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  1. I'm ashamed to say I played all weekend for about 2 to 3 hours each day and never once went into an online match. Still had fun though. Waiting for the salt mines.
  2. Ya, it sucks the update isn't here today. But when I go home from work tonight, I get to fire up my Xbox and take the man behind the mask on a bloody tour through Crystal Lake's finest on F-13. Not a perfect game, but still fun. Keep digging people.
  3. I've been drinking Stella Artoris for a year now, but lately I've been drinking Miller lite.......................I don't know, must be suffering from depression or something...............
  4. LOL that's funny as hell. Didn't catch that.
  5. Looks great! You know damn well every online match for 2 weeks will be a room filled with 7 Victorias and a man with a mask.
  6. The Savini mess I completely agree with, but I have to admit, I was tempted to buy one off ebay. If I had known about the kickstarter campaign I would have donated, but I didn't. Therefor I have no right to have a Savini. The people who believed in the creators deserve it, nobody else. Unfortunately, the damage is done. I wonder if it would be prudent to just offer some other exclusive to the contributors.
  7. - Hoss (Tommy's buddy) in Part six - hits him with a shovel and Jason rips his heart out, lands in the coffin - Cheezy but loved him grabbing Sissy through the window and twisting her head off - Part 6 - One more for Part 6 - Nikki getting her head crushed in the RV (so much win) - Part 4- Samantha getting it in the raft (Laughed my ass off) - Part 3 - Vera getting the harpoon. - Part 7 - Kate getting the party horn.
  8. I don't think Jason ever torched a cabin in the movies, so probably not going to happen. Neat idea though.
  9. Wow. That is going to be the balls! Takes the game and puts you into the movie.
  10. Ok. Um...................no way in hell. Sorry, I just don't see the point in trying to flesh out Roy. He's a copy cat killer who didn't make it out of one movie. Sorry, any 'killer' that lets his ass get run down by a kid on a tractor doesn't deserve my time. Besides, what is there to talk about? HIs fat kid he ditched? Personally I'd rather hear Vic tapes, listen to him talk about the anger building. I know a lot of people love to play Roy-son, and I admit it truly is cool to play him and I love the Pinehurst map, but he ain't my fav.
  11. I recently played as Jason Pt4 with a room full of Bugsys and a Vanessa. They ganged up on me and used some very well organized teamwork but I managed to pick them all off. Never could have done that before. I did fall victim to the chain-stun a few times I have to say. Really pissed me off. Overall better Jason play, but not a true 'run like hell from him' version like before. Still, much more fun to play
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