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  1. Pass. The mask is weak...maybe I'm just spoiled from being involved in the mask making/collecting community for so long, but it's weird how often they get it wrong for releases like this. An authentic pt 3, almond-colored with proper scratches and scuffs would make this a good purchase. As is...eh, it comes off as a cheap cash grab. Which it seems to be, sadly. I bought the game for 39.99 and I don't think it's worth more than that.
  2. Do you like this steady stream of fixes/content, constantly altering the game? Or would you rather have waited until everything is finished (SP challenges, dedicated servers, Grendel, Paranoia, etc) and get the complete package once it's perfected? I can see the points for both sides. To continue receiving updates keeps things exciting...at the same time, I can understand how some are frustrated over buying a flawed and unfinished project.
  3. Gotta be Jason, man. Plus if you count the deaths he caused indirectly...damn, that whole cruise ship full of people...an enormous fucking space station lol.
  4. I haven't been around very long...but the vast majority of you guys/gals are really cool, and I've very much enjoyed your cyber company. Lots of great discussions and laughs and insights. I'm happy to be a member. So, I dunno...group hug!
  5. This is my "alternate universe" idea for Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan... After the events of part VII, Jason's water-logged body is dredged from the waters of Crystal Lake. He is brought to the county morgue, but of course he isn't dead. When he rises to kill the staff...they are shot in the head by assassins. They manage to subdue the weakened Jason with heavy chains and sedatives. There is an old, wealthy, and very powerful man in New York City who knows about Jason...and he wants the secret to his immortality. Of course, the transport does not go as planned. The truck carrying Jason crashes in Manhattan, and all the guards have been slaughtered. No sign of Jason. Meanwhile, a ship has docked in Manhattan...the Lazarus, with all the characters we know from the Rob Hedden film. Rennie, Shawn, Julius, Wayne, JJ, Tamara...the whole gang. They're too busy sightseeing to realize bodies are piling up as Jason is on the loose. He acquires his mask from Jim Donaldson, similar to the film we got (but not in a boat, obviously. Perhaps while he and Suzie are making out in Central Park.) So...the high school teens are caught in the cross-fire, as the man who had Jason captured sends his private army after the killer. All kinds of scenes and epic kills at the Statue of Liberty...WTC...Empire State Building...Julius loses his head in Madison Square Garden...a bloody massacre in Times Square...I mean it's an all out war. And of course, the main bad guy (rich powerful dude) gets a well-deserved, gruesomely spectacular death. It could even end the same way, with only Rennie and Shawn left in the sewers of Manhattan. Maybe change the thing where Jason turns into a kid, though. It ain't pefect...but there you go. That's my vision of a real Jason Takes Manhattan.
  6. Yeah...not an easy character to look at. Especially when he's playing dress up with those wrestling tights, one tit flopping out. I feel bad saying that because he's based on a real person, but...damn...
  7. I'm a PS4 player so I can't add you, but welcome! Glad to have you
  8. Mitch has been my main since I started playing in October. I escape about half the time...but then, I'm a shitty counselor player. I just love Mitch. Yeah, he's sick with repairs, but he's also based on my favorite character from the films. Just doesn't feel right choosing anyone else.
  9. I don't know, man, the way I see it...Jason should never be cornered, surrounded, and mercilessly beaten. That shit never happened in the movies. And the counselor players should definitely never feel safe approaching Jason, even in numbers. Shit, the only time that ever happened was in JGTH...and in that movie, they weren't douchebag Chads wearing speedos, they were a SWAT team blasting the hell out of him. I dig the idea I've seen tossed around here a few times...some kind of special move in these situations, where Jason could do big damage to multiple players when surrounded like that. Remember that PS1 game Fighting Force? When circled by enemies, you could use a super move to knock them all back and even kill the ones at low health. I'd love to see something similar implemented here.
  10. The Ritual...it's this new original horror film on Netflix, it's quite good. I'd give it a 7 out of 10. I prefer the more minimalist first half of the film, but I gotta say the monster is very original and well done. The acting/casting is top notch. The leads are likable and I actually wanted them to survive. Definitely worth a watch.
  11. I think the best maps have a balance of aesthetics and planning...that's why I love playing the Higgins Haven map so much. It's got excellent reproductions of the lodge/barn/lake, but it's just the right size (not gonna mention the small maps)...good placement/amount of cabins, it encourages diverse strategies. See, with Pinehurst, it's amazing looking...definitely their most accurate/grand map yet...but it's not as fun as Higgins and Packanack because it's so big, it doesn't have much of a flow. Then there's maps like Jarvis House...great for Jason, tougher for counselors. Crystal Lake is a great neutral area...very wide open, that's a nice change. It's really interesting how they've put these maps together and how we have to adapt for each.
  12. I still kick myself for passing on that 12-film collection... This new set is great, though. The transfers are fantastic...each disc is loaded with lots of fun (nothing new, but still) special features. The only thing that really bugs me is that the part 3 disc includes the anaglyphic 3D version but no red/blue glasses...I can't find my pair from the DVD version so I'll have to order some online. It's less than thirty bucks so I can't really complain, I guess. Everything else I'm happy with...heh...you know, aside from that terrible artwork. It is very satisfying to own these films in HD...especially since I grew up watching these on old, worn out cassette tapes. The detail is unbelievable!
  13. Same. Never really saw a reason to quit otherwise.
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