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  1. Unfortunately they don't have the rights to reboot Jason. Maybe they got the rights and we don't know it yet. I'd be up to every Jason they can release. I think they are going to release a Jason X only if they can deliver a map at the same time. They could just make a Crystal Lake Hologram map and they'd be faithful to the source material. And yes that's right Jason never used any traps before the reboot. Maybe it is not enough to get sued so they went with it
  2. And there we have a name. Good idea! Instead of using the wooded look in the movie, the could just use the look that the house has originally. It would be a more luxurious marble look. If someone of you wants to buy the house: It is on sale for unbeatable 5.995.000$ Thanks to all of your feedback. It would be a dream come true if the developers would use my design for a actual map.
  3. I've not only seen all Friday movies numerous of times, I'am a fan for nearly 15 years. I know that these mechanics are only there to illustrate how Jason is able to always keep up and even prepares for different situations. Nontheless would it be interesting to give Roy a different palette of mechanics. Just because he behaves like Jason doesn't necessarily mean that he has to have the abilities. Heck i would even like it a bit more if they use different effects when Roy uses the abilites. Just my 2 cents.
  4. The other question is: does Jason have his abilities cause he is Jason? Or does someone with a psychopathic background like Jason has abilities like him? Cause if not, he would need a complete other set of abilities. No Sense, No Morph, No Shift. Maybe a stalk, cause everybody can sneak around.
  5. Thanks man! It´s interesting to see how many members are really interested in swimming and to see a lot of water. I never imagined that this would be the most special part about the map in general.
  6. There can always be an idiot but that doesn't bother me at all. I die no problem, sometimes it's even interesting how they work together, but when they take the fun out of the game for my lobby i get upset. Everyone behaves and wants to have a good game, that should be rewarded. And i kept my xp indeed.
  7. I had a nice one last night. A Jason Taxi. I repaired a car and a dude hopped in. He drove near the end of the road and stopped. Suddenly Jason appeared and ripped me out of the car, no pocket knife. Dead. In spectator mode i saw that the driver drove around and honked to get other players out of their hiding spots and did the same to them. I was pissed for a bit, but iam a good host so i did not ragequit and simply told them in the lobby that if they pull that shit again i will report them. They were good parts of society after that.
  8. Buyable Perks

    I guess there is someone not willing to read the thread. That´s fine. The main discussion is about the option to buy epic perks for a high amount of CP, but the discussion shifted to different possibilities like the one i posted.
  9. Ah, i´m sorry @SametChan i misunderstood your Post. A text chat would indeed be a good expansion, especially for people who are deaf or can´t hear well. I´am honestly astonished that you guys play this game, i think sound was a really important part of this game. Interesting how you found fun in it nonetheless
  10. Buyable Perks

    This is a little example to show you guys how i would imagine it, to be in the game. You simply select the 3 Perks that you want to stack and press the button and the game will give you a better version of the 3 you´ve chosen. Or you simply take the option next to "Roll Perk." You can only get a better version of the perk you chose and stacked. It would be an interesting thing to think about stacking them with commons, uncommon and rares.
  11. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    Playing Kirbys Dreamland on a Nintendo Gameboy when i was 5. Playing Donkey Kong Country with my best friend. Playing Earth Worm Jim 2 on my dads Windows 95 Computer, with only an hour playtime per day. Playing Rayman for the first time. Playing Playstation 1 for the first time in Denmark. Playing Final Fantasy VII for the first time. Beating Resident Evil when i was 9 years old. Playing Crash Bandicoot and Tekken for days with my best friend. Playing Final Fantasy VIII for the first time. Play Final Fantasy IX for the first time. Tool much. I would spend days writing this list.
  12. Buyable Perks

    It's a possibility. But i think that you have to invest the same perks. Not the same colour. It would be too easy to create a good one (like a rare or epic) out of three shitty perks (like "stand by a radio to recover stamina faster").
  13. Ingame Text Chat

    Over there heads would look like crap i think. In the vottom left corner would be fine. Especially because you are not always looking right at them while you search for loot.
  14. Buyable Perks

    What about stacking them? You have 3 times the same bad one, you stack them and it gets a little better. You don't need to sell them piece by piece and it gets more useful. But it must be tge same perk.