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  1. Badass moment? For me, it's always the moment the counselor players remark that they are not dealing with the average Jason. >:D
  2. I'm all in for some Jason buffs, but lets not cry out whenever we see a "baby" Jason get his ass handed to him by veteran counselors. As silly as it looks, this will always happen in a video game when there is a discrepancy of skill between players. I recall this Savini player (actual legit backer) fuming at me after taking stun after stun with Jenny and complained how a sub-100 pound girl is knocking Jason to the ground as I kited him alone for the last 10 mins, and this was before the engine (grab nerf) update. Well, that became inevitable when they decided to add the "kill the killer" mechanic. Personal, it's my favorite mechanic, even as a Jason player, and it's among the reason why I haven't transition to DBD like majority of my friends list has. F13 allows survivors a more compelling means of interacting and combating the killer than palette looping. As always I'm in agreeance with you. A video game should never be a one-sided experience, making one side brain-dead without allowing any sort of counter playing. Becoming a strong counselor is quite a rewarding experience, and then becoming a Jason that can deal with such players is even more rewarding. The way stun currently works IMO is fine. The only part I wished was fixed is giving Jason invincibility coming out of a stun/kill. Since this recent patch, I noticed getting into block quickly has become more responsive. While I'm not sure yet if it has been restored to the state it was back before the engine update, definitely the best it has been since then.
  3. Kind words as always Ahab, thanks. I do prefer the term "Hunter", since to me, it's always about the "sport" rather than malice the term "killer" is associated with. Few of my buddy also use the title "Jason Slayer", which I like the tone of that too. lol.
  4. GeneiJin

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Party has been stable, at least with the groups I've been playing with. While I haven't spawned as a random counselors since this patch, we are still experiencing the interaction lock. Seems like the same one since the work around is the same. Very true. When players realize that escape is less viable, then Jason killing become more attractive. Even though players like to say Jarvis Map is Jason favored, its actually one of the easier maps to kill Jason on. While escapes there is harder, I have a easier time convincing randoms to help me kill Jason.
  5. While I'm up for any reasonable buff to the big J, "fixing" the boat start-up sound wasn't one of them. Not that I'd complain about it, even as a Jason player I'd rather have them given me something more meaningful, like the Tommy radio cabin instead. You're being too dramatic. Just wait for the car to get started then make off with the boat. Just have to be strategic about it now. What he says.
  6. Right. I'll believe it when I see it
  7. A thing about "tryhards" is they won't ever place themselves at a disadvantage when given the choice, usually individuals that can't take a loss every now and then or admit they were beaten, even in a game with a fair amount of randomness.
  8. GeneiJin

    The future of the game

    We played in a party few time IIRC. As atrocious the bugs brought by the engine update was, the real killer for the PC community has the been the Party bug.
  9. GeneiJin

    Ideal Counsellor?

    Yea, still hate that stumbles though. I'd switch back to Jenny once/if they fix the med spray count on some of the maps, but honestly I don't really care anymore, and I just leave it on Vanessa since I don't need to think switching.
  10. GeneiJin

    Ideal Counsellor?

    Ideal counselor stats hummmm.... Yea, Vanessa would be it.... well for at least how I play.
  11. Rolling for my futile attempt for a Legendary Swift Attacker
  12. It's pack small because all the dance troll or wannabe Jason killers has it easy there. They are not interested in a challenge, they sole want to stack in their favor and call the Jason player trash.
  13. Don't know about you guys, but as Jason, I love dance parties. I like fighting counselors and if more time spent dancing and not on escape objectives more time I have not worrying about guarding them.
  14. Huh, what are you talking about? I'm referring to being interaction lock at the wrong times such as attempting to climb a window with Jason hot on your tail. Even though fixing the lock up can be just a second, realizing you are lock up at the wrong moment determines whether climbing though that window is no longer safe option such as Jason now close enough to clip your animation, crush the window, lined up for a throw knife, etc.
  15. Its not a exaggeration to call the game out when bugs is hampering the experiences. I've have ether died or been compromised occasionally when I need to ether open a door/window or picking up a weapon. I've even blotched a Jason kill since I was locked out of confirming the kill and Jason mashed out fast enough before I could un-glitch myself. Stupidity of player is annoying, but I can never fault the game for it since that is expected whenever you're dealing with other players. But the amount of bugs in the game, worsen by the number of new ones introduced in each new patch, is unacceptable. Many of my friends, and myself recently, has ether moved on to other game or drastically reduce our play in favor of other experiences that isn't riddled with disappointments. You tolerate it because you choose too, but please stop making excuses for the game. The is dying (if it isn't dead already) and the fault here isn't the players.