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  1. I'am kind of a collector and just bought myself two of eight special-limited editions of Friday the 13th. This is when i wondered which kind or if at all collection you guys have? I owned all parts from 1 to 10, FvsJ and the Remake on DVD but i sold them because i'am a blu ray bitch and wanted to get the best quality possible. That is why i just own parts 3,4,8 and the remake, also i know that my family has part 6 and 7 ready for christmas This is how the editions i collect look like. It is a mediabook with a 28 pages booklet. 3 Discs. A lot of Extras. I love it.
  2. cwlunatic

    Latest Purchases

    They are. They are still not unrated but as everybody knows by now: they were destroyed back in the days. So these are the same cuts you get in the US and everywhere else.
  3. I'am in no means an experienced player. I'am a level 50+ casual player that loves the game in the state it was when i first played it (november 17) and i still like it. But there are several people here, that have mastered the skills to be really good Jasons and or counselors. Some people here start the game and know after 20 minutes what has been patched and what is broken still or has been broken by the patch. These are important skills for a game and for ironing out bugs and glitches. Even though i know that it isn't easy to implement it - what do you think about the idea to help gunmedia/illfonic out and get the possibility to play a beta of the newest patched version so you can communicate with illfonic to tell them what needs to be done. In my opinion it would be a win-win situation for the players and the developers alike.
  4. Jason 4 with only a corkscrew!
  5. Give him the ability to kick them towards the counselors to cripple them.
  6. cwlunatic

    Hatchet trilogy. What's not to love?

    I love the movies. They are like little love letters to the slasher genre and the Unrated versions are what i would love to see from a friday the 13th these days. The second and third are horribly censored in Germany, but i bought them in the netherlands
  7. cwlunatic

    "They were making love"

    Like i said. With Dlc you are allowed to add them. A game has to have 1000G on Xbox One. But a single game is not allowed to have more than 1000G, only if content (like a dlc) is added. And even if they add a dlc. They are not allowed to give another 1000G. With the trophy system from the ps4 it is the same.
  8. Hey buddy. Of course you should express yourself. In the threads that already exist. @JPops come on. Help me out. This board is starting to get really messy.
  9. There already is a perk that lets you gain more points for counselors.
  10. This and also all your ideas in the otther thrwad already exist. Study the board. Write in threads that already exist. Don't scatter more threads that aren't needed in the board. It's already conpletly obnoxious how many "buff jason" threads there are in this forum.
  11. I had the absolute same thing. There is no motivation. Even between Fox at 31 and Jason at 44 is no motivation. I hope they don't push Uber Jason to a Level 80 ot something otherwise i will have to work up 35 levels for him and that would suuuuuuck.
  12. cwlunatic

    "They were making love"

    They can't add achievements nor trophies on consoles. When they would make a big dlc that you have to pay for, that would be worthy to be called an add-on, then they could create new achievements/trophies.
  13. Please read the rules. And use the search to see if this is being discussed (which it is. In 50 different threads.). So before you post a new thread. Think. Read the rules. Search and then proceed.
  14. The only downside to this is again: What if you have a little "helper" inside the counselor-team. He/she would meet up with Jason, dance the rage out of him and then the slaughtering would start after 2 - 3 minutes.
  15. Jason smashes the head of the counselor in the powerbox. Counselor gets electrocuted. Jason pulls him back out and throws him away like trash. Still repairable after that.
  16. cwlunatic

    Two player version?

    2 Player Split Screen on Grendel. One is Uber Jason and the other is Pre Uber. Good hunting. Time attack. Who kills more in less time?
  17. cwlunatic

    Give Fox a full name.

    Yo, this is where i'm from o.o
  18. cwlunatic

    Any Energy Drink Fans?

    I drink half a liter a day. I don't drink coffee so i use it instead to get my caffeeine input. In germany we have much higher regulations with this stuff so, we don't have nearly as much different ones from rockstar or monster. It's a shame though. Yesrs ago i drank 4 cans of 0,5 liter a day. It was ridicolous. Now i need 6 to 8 hours to drink a can. I guess that's kind of alright. I don't drink them on weekends though.
  19. Why? Because people still think that the internet is a forest in which you can scream and no scream will come back out of it. All these youngsters use it as a big playground and parents don't teach them how to respectfully use it. They think that they can't get any trouble for what they are doing. Heck sometimes i think that they can't even realise that they are talking with real human beings because they're watching at a videogame and someone happens to talk to them. Mute them, report them to xbox/playstation/steam.
  20. You can't. When you play enough it is easy to hit Jason. It is also not that hard to dodge it as Jason, but way harder than hitting. As soon as you raise the gun you can shoot and the shot goes straight immediately even if the rifle points at the floor. I honestly love it and everytime the bots do it i have a little laugh.
  21. It is not a role playing game, but i take pride in the role of jason so i'am a mute, brute killingmachine with no merci. I get killed of the get go as well so... there is always the Jarvis possibility.
  22. cwlunatic

    traps (grendel)

    I still think that they don't have to change as much as you might think. They could just say that you are playing on a holodeck as used in Jason X and you would play in a camp with some holo-flickering all over again. That would be a really lazy attempt, but it isn't easy to build everything completly new including new environmental kills. I'll have to see the finished product, but i lowered my expectations as soon as i thought about this.
  23. I play on the PS4 as well and i don't have this kind of issues with the controls.
  24. cwlunatic

    No boat for bots

    They're driving, but they are driving in circles. I guess the KI has no knowledge of escaping
  25. cwlunatic

    No boat for bots

    There is no corner kill where jason stomps on the back the end. Inside the packanack house you can push their heads into nearly every corner. I'am not entirely sure which kill you mean, maybe you can be little more precise.