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  1. 2 New Jasons?

    Yah, i know. But there are not many Movie-Jasons left and when they don't have the rights to FvsJ and 2009 these are the most likely candidates.
  2. 2 New Jasons?

    So when it will be Roy and Pre-Über we still have the possibility to get an Über-Jason and a Pamela Voorhees.
  3. Yes everything will be exactly like in the online mode. Shifty stated it in the update news.
  4. 2 New Jasons?

    I thought the same! I'am not over exegerating but i have seen FvsJ propably about 140 - 160 times. I bought the movie when i was about 13 - 14 and it was summer holidays. I watched it everyday sometimes up to 4 times. I drew pictures while i watched it. Even today i can karaoke the movie easily (in german).
  5. 2 New Jasons?

    It would be so good to play FvsJ Jason. His kills were awesome. How he cut the pothead in half was and is one of my favorite kills of all time. And of course how he killed Trey in his bed. And the Raveparty. They have to implement the chest slice were gallons of blood swuirt out. Oh how much i love this movie.
  6. Debunking Part 7 Jason Voorhees

    As soon as i unlocked Jason Part 7 i played him and i had a blast. I nearly had 8/8 every round i played. No matter if there were 40lvl players, or 101lvl players. I recorded nearly every round where i got all of them. Then i joined this forum and read that he is broken. I didn't understand what was broken but i changed to part 2 Jason because i don't wanted to have any unnecessary difficulties while playing Jason. Everytime i played Part 2 Jason it was as if i was cursed. Grabs went trough the bodies of counselors when i stood IN them. I never hit someone with melee. Then i changed to Jason Part 6 and man, it was so easy.The first match i played with him i got all counselors. I grabbed them effortlessly even when they were running. Now i played him some more and he is still the best Jason i played to this point. I play this game since 4 weeks by the way.
  7. Thank you @GunMedia_Ben & @ShiftySamurai these are great news. Thank you for all the effort you put into this game and the patience you have with this community. For me you made the best multiplayer-game in 2017. I have a blast with F13 and i will support the game as long as possible.
  8. If it is not a question like "would you rather have an animated movie than a live action movie?" - heck yes. DC is building it's cinematic universe and put out animated ones as well, so why not do the same with Fred and J? They could do all the comics that already exist and spice them up. Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. Jason vs Jason X. So many possibilities!
  9. Disturbing/gory fims - what are your favorites

    I haven't heard from it, but after you put a link to it i had to take a look. At first i was very interested, but then i read that it is mockumentary, which makes it drop in my interest. Do you think it is good still, even with the knowledge that it is complete bs that they want to sell as facts?
  10. I speak about connection issues and the possibility to swap them. Everybody knows that bots are not the perfect enemies, but i'd rather take a bot than an empty session were other counselors leave because of the lack of other people.
  11. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    I don't use them to get counselors while they are trapped in it. I use them to dominate my terrain at all times.
  12. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    I know "Jason sucks right now." But the traps are one of the best things and how they are implemented. They are fair. You have to listen closely and then you have to have some luck to get to the right trap in time. I would never change that. - also it is too much fun.
  13. What if, you wrote a friday the 13th movie?

