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  1. Any Jason is a beast with a skilled player. The Jason's variations aren't really all that different.
  2. Because the Devs thought it wasn't enough for Part 4 not being able to catch a car so they decided to also making him fail at the boat as well. 🙄
  3. Yeah, that is what I though when I heard of it. LOL. Still think the D&D comparison applies to F13, since it is only one players organizing the hazards for many.
  4. I'd say a this point Savini and Part3 are the ones that separated themselves from the rest. Part 3 is so balanced, has no weakness (baked in ones are negligible), while Savini is just radical. Savini does have some weakness, (Catching an boat can be a pain but it's situational, and can't run makes evading harder in combat) but he evaporates doors w/ DT and +Shift is one of the two most strongest Jason strength (the other is weapon strength, which both has). Part 3 is easier to play if your an inexperienced Player, but Savini is down right lethal in the hands of an tactical player.
  5. What?! Facts and stats are not open to debate. Opinion shared on a fuck'n game forums are most defiantly are. Personally I view Jason as a sort of dungeon master. He's there to set the conflict the other player, but it's easy to lose sight of that in QP since it's easy to antagonize a player you don't know.
  6. Jason doesn't win or lose. He is the challenge or the "hazard" that each individual counselors must somehow overcome for them to survive.
  7. @SteveChristy@HaHaTrumpWon, I've had this happen maybe about a week ago. I think it was also on Pack small with the phone box on the side of the big house. I was counselor, EZ escape :P. I think its rare for it to happen, and likely some kinda sorting bug in the random algorithm.
  8. Yea, from the looks of it I guessed it was a wannabee squad. Doesn't take away from the clutch,
  9. @Somethin Cool Nice clutch play!!! SG should have been using the sweater's "force field" if she going to be in the open like that, lol
  10. Exactly, there is a risk of missing the grab and putting yourself in an even bigger hole.
  11. There are a few variations of abduction. There is a "quick" abduct, but it will always bring you on same spot on the middle of the map. I like to use, I guess it's called, "Ghost abduct" since I can choose to go anywhere I want, very useful when dealing with PK cloners or want a cool kill that isn't seen often, like the graveyard fence kill . It takes me about maybe 30-45 frames (.5 -.75 seconds) to pull off, and I can usually do it on an counselor wiffed swing, an pined down counselors trying to be smart hiding behind a drawer, or if they are hold block for too long or after they block my slash and is stuck in recoil animation. Some players on PC likes to complain about controller uses. They bitch that strife-shift is an exploit and gives Jason unfair advantage. I argue that the shift should be more controllable and thats exactly what strife-shift provides. Counselors are faster than Jason, so his only direct advance tool to keep up with them should in full control of the player. It's laughable that I get accused of being a try-hard for using a controller; I've been using controller on PC since day 1 in 2017. Tournament player are big nerds (myself not excluded). League rules parallel what I'm used to seeing in the FGC circuits. Limit ban to only to exploits or strategy that actually has a determental impact to how the game play. Jason picking up knives and down doors faster or defending himself setting traps doesn't offend this, nether does Spray-canceling or R1 cancel tech for counselors. Abduction has been ban in some of the league game I've seen, but I'd argue it shouldn't since otherwise what other method Jason has to separating counselors when they stick together watching each others backs. An entire group can just turtle up the entire game, there isn't enough knives to get through the durability of weapons while blocking + med+ TS, and if Jason slash he gets punished. On a off note, that reminds me on another balancing request I had. Nerf the durability of weapons when used for blocking. Doesn't make sense logically that weapons break faster hitting Jason with it then attempting to block the hulking power of Jason swing, and pressures counselors players to pay more attention to how many swings are left factoring in what they blocked. I say make weapon durability reduce at the same rate blocked as a connected swing.
  12. I prefer to abduct them into the waters, but slashing works too I suppose lol
  13. Right. I hope the devs are smart and spend time determining which exploits are worth to deal with. If it was me, it would be sliding and trap-bypass. I'm not too concern right now about PK cloning, since I know how to deal with it, but I can understand how this can get out of hand in an high-octane match, so I do want this fixed. Speak of casuals, while no doubt they get pissed off with sliding, especially since this isn't easy for them to do, but I can imagine many of these players (at least the counselor-only ones :P) will like the PK cloning as they are the ones complaining on how "OP" or "Unfair" Jason and shift-grabbing is. PK cloning is brain-dead easy.
  14. I play only one way, and that is what I call "normal" for me. Just like @Somethin Cool said about his playstyle, everything is muscle memory and I do it without thinking. It's harder for me actually to make an effort to not play that way. And if I did limit myself, its really not as fun for me. If it wasn't obvious from my big post, I'm a fan of fighting games, and doing complex inputs to get cool "specials" is really fun for me, and adds additional enjoyment in the game, on both sides. I also play with the assumption that every 7 players is every bit as good as I am, with access to the same bag of counselor "tricks" I know of, so I play on "Max" mode from the very start. I rather not underestimate the lobby just because it's public and then put myself in an early hole because I didn't realize that I have some tournament or elite players. That is a matter of perspective. The community as a whole, likely the competitive ones have the most influence, decides on which "exploits" or "tech" will be acceptable in competition. Its also the devs job to also gauge what is being found and decide if they want to patch it out or tone them down. Can exploits drag a game down for the greater community, sure, but it isn't the individual player's responsibility to govern it, their job is only to play and win. If the game allows for it, and in the case of an competition, there is no rules against use them, exploits/tech are fair game. If you don't wanna use it, fine, but that is a self imposed limitation, you have access to the same tech if you care to use it. That is fair. Also, lets not get delusional that the only thing that separates top players with casual are exploits. As the game gets older, the hardcore players gets stronger, while interest with the more casual players drops. At some point the casuals can't keep up or compete at any level, and to a lot of these players, the idea of practice, dedication, and doing homework for their hobby isn't fun for them. Agreed, this is why I mentioned that not all exploits are equal. Some do help deepen the game, while others breaks it as how I illustrated with my selected video examples. But I remind you, there are no referees in Quick Play. Any thing is up for grabs, and, like it or not, we can't do anything to force players to play a particular way. While some players want to ban all "non intentional" mechanics, others want everything possible to be used. Personal, I fall in the middle, some exploits add more options to heighten the game. Spray canceling allows counselor more flexibility in healing when otherwise they be an easy target for Jason allowing them to better stand toe-to-toe with Jason (I'm a battle nut, so I enjoy this on both sides), and Jason's abduction makes his grab an actual threat when otherwise a group can easily stay together an wait for opportunities to land stun and damage (and its not without its drawbacks, if Jason abduct at a wrong time, he may get a kill but he morphed away to give counselor time to regroup or push, and if he wiffs the grab he wasted a morph). Of course, there are exploits that are too strong. Sliding is too OP, so much that it makes combat irrelevant and devolves the game into something like this: , but then again, that's maybe just my opinion, and if I cared to make a list of acceptable exploits, it would only be in the context of competition or private games I'm hosting. I doubt higher up on the latter players have such reservations. It's like an "gentlemen's agreement" not to throw in local arcades during SFII heyday. But that doesn't fly when you get higher up and players want to win in whatever fashion the rules will allow them to. As do I, and just about anyone here who played and love this game. However, everyone has a different idea of what is "fun" to them. Players are going to play how they want, and their are not going to listen to some arbitrary rules some guy is preaching to them. They don't know you or respect you just as much as you don't know them or respect them. QP is an melting pot, there is fun to be found there, but expect to find a durpfest every now and then.
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