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  1. Ditto on the Small maps. They are great for beginners to learn the game and when the lobby fails to fill more than 5 players. But I'm tired of seeing lvl 150 Trolls/Russian/"Wannabee Kill Squads" pick this map, over and over again" to stack odds against Jason. Even when I'm Jason, I still mop the floor with these players, and when I'm counselor the entire game becomes a shit show when things spiral out of control. So much that I'm just bored Alternate versions of Pinehurst/Jarvis maps would be great, but we all know that's not going to happen . Honestly the issue with Pinehurst isn't so much how big it is, it's because how the river separates the map, making car escape improbable (and compounded with parts spread across the map and the chances of it only being the 2-seater). Likely they were designed to give maps in Jason's favor, but they went a little too far, and why would anyone looking for a free win ever pick them when the small maps are already been available before. This is supported by the fact that Pinehurst/Jarvis are the least popular maps. With all that said, I've now taken the position when lvl 150's demand a small map, to select Pinehurst instead (and I don't particularly like the map even as Jason).
  2. LOL, I miss meat shield. Used to be a "Art" on making proper saves.... Meant to be a wish list. Have at it anything you want to suggest, even if full knowing suggestions are likely not taken.
  3. Well you were right, Just played a game to test this, so you indeed do not need to toggle out of CS to firework swing cancel. Funny enough related to this topic, I forgot to drop my pocket knife when testing this and thus lost it... 😂
  4. Might have changed, when I originally discovered this, it was patches well before the rage-buff. IIRC, I wasn't able to cancel unless I toggles out/run out back then.
  5. Yet another excuse to make a balance changes list for the developers to hopefully view and have a least some considerations from. Jason: -Increase Mask HP by 30-50% -If Tommy is call, ether add a additional dead counselor (3 dead) or delay his arrival to 8-10 mins, or do both. (Meant to decrease strategies of Manipulating Tommy Spawning. Tommy does not need to be in the game before Jason even gets shift ) -Decrease the damage amount done by shotgun by half (Shotty is already a great stun weapon when used at the right time. It's pretty much a free stun. With that said, it does not need to do the 20% damage to Jason's mask as it does right now.) -Remove all damage boxes from Jason while holding counselor(mainly the address the issues when pulling counselors out of cars, too easy for someone with Machete to land a free Heavy hit. From a game play standpoint, Jason shouldn't be punished for from any long animation lock) -Add 2 additional Throw Knives at start to all Jasons (Increase Jason's immediate threat before he gets shift) - Change the Medic perk to ether only applied the first spray obtained or (if thats too hard to re-code) just change it to a 90-100% heal ( I currently do not run any medic builds, I can safely say I don't need it, which is the point I'm making here. Too easy to over utilize and it's balance problem is only compounded with every skilled counselor who has it. Even with the Max heal option, it's still useful to tank double traps w/ ThickedSkin equiped) Counselors: -increase the minimum counselor speed by 5-10% and scale from there. (I really don't think Vanessa is too much of a problem w/ her speed, so helping the slower counselor a little won't impact the game too much, while not given Vanessa anything more, and incentivizing other counselors.) -Grant Stun from melee attacks post-rage only while Jason is holding a counselor. (A counter-balance for granting Jason damage immunity, giving the counselor time as well if the stun happen in moments such as an car escape during post rage.) -Perhaps adjust the stealth values pertaining to how Jason sees sound pings. (Stealth isn't the strongest of stats, and adjusting it to give the higher stealth counselors more movement options without producing pings from Jason's position wouldn't be game shattering, but it does give them something to utilize. May give Part 7 some more value (+sense) if he can see more (or all pings), and Vanessa should always give pings regardless of her distance to Jason.) My suggestions were made in mind of addressing the current balance issues, how easy it's to kill Jason. Just getting the set-up (mask off, Tommy in game, Sweater is stolen) is too gameplay shattering that Jason's only safe option is to throw knives (A finite resource in a sea of Medic + ThickedSkin counselors). Even if Jason killing isn't the priority of the team, just getting the set-up ensures that objectives can no longer defended. Because the game isn't going to get any real mechanics change or overhaul, we cannot expect how the kill set-up will change functionally. I plead instead to make Jason more capable of preventing the set-up, which I hope some of my suggestions can help address, while also given back a little more to counselors to help them escape as a trade off. I encourage anyone to contribute, however keep in mind this game's stage in development (virtually none :P) so try to keep suggestion grounded to simple changes (such as in-game stat values) that can make meaningful impact.
  6. That's the unfortunate dilemma. It's simpler and easier to just not deal with them at the risk of losing a PK. They are very useful still, even in post Rage. A trick not mentioned much is the ability to "Swing Cancel" a bad swing w/ fireworks. Works even from a combat stance swing (just remember to toggle out of CS first); very useful against a Jason who's good at baiting.
  7. It is random. If I'd have to guess, maybe 10-20% chance of losing the PK. Worst case of it happening is after using FW while in full fear, not realizing you no longer have your "Get out of Jail" card.
  8. Yea, I originally thought the "item buffer" would work, but I've also had my PK disappear. Now I just drop my PK temporarily to use firework. Obviously has it drawbacks, so it does require good awareness, timing, and making sure no one else is around to grab your PK.
  9. LMFAO! Every player that sticks around will become a "seasoned player", including players that are now just starting to play. That's the end game (hopefully) for everyone. The novice players aren't the one killing Jason now, so adjusting the difficultly isn't going to effect their experience. It's kinda hypocritical for them to hide behind this excuse and yet rolled out the "rage update", something that mostly the novice and beginner players have been consistently complaining about.
  10. Likely because for them to admit to these realities to themselves would require them to commit more time (and money) into this game.
  11. People don't like dying. I think the Devs should patch that out too.
  12. Great mindset. Currently once the kill is set-up, it becomes a survival game for Jason. Even if the Jason is cautionary staying out of the sweater's range, I have nothing but respect for a Jason still trying to play around that despite the risk of gameover. Nothing is learned from cowardly running or becoming a fish. Sorry for the double post
  13. I don't necessarily have a problem with the kill being simple or easy, as it should be viable to all play levels and a threat to all Jasons regardless of skill level. What is offensive about the ease of Killing Jason is that it can be done with brute force and extreme early game. The sweater itself is so OP for what it does that it effectively shifts the entire game over to counselors. Since the sweater mechanic isn't going to be changed at this stage, the next best approach towards balancing the J-Kill is tweaking Tommy's arrival. As is, controlling Tommy's arrival (or lack of) is the only truly effective counter-play. Should counselor manage the call, Tommy should not arrive regardless if two were already killed until mid game, (10-12 minute mark). Give Jason the freedom to prevent escapes and force counselors to survive him without the worry of Jason kill atm. Buff his mask HP a little.... maybe 25-50% more... but not like 500%, thats too dramatic. lol. Oh, and consider removing -Defence or anything that reduces a Jason's HP and give him something useless like grip strength (or give him something good to shake-up the variety 😀) in it's place.
  14. True, he can just spam grab, but even then it's still a chance you can break free from the chain (assuming OFC backup is provided). I'm just not really concern about the rage-buff anymore, accepted it, adapted to it, and moved pasted it. If anything, I'd say that the rage update improved counselor play more-so from strong players. Tweaking the Jason kill is really what needs to be addressed.
  15. Well the novelty of surviving is lost long ago to long time players
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