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  1. Well here are some theories. 1. spaceship, The Grendel, map could be massive like the first maps. this would make sense because with the lack of cabins, a spaceship needs to be wide, complex, and filled with hiding places since stealth is pretty much not an option without more rooms to hide in. a spaceship is not the open outdoors, so it has to have a lot to it, corridors, hallways, maybe even more than 1 floor, and needs extra room so that Counselors/survivors are not cornered so easily in general. 2. the escape options could include an A. Escape shuttle that requires parts (to replace the cars), B. Distress signal that requires parts, to call a patrol shuttle in a random docking bay, once it arrives the exit is open to access it. (replaces the boat) C. a communication device that requires parts, to call in soldiers that help survivors escape to a random exit (replaces police exit) 3. instead of being able to call in Tommy Jarvis, some kind of device that needs a part and repairing, can summon KM-14 who could be playable and have gameplay balance (this could explain why its been so quiet about the next map. adding a new playable summoned character isnt simple, especially someone like KM-14.) 4. there could be new weapons to match the 25th century setting. 5. I haven't watched Jason X (too scary, I think, all the movies are extremely scary, well maybe I'll watch it, but I think I'll be more surprised exploring The Grendel in the game), so not sure the overall layout of The Grendel map, so not sure how they will figure out like climbing window mechanics , barring doors, and things like that, though it would make sense they'll try to make it as accurate to the original space ship as possible (it should be really epic and massive!!) 6. as for new COSTUMES themed on Jason X. perhaps the Counselors could get sci fi costumes appropriate for the location and perhaps based on some of what the characters wear. (NOT joke costumes, but cool mature natural 25th century clothes that are adequate for the futuristic setting, like what the Jason X characters wear. I think Jason X themed human costumes for Counselors, would be great timing having the costumes pack during or after the map is available for use. So overall, while it's still a rumor, if they do make The Grendel spaceship a map in Friday the 13th The Game, it could become the most anticipated and favorite map for a lot of fans! it can make the game even more interesting in unique ways.
  2. just because it has a lot of open space, doesn't make it bad. it isn't an amusement park. while I admit it seems like it may have too much emphasis on water maybe, I'm fine with it, the layout is different from the others, still plenty of land and interiors to explore. making it smaller would dumb down the experience. this isn't Call of Duty.
  3. It's so awesome!! Larger maps are so much more awesome and it's great how there's even rain, lightning and thunder version of it!! And its interesting how the 4th to 6th new maps are small, then the 7th map comes in, with overwhelming awesomeness!! yea the next maps should be massive too! Really more possibilities!! and it's so refreshing the layout and stuff!! the only thing though that I think maybe it's my settings, but it's strangely too bright. I had to adjust the ingame video, but my TV brightness is the same as it was when the game first launched. so now my darkness settings are messed up cause can't seem to find a right balance of darkness/brightness. Well it's great people are playing the map! the new content really is making the game expand and become more incredible!! Definitely the greatest horror game ever created!! and there's still more to add!! I also like the new intro for the Jarvis house map, really the greatest opening, lol! it also is really the scariest feeling map, the large houses are so amazing, yet they seem to have little to no weapons to find compared to the cabins, though maybe it depends. it's also the most challenging map for counselors, which is gonna make counselor victory all the more sweeter!
  4. Some of us sometimes use the quick over the shoulder/behind us view button, that shouldn't be sacrificed for quick counselor status screen. I don't think emotes are going away, and I don't mind using touchpad + L1 to check the status screen. maybe add a setting in the controls that swaps emotes for shortcut status screen for those that want it.
