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  1. GeneiJin


    This is somewhat true assuming both Jason and Counselor players know what they are doing. However, majority of the player base can't even deal with a running slashing Jason. Good counselor players requires strong Jason play.
  2. GeneiJin

    Jason is weak

    Hey, thanks for popping up in here I feel counselor are fun enough to play, a would rather not see any or much nerf. Leave them intact. Making Jason strong, more fun, to play, as well as more defense against being killed is all the is required.
  3. GeneiJin

    Chances of a Switch port???

    Considering how poorly optimized this game run, especially on XBone, even without the legal redtap I'd be surprised to see this running on a Switch.
  4. GeneiJin

    Jason is weak

    Yea, I've seen this before, and still manage to get them to scatter. I'm not saying that a Jason will always prevent a call, but he does have a fighting chance. These are still better odds of fighting off the Jason kill than just letting Tommy get called for free. I play with several Kill-squads, and my Jason has been tested by them. I really haven't seen much new thrown at me anymore.
  5. GeneiJin

    Jason is weak

    LOL, you not going to need to body block it the entire game. Shift in, slash (and kill the caller if you can), body block it, fences off or throw knives surrounding counselors. Wait till shift, then shift cancel your swings to avoid stun while maintaining the body block on the Radio. As lame as that sounds, its just about as lame as using the entire lobby just to fix one thing if you ask me. Eventually, as they ether lose players or survival items/weapons, they will get bored, scatter, or die. Large maps helps delaying counselor grouping together quickly giving Jason some breathing room to knock a few out before out of control mob can form. If you ask me, small maps should be avoided if the lobby intends on playing with any serious intent.
  6. GeneiJin

    Jason is weak

    Not true, I've had plenty of games where I successfully contested the repair of that generator without entirely camping it. If a counselor is guarding that box, always attack the caller, then body block the radio until you have a chance to break that box. Sucker punch isn't the problem. Even off of no-stun, a skilled player can use canceling tech to avoid punishes when soloing Jason, and in a mob it doesn't matter. I play with the assumption that every swing will stun, so I aim to never get hit with uses of evading, blocking, and defensive shift-canceling. Jason fundamentally can't deal with too many counselors at once, so the average Jason player are at the mercy of mobs, especially if they are skilled. While many here endorse buffing Jason's HP, I've seen requests as high as 3x, buffing it that high will likely ensure Jason is super rarely killed at low-levels, non-competitive play. IMO, the Jason kill part of the game experiance, and should be a concern for every Jason, but it shouldn't be as easy as it is now. As I advocated before, give the Tommy Radio to Jason will allow him to "guard" the Jason kill just like any other objective and a modest HP buff, like 20--30% to give Jason a little more room for error. With that change, killing Jason will happen less often, will feel earned, can still happen in most levels of play, and require more coordinated effort by kill-squads than just gang-bang Jason, generally leading to more fun.
  7. GeneiJin

    Jason is weak

    Pretty much decide by who get to the Tommy Radio first. If that call gets off for free, expect the entire lobby if every player is on board seeing Jason dead. At that point, it's a uphill battle, and a lot of luck will be required to make it out of it alive.
  8. GeneiJin

    Jason is weak

    The 2 problem is, there isn't many "pro" level Jason to go against "pro" level counselors. There are too many good players that stay behind counselor pref. The other issue is once Tommy is spawned, it's too easy to gather around him, protect him and grab the sweater, mask is likely knocked off along the way. Assuming the Jason is skilled, smart and sneaky, and Tommy isn't a concern, he will eventually out last counselors if they aren't getting off the map.
  9. Going with the trend of fun topics, what if? For me. If Tommy is call, Jason dies. If Tommy isn't called, Jason kills most, if not, the entire lobby including myself. I play Jason in a manner to counter my counselor, so my counselor may be able to stall my Jason for sometime, but can't for the entire 20mins. If there is no escape ready, surviving the night depends on what survival items I have w/ how much clock is left.
  10. GeneiJin

    Buff Jason

    Thanks for your kind words. I've gotten the point of diminishing returns w/ the game and already started playing other. I'll be here from time to time though to say whats up
  11. If Im looking to play the game, I'll pick Vanessa. If I want too bully or otherwise annoy Jason, Jenny.
  12. While part2 is the weakest Jason when you just consider his base character, Traps and +morphs allows him to aggressively contest objectives, good ones can even do two at once. Part6 has good destructive abilities with knives and shift, part2 does have a unique play style compared to other Jason's.a
  13. Tommy radio spawns uniquely, and can't be confirmed in the same manner like phone box or which shack location. As bad as small maps are for Jason, pack and crystal small have a 50/50 chance of getting it on the 1st morph, and 100% after 30 the 2nd if you waste no time. As you know, tommy radio shows up some on certain maps during the intro sequence, one of the reasons why Higgins large is Jason's best Map. Higgins small and, believe it, Jarvis house, is Jason's worst against kill-squads as they are both hard to find that radio within the first 2 morphs.
  14. Choice between shifting more or teleporting more frequent. To me they are about the same, but I do like the spear. If I have weapon swap then I'd go with Roy, since I prioritize looking for the Tommy radio game start.
  15. I've never seen that... yet. I believe I mentioned to you that I been having trouble w/ quick knives since the update. It's not always a problem, but in some games the knives "lag" behind the animation. I'd throw the knife, but the impact sound, or the wiff, happens about a second behind, making me suspect that the knives are coming out late, giving counselor a moment to swerve away from it. I check my ping and the lobby, its normal, so I'm not sure why this is happening.