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  1. Yes I'm aware. It deserves a mention however since her actually stealth "Stat" (for those that do not know, the listed ingame stats are not actually what the game's values are) is higher that the "6" would suggest. I'm sure you are aware of that, but many do not and its worth to point out since that traits compliments the fact NFJ doesn't not screams when Jason enters her line of sight.
  2. Perhaps if they are a efficient squad that demasks in 3-5 hits including players that combos with stun follow-ups, perhaps. Still Jason would have gained about half towards rage, but most squads in QP aren't that clean. Regardless, Jason is completely kill-able before he even is at full power, which is a shame. At least even if he's bullied quickly into rage, he would have still have his mask and full HP if my suggestion was implemented, giving Jason more hits and time, and if counselor complain that he got rage too quick to fix anything (Matt used this excuse), that's on them for forcing it. You say it doesn't matter or change anything, but I say it does give Jason at least something more that counselors need to consider, and while a novice Jason might survive a little longer, a skilled one would be able to optimize that advantage and is is something needed to the killer in a game that is very much counselor favored.
  3. Well if Jason LET them just beat him into rage early, at least he would have Full HP, his mask, and the benefits of Rage. How the game is, an piñata Jason will lose his mask quickly and just be about entering Rage from that walloping anyhow. And lets be honest to ourselves, would you or me allow that to happen just like that, or would we use that extra protection in our approach dealing with kill squads? Personally I'd love not worrying about losing Half of my HP or more from a single mistake early. Heck, I'm mindful of stepping on traps, giving away free damage. Some of my other suggestion to go with damage protection would be to reduce the rage gained from each hit. From a single conflict fighting for lets say the phone, Jason usually would get rage or just about to, and that would be 5-6 mins into the game. Reducing the Rage gain from hit (but not the passive accumulation) would help balance on both sides that Counselors would have more time/hits/stuns to get objectives done, and give weaker Jason's a little more leeway from abuse from kill squads. If not that, I also suggested to just lock Rage to a set timer instead. Jason always get Rage at the same time, and bullying a weak one wouldn't do much other than waste weapons. The reason I would favor this over just giving him the Tommy radio location would be regardless of the skill level of the lobby, Tommy would almost never get called. I'd Imagine that some Jasons would just camp it willingly leaving escapes open out of fear of a "humiliating" death to a kill squad. I believe damage protection would be of benefit in all skill level more than giving the Radio location, from novice, to an average 150 lobby, or a lobby full of hardcore F13 gamers. Plus it might persuade the host to stick around hoping to be Tommy if killed early 😂 Regardless, it doesn't matter, I made a plee, they ignored it, and the game is how it is, like it or not
  4. Basically to free Jason from pressure of the game ending early. The way I requested was to prevent Jason from receiving any damage until AFTER entering Rage, giving him free reign from death for the first 9-12 minutes. In the event of a Kill Squad, this would force them to survive until then, Tommy or Sweater not getting killed early, obviously encourage Jason to take them out before, and once he gets Rage Jason would still have Full HP to deal with as opposed to ether it hanging on a thread or already demaked once Sweater + Tommy arrives. As is, it's optimal to go for the Kill as soon as you can since numbers are at Counselor advantage's, objective are being pushed spreading Jason thin, and mistakes leads to damage toward demask. Locking damage until late game Jason can defend the objectives with less worries, won't get "scammed" into a kill by a hasty squad, and might actually entice players to focus on objectives early instead. Definitely will help weaker Jason's from having a game ending shortly and making killing a good one actually a achievement.