  5. They are amazing!! They look great, and surprised there's some extra patterns to choose from! the new customization interface is splendid! I like the costume customization interface as well as the emote preview interface! I found the costumes when someone said to use words "spring break" to find them on PS4 PSN store. I bought them, downloaded, launched and checked customize to find the costumes there! Looks really great and I like how even in the emotes screen, the character stands normally instead of posing, these small details really lets us appreciate the passion behind this game's creation and expansion! These costumes really freshen up the experience, and I always fascinated with how great the counselors and everything looks, even the skin textures, which others take for granted. Sure. the characters aren't 100% photorealistic, but they sure look realistic compared to games like fortnite, and they have this unique exclusive charismatic look and feel about them. It's outstanding on top of the genius memorable character designs and quality aesthetics. The new costumes are well worth it to me! The costumes also freshens up the game, and easily is gonna help the wait for the new upcoming map. So let's see, I would guess the new map could be coming within the next 3 weeks, though yes that's not counting if there's rescheduling and things like that, though I'm sure the new map will arrive sometime October, and the new counselors sounds exciting too! and even more clothing is gonna be added during halloween (if they are holiday costumes, maybe they are more mature instead of goofy, you know, like more in character, we know when costumes are added, some are gonna wear them full time, so it would be cool if the october costumes are something that could be halloween themed, but is not something obnoxious and out of place like a giant chicken mascot costume, which would have trouble fitting through a window. It'll be interesting what they come up with!) I've noticed even in quickplay, a lot of interest has rekindled due to the new costumes, besides patch stuff. the new map is going to make things even more amazing!! and 2 more maps are gonna be added after that! It is great how the game is expanding and the masterpiece is surpassing its previous self in lots of ways!! ^.^ it's messed up EU can't play with us until they get the patch later (not sure when they get it? it's definitely EU PSN's fault. Sony Europe sure makes it difficult for devs. )
  6. out of all matches I played, I only left a match once, early in the match, because I was gonna join someone that invited me during match. but I'm not gonna leave a match after that cause I don't want any behind the scenes mistakening of why I left the match, don't wanna be seen like some rage quitter when that's not the case.
  7. the thing is, first hit from any weapon should be able to drop the player being grabbed. Jason already has insane fast time to start a invincible kill animation, so rescue attempts should be more potent. it shouldn't be about stunning, but simply doing damage should distract Jason to drop them. in my opinion, stun should only apply to how long Jason is "stunned" or the probability of knocking him down. so players should be rewarded with first attempt successful freeing of a grabbed counselor. it would make things more balanced because the window between Jason grabbing and starting kill animation, is very small and fast that weapon attacks should be able to interrupt grab before the kill trigger, so people can get a greater sense of rescue attempts being more worthwhile. but guess they just make it hard as element of surprise. though they should nerf Jason's time of recovery, cause he gets up too fast now. it was fine before.
  8. private matches have been doing fine it seems. just use Friday the 13th communities to invite/befriend people, and get them in a private match together. though yea moving forward the devs should be more careful so more people stay and more people buy and play the game instead of causing some to leave.
  9. New counselors!

    Trish as callable/summonable/playable character would be epic for that map.
  10. Well some are saying it's mostly due to lack of experience Now it's a matter of how patient the community is gonna be with the current events. These problems are sending the game back to the dark ages, and no one wants to put up with the technical drama the launch period had, now on top of that, there's rebalance design issues that the fans are in an unroar about. How are they gonna fix these things before more people are fed up? It wouldn't make sense to wait until the october launch to correct things.
  11. I like that they are optional, and add to the map selection instead of replacing the classics. but I do dislike them compared to the original maps. the original map sizes are standard, how much more possibilities, more uses for stealth, and more immersive pacing instead of arcadey. Not saying small maps don't have their plus sides, it does add some frantic moments, and helps counselors group up with others before getting caught, sometimes, but I would say the small maps dumb down the game as a whole, and may spoil a side of the community to want smaller, fast paced maps, which really just panders to ADHD and short attention span people. and there's already too much fast paced games out there. F13th game has a more unique and precious atmosphere to it with the full sized maps adding more exploration and epic survival to the whole thing. Plus you got to factor that smaller maps result in shorter matches = not fun or not good enough for insatiable fans that want more out of their session. Especially when you factor in: 1. the amount of time waiting for players in lobby 2. the amount of time waiting for everyone to ready up 3. the loading screen time 4. the waiting for players last minute player invites part 5. the map cinematic sequence. 6. beginning to start playing. and that's not factoring in EXTRA TIME spent if say a lobby crashes, or the host leaves, people have to find a new room, then the time spent is increased back to #1 factor. Smaller maps really are not a good thing for this particular game in general. People don't get the most out of the waiting and their play sessions if the sessions are rushed, shorter and smaller bite sized sessions. this also leads to less cabins, less exploration, at their core, the smaller maps are just too SHALLOW compared to the standard original map sizes. brand new maps should be sized more like the original maps So generally, I find the small maps a step backwards, or step down from the original maps, they do provide a different way to experience the maps, but really, it's like splitting a soccer field in half, and what hardcore fan wants less than more? smaller maps results in getting less out of each session.