    There has been an idea to do a Friday the 13th found footage movie. Thanks to god it was canned.
  14. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    I just realised that it is 9:30 AM in California. I still have hopes that the Patch drops today. It is 6:30 PM in germany right now, so i thought the time to hope is over.
  15. You don´t even know the AI yet. Playing against one or two bots, that are swappable if a new player joins is a good solution for a problem, that i don´t even have most of the time. If someone leaves in my games, it is the host and i can´t cry about it, because he is gone for good when he leaves. The attitude of other people would´t change. Assholes will be assholes and people who genuinely want to play the game will stay even if they die or not - and if they leave they will be bots for a short amount of time. The saltiness is strong in this forum.
  16. This problem will probably be solved when Gunmedia/Illfonic release the Bots, because someone who just left could be swapped with a bot immediately. If they take it a step further a spectator that just joined could be able to see how the bot is doing and join as the same character that someone left behind by leaving. He would obviously get 50% less points. That would be my idea for solving this little problem.
  17. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Is Jasons grab range somehow fixed? Since i play this game i tried Part 3, then my favorite part 7 (i didn't know he was glitched), part 2 after that and yesterday i started to play part 6. It was delightful. As a lvl. 20 player no one really sees me as a threat, but i know how to play my favourite killer very well. So i started the match and did my thing. I met the first counselor and trapped him. Melee was fucked the hit detection was way off. So i grabbed and killed him. So far so good. Then it happened: chaos and rage. Everybody started taunting. I scared them and send them running. The grabs were fantastic. I got a girl where i stood at the hood of car and she was at the drivers door. And i got everyone else too with grabs so far i never experienced something like this till part 6 Jason. When i played part 2 i could stand inside a counselor and grab nothing but fresh air. I was so happy i recorded the whole thing. It was by far not the first time that i picked apart everyone, but the first time with such a grab range. I stay with part 6 Jason for now.
  18. Latest Purchases

    I recently bought these 4 blu ray mediabooks. They have 3 discs, a lot of bonus material including the grainy uncut material from the worktapes. I love them and i'll receive the 6th and 7th as a christmas gift
  19. I'am kind of a collector and just bought myself two of eight special-limited editions of Friday the 13th. This is when i wondered which kind or if at all collection you guys have? I owned all parts from 1 to 10, FvsJ and the Remake on DVD but i sold them because i'am a blu ray bitch and wanted to get the best quality possible. That is why i just own parts 3,4,8 and the remake, also i know that my family has part 6 and 7 ready for christmas This is how the editions i collect look like. It is a mediabook with a 28 pages booklet. 3 Discs. A lot of Extras. I love it.
  20. Disturbing/gory fims - what are your favorites

    Guinea Pig (all of them) American Guinea Pig 1 & 2 Vomitgore Trilogy Men Behind The Sun Those weren't named yet. If ou haven't heard of them or saw them, maybe you shouldn't. If you have seen them, maybe you would like to unsee them.
  21. What if, you wrote a friday the 13th movie?

    Very interesting thread. It comes to happen that i've been writing a draft for a screenplay for some days/weeks now. The rough outline of the film is near the half of the full movie (about 30+ pages up till now.). I won't tell how i imagine to "reboot" Friday the 13th, because i know that when i do, i will lose the fire i have about this project. What i can say is, that i imagine it very different than you guys. I don't use any counselors that already existed. No black magic. No facilities. I imagine it to be more grounded, non exploitive and a lot more psychological.
  22. I´ve watched the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th yesterday, for the 10th time or so. Eventhough i know that there is a problem with the rights, there could be a possibility to simply change the name of the map and alter the location a little. So this is what i did. Some important chunks are still in the map, as you can see, but i altered a lot as well. I think this would be a real fun map. There is not much new to it, it doesn´t have to be in my opinion, the gameplay works just fine. The only thing i changed is the possibility to ride a motorbike to get out of the map and that there is only one way to escape with the help of the police. I would really like to know what you think about it, possible changes and if there is a possibility to use this as a map even if there is the problem with the rights. The picture was done by myself.
  23. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    The patch sounds great! And that you give us a glimpse of the patch note before it comes out is great as well. A lot of people are upset because of the bugs and glitches the game has now. I get that. But what i think that they don´t understand is, that only because this patch does not address these problems, it doesn´t mean, that they are not working on it at this moment. To change the hit detection and find a balanced way for Jason to grab is not an easy task. Even when Gun/Ill are happy with the results, they still have to show them to this community and there will always be a bunch of people criticising. Counsellor too weak, Jason too weak, nerved here, buffed there. I´am really excited to see the additional content and i´am sure you are working hard on the most important things that this community wants - it just takes time. In the end the only thing that i´d really want is to have a completely functional Jason Part VII, but thanks for getting rid of one of his disadvantages with this patch. @ShiftySamurai
  24. I don't play a high stamina character as well, but i have fun on bigger maps. It is neccessary to work with your teammates, everyone has to use their abilities to survive. I didn't intend to create a single player map.