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  1. I heard as well that the tapes are extremely rare find, until i see any indication anyone found one of those things i simply believe it's made up. all i know is, IF they are in-game, that they are very rarely found in the drawers. Edit: and thats you should check the last page instead of simply reading first page only, apparently they are in-game now, and not as rarely as anyone said. ah well. time to play a few rounds and find out myself.
  2. I think he would be fine as another DLC jason, with one special thing about him that makes him special from the Jason's He doesn't hear Pamela, but instead thinks to himself while going on the rampage, small, but interesting enough. and we could hear what he was thinking when he started Killing. like, the match starts and instead of Pamela saying "they shouldn't be here Jason" we get to hear Roy thinking "My son never did anything to anyone, and now he's dead, they will all PAY!"
  3. Welcome to the Forums, hope you have a Great time here and in-game!
  4. I love the game. i just feel like we need to adjust the Combat-system. As Ryve said, no use going melee against jason as he only needs to grab ya. i'd say people who are blocking or in cambat stance should get the weapon yanked away should jason grab them. giving them a small moment to escape, that, or no grab while attacking Jason.
  5. I worry more about your Health guys. Please don't strain your body yes? I'm grateful you want to fix this game and make everybody happy, but it's no use if you people aren't healthy, you made a fun game i enjoy playing. sure, it got it's kinks, but i didn't notice any of that except the login problem. sure i wanna get my achievements and all that, and i saw some completely inpatient people, but if you need sleep. take it, take a week off and sleep. i'll understand that we are only Human, and we all want to make a great game together. oh, and to make a little joke. next time you guys launch a game, please make sure Jason isn't sitting in the server Room. haha.
  6. I totally get that Jason is supposed to be that big scary guy you WILL die against, but in case somebody decides to fight back with a melee attack, they're usually utterly fucked because all Jason's gotta do is grab them and be done with it. the only change i ask for is that the Jason grab won't be able to grab someone who is in the middle of an attacking animation, should whittle down the grab->kill combo, and make some use out of the combat system. Alternatively, camper in the combat stance or maybe who is blocking get their weapons yanked away if Jason grabs them. basically Jason looks confused at the weapon he yanked away before throwing it away while the camper get's a chance to leg it, however this is not a stun, you only distracted Jason for a second. and remember, either when in combat-stance or while blocking (haven't decided yet), if not, the camper gets grabbed. any thoughts or improvements to that idea?
  7. still have problems logging in, i can wait. no really, I've got time to waste. most likely everyone and their mother is trying to assess the game thus resulting in server-overload.
  8. Every time i play a freshly release game, the servers get Overloaded. if i ever start a game company and release a game, i'll make sure half the budget goes into servers. but to be fair. gunmedia is a small team. and i'm grateful they try to fix it as fast as possible, some company's would just scoff and say "Well everyone wants to play it, just wait till it dies down and try tomorrow again" therefore, thank you gunmedia for trying to fix this as quickly as possible. i still believe in you guys.
  9. I've been thinking, if, and that's a big IF, this game generates enough cash for Gunmedia to feel safe to add DLC, what could they do to make interesting Jason DLC? for example. part 5/Roy Burns is infamous for being a copycat, so i'd say if he ever becomes playable, it would make sense that he talks/thinks to himself instead of hearing Pamela's voice, he never was a mommy-boy like Jason was, and was clearly capable of speaking, he just refused as long he "played" Jason. or maybe another what-if Jason? back then there was an idea to make Tommy Jarvis the next Copycat-Jason, could also make another interesting Jason to play as. any other idea's that would make an interesting what-if Jason or interesting spin on the Jason's from the movies that didn't make the cut? again, this is only brainstorming and speculating since it's unclear as of now if this game even will have any extra DLC.
  10. alright, just to clear things up in case somebody still doesn't know what this means. The problem: Counselors keep jumping back and forth trough window's to keep Jason away, as he needs to go all around the house to get to them. The solution: Jason can now Break glass. if a Counselor now decides to keep jumping back and forth he will lose health. as in, you have 100HP and climb trough a broken window, you'd lose like 5HP. no big loss. but if you keep climbing back in and out, you will reach a state where you are easy prey for Jason.
  11. Steam/PC -- Lizzardtong [Ger] just as a heads up, i did not pre-order the game yet as i can't pre-order it at steam, nor can i buy it on the webpage since i only pay by Paysafecard, still. just wanted to put my name here if somebody is looking to include potential F13 Players.
  12. now me personally, would i love seeing pamela playable? sure do. but yeah, that would be a lot of work just for a new character. but i'm patient like a python...or anaconda. i'd prefer it to first release the game and fix all the little things, make the game Perfect. after that we have all the time in the world to work on stuff to keep the game fresh. once we are at this point that is. and honestly, i don't care how long it would take, and if we have to wait till 2020 until Pamela in included. i take what i can get and enjoy it. most people complain about what they don't have, me? i take what i can get and get as much fun out of it as possible.
  13. welcome to the Forums, hope you enjoy the Movies bail^^
  14. Hello and enjoy your stay at the Forums^^ and don't worry about the bad English, i believe that sooner or later, you speak it perfectly^^
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