  12. Yes certain things like team killing do more harm than good, so that is mutually a good thing to be patched out, but other things, as other fans have talked about, shouldn't have been set in place because it's upsetting a fragile balance that made the game more playable, responsive and enjoyable than the state it is now. Learn to avoid the mistakes of other devs, like Daybreak's H1Z1 battle royale, they tweaked that game to the point where original fans left the game, it was no longer the same game and balance that got them interested in the first place. Same for Blizzard and their foolish rebalances of OW, that make certain characters useless/inferior, and other characters OP. Thankfully, all Friday the 13th The Game counselors are still viable and pretty balanced, and Jason is still a threat, though the developers should be careful and be better judges of decision making so they don't mess up the sauce. Since launch the balance has pretty much been standard. you don't typically see chess or soccer change up the rules, their fanbase would not approve of tweaks to the foundation those sports have established. So Friday the 13th The Game pretty much was solid in balancing, simply abusable things like TK, should've been addressed, so the new patch did improve some things, but worsened others, and a patch should not worsen things. As for the new maps, I'm glad the developers are very intelligent to add the smaller maps as extra maps, instead of replacing the old ones (that would have been devastating. So it's great the developers are 200% smarter than Daybreak, which wasted h1z1's map, replacing it with a new one, when they could have had two maps to choose from instead of just one. So it's great F13th devs increase their map selection instead of leaving it the same or cutting maps that have obvious fans of them. and of course a lot of us prefer the larger maps. So it's important to have the classic besides new maps. So overall, please be careful with patches and tweaks, you don't know it might break something. and it could jeopardize the game's community interest and potential newcomers if these patches cause the haters to start their viral "gotcha" campaign to give the game bad reputation. So I think the game should simply add more content, instead of changing up the rules so much, because then it divides the community on what's right or wrong, and upset people that were enjoying it as is. So please don't break your own game, cause even 4 months later, it has to be stable and as enjoyable as when it first started, instead of becoming a mess in certain areas. Also, the devs should somehow establish some kind of procedure, so they are always ready for a resurgence of players + newcomers playing the game online, so servers are not overwhelmed, and the game continues to be playable and hostable, even in the worst case scenarios. The devs know the cause of yesterday's server/matchmaking issues, there's gotta be a way to prevent cases like that happen because they have a very addicting and replayable game, so they got to treat patches and stuff like thin ice that should have extra caution and careful evaluations. Remember, games like For Honor lost a huge amount of their fanbase overnight based on developer/company decisions, so try to maintain the game's integrity, so people can play it with little to no fuss
  13. it would be so revolutionary, innovative and amazing for the horror genre! Unscripted and natural! Plus fitting for the Friday the 13th lore and genre! Since I read that the game is getting emotes, I'm thinking the developers could add a mechanic/system where two counselors can interact with each other to initiate a making out session! So of course that involves holding and kissing animations! but it can really look great and within the mature rating guidelines!! this isn't something only The Sims has. kissing is universal! it would also test the developers skills in animations and model interaction. I'm sure they can make it look great! now gameplay incentives? Well it's actually human and respectful to kiss each other passionately, so it could have benefits like regenerating both players stamina faster, a bit of health regen to both, and the counterbalance would be they both would be vulnerable in getting grabbed/damaged. The plus side is that making out makes no noise, so it's possible to take advantage of it during stealth situations. It can also be a strategic last resort! Now how it would function and steps to engage in kissing? well ok 1. both counselors have to be standing and facing each other, no large item nor weapon equipped. 2. press and hold the interact button, and press aim button, that enables ready stance, if both players are in ready stance and in range, they automatically begin holding and kissing each other! 3. to disengage from making out, one or both players can press interact and they will stop holding and kissing each other, and can move and do any action immediately afterwards. 4. during the duration of the kissing session stamina drains but health regens slowly. Devs can balance it out, so it is beneficial, but not OP, and at the sametime, not such a disadvantage that it discourages everyone from using it. so it would have strategic and valuable benefits. So you see, this sort of thing would make Friday the 13th even more awesome and appealing to more people and more true to the source material.
  14. I'm gonna play more today, I heard the server improved for some today? monday felt more stable than sunday pretty much. this is the one game that got my friends list into the double digits, lol. now there's too many players to invite in one lobby, but at least that's more options and people to choose from to invite.