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  1. Keep both. Most perks are useless, gives you more than enough room for redundancies of the good ones.
  2. There is no way to guarantee "sense avoidance" and no single counselor has immunity to it. Fear only effects when you glow red outside Jason's sense radius, (increases over time), otherwise you will grow red inside that radius. You can only stack perks for a "chance" to avoid it, and it's the reason why experienced players typically avoid that build in favor of guaranteed benefit perks (medic, swift attacker, ThickedSkin, etc). No Fear Jenny isn't about avoidance sense, but about removing the hindrance of the Fear Mechanic. It will not work on any other counselor. Referring to what I previous mentioned, it doesn't make her avoid Jason's sense.
  3. Welcome to the forums. Here is some general information if you haven't found these yet. It is outdated (such as bats no longer 100% stun, but it's still very high), but most of the information still applies to the game. Jason: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=959294962 Counselors: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938559619 Also some addition info, every stun hit does minimal damage ( I'm not sure of it's values, but its significantly low), while every non-stun hit does full damage. The axe does the same damage as the machete, but it's stun rate is much higher, making the machete the better demask weapon until Jason gets rage.
  4. More like I'm just explain my particular mindset when it comes to games. I generally only play fighting games, and in that community what is allowed by the game engine, including glitches/exploits, are allowed in competition. Of course there is a "line" that can be crossed where a exploit is ether too powerful or breaks/crashes the game, and in those cases they get banned in organized play. F13 is no exception to this, of course, however there is no referee or sheriff to enforce anything. I have a personal "standard" of which exploits are ok and which are too OP, and if I organized a PM I might set rules. but Quick Play is the Wild Wild West. Everyone has there own "standards" of how the game should be play, what can and can not be used, and everyone is going to run into players that don't care about any standards. I'm just tried hearing players whining on forums/reddit acting like their "standards" is somehow the bar everyone should abide to and somehow superior to everyone else's. If you don't like how someone plays, find another lobby, or better yet, form your own community and play within the agreed "standards" of everyone there. I don't ever cheat, btw. Everything I do is done in game without any external devices or hacks. Everything I do is what is commonly done in league play and I suggest watching Pleasevini's streams if you curious what it looks like when everyone plays with an agreed rule set.
  5. You really have a limited perspective that takes the account of only yourself. Exploits you say? SFII had an exploit that allowed you to cancel a hit into a special that wasn't "intended", and that pretty much became the basis of every Fighting Game combo system (and, funny enough, applies to F13 as well). The creator of Smash Bros never intended his "party game" to become competitive, he even made changes to the next installment to counter it, but yet 20 years later Smash Melee still has a huge following and tournament turnout despite being superseded by 3 games now. Large portion of it's "Tech" are derived from exploit (wave-dashing) or other oddities or "jank" that players utilize that granted Melee additional depth lacked by the followups. F13, counselor and Jason both have their fair share of exploits (I prefer to refer to them as "Tech"), and even when everyone is using them (like in league play), gameplay is generally balanced. The information is out there for those that want it, and I'm always willing to share and teach to anyone asking. Regardless of how the game was designed or "intended" by the devs, it's the players collectively that ultimately evolves it.
  6. Wow, like to throw judgement around, don't you? Anyone that plays with me know I don't take anything in-game seriously and a pretty chill dude. I don't hack or use macros, everything I do can be done by hand and is generally used by most experienced and long time players. I have no intentions of deliberately ruining/trolling someone else's game outside the game's intended premise (Jason kills Counselors, Counselor escapes or gives Jason a hard time). I play how I want to within what is allowed by the game and it's engine, and if you don't like it if it somehow sours your game experience, sorry but not sorry. That is the nature of the melting pot that is Quick Play. Everyone has a different mindset and you should expect to encounter players that doesn't exactly match your.
  7. What I meant by that is players who want to "play at their best" against other players also want to "play at their best". Some players have fun actively trying to be better at the game, what better way to do so other than playing with those of the same mindset regularly.
  8. The "actual" stats are not listed, and they are not values of 1 - 10. This actually make sense, since for example, AJ has an higher stealth than Tiffany, but yet they are both at "10". Jenny is said to have an 8 - 8.5 "secretly". Game said it's 6, which is the reason why she gets no pings while jogging when Jason has Rage. Another example is with "pseudo" No Fear Jenny, she doesn't scream when the Fear resistant of 19%, but yet Tommy with the same perks will. Right, It would be a "faster" Vanessa lol. Still Loud as shit, but faster since this counselor can haul parts, fix it right away without taking time to spam for a favorable repair, and not wait around for slow poke repair counselors . If they ever going to release a counselor with those stats.... please don't make it a Female 😂.
  9. It's worth mentioning Jenny's hidden "real" stealth stat actually a bit better then advertised. One of NFJ advantages is she becomes the best cabin/house loopers since she both doesn't scream and isn't projecting her location. Tho NF and 8 Speed isn't slouching ether, lol, even if this counselor has cowbells strapped on. LOL, that's actually a spread this game lacks. Easily will de-thrown Vanessa as the "most overused" counselor for many players. If there is one thing I'd change, is taking a point (from maybe stamina or repair) to up the luck to 6 for that additional Bat/Axe durability. Just as a sidenote, the "Real" stat values are not the ones shown. Real values are hidden and what are shown are just a "approximation" and don't actually reflect exactly how the game handles each stats.
  10. That is you opinion, and that's fine. We are all not wasting any less than play it casually or more focused. What matters is if there is enough like-minding players that want to play their best against the best for a game to be worth playing competitive.
  11. 4 Perk Slots? Medic, ThickSkinned, NoS, and Swift Attacker? Hell No!!!
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