable when he/she is unaware of Jason's presents. Proper use of shift does everything you've mentioned. Keep off counselors mini-map and use it in between morphs or shift to move around. Be proactive and remember what doors to what cabins you've broken down, and surprise unsuspecting counselors >:3
  12. LOL, what else was stated by the game or devs that turned out to be inaccurate? The weapon chart, stun resistance maybe, Savini is only a skin, hmmm, how sense works... I'm sure there is plenty more
  13. Some more time for +stalk would be nice for the Jasons that have it. I use stalk frequently enough as well, and the cool down on -stalk isn't so bad as long as you turn it off when no longer needed to start it recover.
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