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  1. Aldermach, I think I ran into you couple days ago in QP? Was that your crew that you were with because that Jason was overwhelmed, lol.
  2. I don't give a shit dying, I play to be exciting and not to play lame. I want the Jason to come at me with everything he got, no excesses.
  3. Yea, not much of a problem. I've played long enough to get a "feel" of where my stamina is at. I play conservative when I'm on the offense so If the Jason is trying to bait I will bait him back with on and off CS. Often we'll get a stalemate where no one wants to act first and I use that as a sneaky way to regain some stamina, lol.
  4. That's the meta, Good players aren't going to give you shit for free. If fear with Chad is an issue for you, then play Vanessa (larger stamina pool with less weapon durability) or Jenny (Able to stay around Jason with going into Fear for a good 3 mins, great weapon durability, decent stamina, but is slow)
  5. LOL yea, it's something you have to live with when it happens , if I trip while going in on Jason, you can cancel the stumble w/ combat stance and swing. Jason can still grab you if he does it early enough, but at least you won't go out without fighting. While by no means Jenny is a better counselor overall, I do enjoy that she stumbles way less frequently . Edit: I should mention, if you are doing the "turn and burn" don't do this by actively turning around and swing. It's slow and has a chance of stumbling. It's much better to position and space yourself while running away from Jason, then go into CS and do the horizontal swing (vertical will most likely wiff). You won't stumble in CS, and if you stumble while running away from Jason, usually you are still safe.
  6. Fear isn't a problem if you can consistently hit Jason to get stamina back. Good Jason's though will bait you into swinging and punish though. When you're stamina falls to about 1/2 to 1/3 (or at least you think it has, lol) you want to start fishing for hits with faints (enter then exit combat stance/ turn around then turn back/ etc..) watch how Jason reacts to it and then place a well timed hit.
  7. Vanessa is very much like Chad, mainly less weapon durability with much more stamina. Vanessa is generally regarded as the better counselor (not that chad is bad >:D) because of the large stamina pooling allowing for longer times in between you need to risk hitting Jason. Vanessa is just slightly less of a "pussy" than Chad as she will go into deep fear almost as quick. If that's a factor to you, have you considered switching to Jenny?
  8. No, it is clearly a bug commonly referred to as 'rubberbanding'.
  9. Kids just play to have fun, most of them are genuine, even if its annoying because they talk too much . Toxic behavior are the teens looking for laughs from pissing other off.
  10. This happens all the time with me and with the party I play with on PC. After 2-3 games, we are sent back to the main menu as the game search for a new lobby. Sucks, especially when I'm lone wolfing and find a decent lobby w/ mics
  11. I'm honestly not sure how the recent patched did him any favors.
  12. Op Counselor ?

    I completely agree.... Jenny is.. so Sexy!!! Top Tier Bae!!!
  13. Except you can. I'm fine with ether way, but I just want it to be CONSISTENT.
  14. What I meant is as Jason is lifting the counselor up, after the grab, but before he can freely move around with the counselor and trigger a grab-kill.
  15. Op Counselor ?

    Swaping sense with stalked wouldn't be a bad idea. Perhaps all the newbs out their would actually learn to use it and Vanessa's would actually lock doors