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  1. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Stupid question: Is the upcoming patch/content/whatever just for PC or is this going to be platform wide?
  2. Maybe Tommy should have a mini game to complete of his own on this map....................mix in a little part 6 and have him collect a chain, rock and a padlock and try to bag Jason in the lake. Makes the boat a bit more popular.............
  3. Lately I've been getting the groups that spend more time screaming and arguing than trying to be constructive.
  4. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    Playing Pitfall on the old Arati Playing X-wing on my PC Playing Klingon Academy on PC Thunder/Jungle/Nuclear strike games for PS 1 PVP match on Halo, back in the day when you had to run a cable to a friends xbox in another room in order to play against. Call of Duty 3 and COD Modern Warfare - lost many a day of my life playing matches .................and just think about all the ones yet to come. Hell ya.....................
  5. Wow. That is one hell of a nice job. That road with one way out would be a serious car escape challenge! As far as the motorcycle single player escape, what if the bike leaving the map triggered a police response? Maybe the escapee going for help? All that water...just begging for someone to try to get around by swimming. Nicely done!
  6. What about allowing the player to 'set up' Jason with whatever pro's and con's they want; noted, running can't be an option after part 4, but being able to pick the particular pros and cons depending on your playing style; such as getting better morph recharge, but sacrificing water speed. The match starts "5 minutes later". How about giving Jason some kind of preselected jump start? Not letting the Jason player start early, but maybe some type of chosen pre-set mechanic giving Jason an edge, such as being able to pick one of the following; set a trap at a car, trap at boat, trap INSIDE cabin, fuse panel, remove 2 pocket knives from play, delay tommy 2 minutes, etc. If the game programming will allow, a simple selection by the player that the game can auto populate the effect in game. Take it a step further, for those players with godlike XP, the higher your level, maybe the 'better' the perk you can select, maybe select more than one at a time? Maybe make escape objectives harder? How about a spare bullet for the shotgun? Not helpful for Jason, but maybe if the power struggle swings the other way later? Grant more points for players who evade Jason instead of engaging him Maybe add a new tool for the counselors, replacing half of the pocket knives?
  7. Whats up slashers

    Sup people. Been an F13 fan for over 30 years. Little pissed at myself; didn't know anything about the game until I saw it for sale for Xbox. Stupid me, if I knew about it, I would have jumped all over kickstarter. Either way, despite the gripes we all seem to have, I'm lovin' the shit out of this game.
  8. Hitch Hike Emote ?

    How many drivers would mow down a counselor throwing a hitchhiker emote beside the road? Almost worth the betrayal penalty..........
  9. Hitch Hike Emote ?

    How many drivers would mow down a counselor throwing a hitchhiker emote beside the road? Almost worth the betrayal penalty..........
  10. I wish they would focus on fixing the bugs first.