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  1. Perks you think are dumb?

    easy listening and aquanaut.
  2. Wow. That is going to be the balls! Takes the game and puts you into the movie.
  3. Ok. Um...................no way in hell. Sorry, I just don't see the point in trying to flesh out Roy. He's a copy cat killer who didn't make it out of one movie. Sorry, any 'killer' that lets his ass get run down by a kid on a tractor doesn't deserve my time. Besides, what is there to talk about? HIs fat kid he ditched? Personally I'd rather hear Vic tapes, listen to him talk about the anger building. I know a lot of people love to play Roy-son, and I admit it truly is cool to play him and I love the Pinehurst map, but he ain't my fav.
  4. um.........................no.
  5. I recently played as Jason Pt4 with a room full of Bugsys and a Vanessa. They ganged up on me and used some very well organized teamwork but I managed to pick them all off. Never could have done that before. I did fall victim to the chain-stun a few times I have to say. Really pissed me off. Overall better Jason play, but not a true 'run like hell from him' version like before. Still, much more fun to play
  6. Looking forward to repairs! Xbox online play is almost impossible at this point, so I'll try to wait patiently. Thanks for the update guys!
  7. I can't wait for the Jason kill scene on this one: Joey shows up and offers him a candy bar and Vic chops them both with an axe. Lol. ...............assuming Joey doesn't get Vic in the throat with a pocket knife. In all seriousness, looking forward to this. Nice job!
  8. Hell ya................... .............now gimmie some................................PAM!!!!
  9. ............That's because I patrol the forum at work, so I get paid to post here lol! I think this is funny as hell, just because I see so many others in the same boat as me. I'm coming up on 44, wife and 3 kids, youngest is 5, oldest is 15. When I was a bachelor, played games like COD an easy 6 hours a day. More on the weekends. Now I wait for my wife to fall asleep and turn down the volume and put on headphones and get maybe in 3 hours every 2 days or so. I play on Xbox and I hooked mine up in the bedroom. I will admit I actually drink coffee at night so I can stay awake so I can play. Here's the kicker; I found beer makes me stay up better, figure the odds. Once in a while she wakes up complaining because the controller makes too much noise, lol. Click click honey! I actually feel pretty good knowing I'm not the only one who struggles to find the time. My biggest issue is that gaming is my #1 de-stressor.
  10. I'd say getting a shotty in the face should definitely send the big man over the edge, or at least speed up the rage meter. Maybe increase rage rate when people escape? Car full of trolls bailing out sets me off, I'm sure Jason would agree. ..........also, on a side note, since we now have a gun store at every fire pit, any possibility to add a little canon and let the big man be able to break weapons? Anybody remember part 4 with the rifle in the tent? How about giving Jason the ability to dump gas cans or toss one of the 60 pocket knives into the lake? Food for thought.
  11. What generation are you?

    Gen X Baby!!!! 1974
  12. I love it. We can call it..............................Sim Shitty!
  13. All good items, but BEFORE any of this: FIX THE NETWORK CONNECTION ISSUES ADD QUITTING PENALTY I agree, problems with grab radius, 496 knives per map, a gun store at every fire pit...........true, but it's amazingly unbearable trying to play online now. At this point I'm HAPPY to put up with trolls and being stabbed in the neck as Jason so many times my head falls off if it means I got to play an entire match without receiving the network error of shame message or some clown in charge of the map bailing because he got hacked and doesn't want to play anymore.
  14. Ya, damn good job. Thanks for this!