  5. Remember that time I made a plea to the Devs to prevent Killing Jason until after Rage, and they said no? Extremely clear its not a "Go kill Jason" game it is!! 😂
  6. While I dislike framing stats by importance, since I feel every stat can be used as an advantage in different situations, if I was to stack them it would be: Stamina > Speed > Luck > Repair > Composure > Stealth > Strength -Stamina: You can't move, you die. Simple as that. The bigger tank you have, the more time you have before needing to risk a swing to recover stamina. Jasons like to complain about an aggressive Chad, but he kinda needs to play that way since he can't kite Jason around half the game without ever making a hit like Trollnessa can 😂 -Speed: Besides the obvious like the ability to evade Jason, counselors with good speed benefits from the utility of moving across the map faster and competing for that PK you saw during the pre-game intro. Parts get delivered quicker and a game with all speed counselors pushing objectives can really put the pressure on Jason. -Luck: People like to shit on this one since Rage got buffed, it still doesn't change the fact that keeping weapons available and in-hand is the only way to get meaningful amounts of stamina being tunneled by Jason late game. As someone who got majorities of my survival from STN, I can tell you that timer scamming Jason is easier with Vanessa than Buggzy. Despite having mostly similar stats, things can get dicey if the locations doesn't have many weapons and Buggzy loses them in 2-3 swings. Oh, and I guess the car and boat starts a little quicker -Repair: It might seem odd to list 3 other stats before the one that directly influence towards objectives. I am not saying repair isn't important, but just HOW MUCH is really what matters. There is a compelling argument Fox, Adam and even Kenny are better choices for counselors than Deb or Eric for players that want to repair since they benefit more from the other stats throughout the game compared to repair just a little fast once or twice. Even the 2-repair Trio can repair effectively, which is among the reasons why they are popular choices for veterans. The last 3 stats can be organized in any order really. While they are not as important as the ones listed above, they still are useful and gives players an advantage when fully understood. -Composure: Obviously gives you more time to be around Jason before detrimental effect of Fear sinks in. The key one is retaining Stamina regen. Lose of Mini-map sucks, but isn't a big deal since you can always equip NoS. Regardless, hardcore Tunneling will eventually drag down Mitch or Non-NF Jenny, so it really isn't useful for STN but rather for key moments while still fighting for Objectives. -Stealth: A stat more important early game while objectives are still on the table than trying to last the clock. No amount of Speed + Stamina will help Vanessa if a Jason is aware enough to listen to the Cowbells approaching the car, then Morph 2 cabins down then Shift once she begins to pour the gas in. A side note to mention is Jason loses some hearing once he gets mad. Jenny has an interesting trait where she no longer produces sound pings jogging after Jason get rage. Because NFJ does not scream unlike any other counselors when Jason enters their view, she is by far the best counselor if you like to play Scooby-Doo Run-around hijinks in large Cabins 🤣 -Strength: Not much to say about it. Mask comes off quicker with more of it. Important if you want to kill Jason, but you need Tommy anyhow, and since he is the best demasker is it really worth using Bugzy unless you don't want to risk depending on a Lvl 10 Tommy to do it. Regardless you should really be using Adam instead And I guess getting out of traps a little quicker and a slight boost in stun chances.
  7. Most Jason's in QP isn't remotely scary enough for me to care if a trap is removed stealthy. If I do use one, it would be on a rare occasion dealing with a strong Jason, and I don't want him camping the Tommy powerbox.
  8. Nah. You always know where they are and if you're good at ambush shifts, not hard to dispatch.
  9. Yeah it was. However, most lobbies aren't filled with a coordinated League style players. It would get way out of hand and tiring dealing with it game after game, not to mention that Trolling hasn't yet devolved to the low standard we have now when that objective buff was implemented.
  10. Yeah first frame they completely recover and can move is when you want to grab, so obviously press grab when counselor is just about finish completing the animation. Keep in mind that connection quality do matter, so high pings can throw you off. All Jason function as same character besides assigned perks. The Perk types and Weapon of choice are the only differential factors
  11. Late Reply , I guess I don't like lootboxs are that it incentives devs to remove content that had been included in the full game. PS2 games were CONTENT RICH, comparatively to now. With "Games as a Service" model, it's very easily can be abused, and attracts our urge to "Complete" something. Sad to see this game as dead as it is, at least on PC, but anyone got perspective on what's going on in WoW right now? I hear BLZz abruptly end it's future support. What you WoW guys have to say of the matter?
  12. If we are talking about solo QP, then I agree. Personally, information about what is going on, relocation of Jason immediately after he exits shift or morph (can be difficult sometimes since your dealing with max fear), and other quality of life issues remedied by keeping the mini map are more powerful the other perks. So long is the information is being used to keep yourself out of bad scenarios, I believe that. Team play, that's a bit different. If you want to play "optimally", in the case that you're in a league match for example, then the only 3 perks that matter are TS, Medic, Hypo. Regardless of spawn location and looting, there is always going to be a counselor able to instantly disarm double traps. Ive seen league play where Jason used ALL TRAP just for phone speaks volume on how disruptive and OP that setup is, lol.
  13. Meh, TS is obviously important with a league caliber Jason, not so much with a pub Jason. I guess maybe if you feel like pestering him for the whole 20 mins, but I really don't think there is much to worry about so long as the HP is capped out. Took me about 3 months to get an useful TS, but maybe a week on an smurf account that I used to anonymity crash into lobbies with players I know . It helps now with Fixed CP boost, but still it was frustrating to finally get my first one and I hate being in 'Perk'atory. Still never bothered to replacing my epics with legendarys.
  14. Its entirely due to instant feedback of Jason's positioning. Really helpful since you can see Jason's Shift trajectory since you're not going to pull up the big map while Jason's in mid-shift. Being able to know where other counselors is also convenient and being able to react instantly rather than taking a brief moment to check could matter with split moment decisions.
  15. Yep. Movement and spacing separates players, so if a player has a good sense of it, I'm going to be aware of it regardless of Level. Of course if he uses, "Advanced Tech" , then that's an instant tell. If there is one thing that might matter, lower the level means less likely to have Meta Perks, so no Medic and Especially NO THICKSKINNED! Easier to plan around 2 hit cripple than 3, more opportunities to get him quicker.
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