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  1. I don't believe NES and Savini Jason were in the movies (I believe someone has already mentioned as much in this thread). Granted, they are in the spirit of the movies, but is it too far off point to think that winter would come to Crystal Lake? On a Friday the 13th?
  2. The developers have done a laudable job bringing this project to fruition with their talent and dedication to the source material, especially considering the relatively small niche it holds in the market. In what way would the introduction of a map with winter aesthetics (despite the concerns of some, winter does not invariably mean Christmas) possibly overshadow that to the extent that this game's reputation would plummet to the level of "0 percent hope"? Seems a bit fatalistic and counter-productive in a forum that they created to allow us to present new ideas such as this one. Just be open minded, because, even if they don't go for this one, the fact that it was even considered means something new and different that we all love and that they do go for will be adopted because it was presented in the same spirit.
  3. The problem isn't the fact that there are multiple traps at an objective. It's the inability to effectively deal with them without a gratuitous amount of resources. We have a proposed compromise developed earlier today here in this thread, I'd be interested to get your opinion on it. In essence, traps can be disarmed using a skill check, but a likewise skill check would be required to use a pocketknife to escape Jason.
  4. This is a buff/compromise I could get behind. That would certainly increase the tension for counselor. I have to admit there are times when I'm not too concerned about Jason chasing me when I have a pocketknife in my inventory. Should it be a set skill check or would it scale with one of the counselors other stats like composure? Because I do have to also admit it is a little immersion breaking to see all of the characters be able to escape Jason's grip so consistently. Maybe Tommy Jarvis should still have an instant breakout though?
  5. I really like this idea and how thematic it is with regard to the original film. I also like how it offers a "last ditch" effort to a sole-surviving counselor as well as an additional means for interactions in the water between Jason and the counselors beyond the boat or otherwise ill-thought ventures. Was it a balancing suggestion that you had proposed that Alice be injured? Or was that meant to be thematic as well?
  6. Hey, thank you for taking the time to check it out! I can understand why people can become passionate (especially if they were backers of the project!) but, at the end of the day, that just means we're all fans of this classic series and are thrilled at the opportunity to revisit it in the setting of a modern game developed by a dedicated group of people who share the sentiment. That's definitelly important to remember. Likewise looking forward to discussion on the forums!
  7. Thank you for taking the time to read and contribute to the discussion. Make no mistake, being a huge fan of the films (please check out my Intro thread to see why), I want Jason to be powerful. To that end, I can definitely sympathize with the sentiment to make him scarier, especially in the face of the "Jason trolling" that takes place. But allowing him to nuke objectives with traps just isn't the answer to that. Let's put it this way, if the devs did tweak his traps, I would not mind seeing them buff a few other aspects of his character (within reason of course). Perhaps that's some thing else we can discuss. If a concession were made to traps, where would we want to see a reasonable buff in the interest of compromise?
  8. Is the logic of my reasoning as to why this particular scenario should be brought into question not sound? So far, the only explanations offered as to why the systems in play should remain as such have been based on the hypothetical and tenuous condition of teamwork, the complete devotion of character building to tanking traps, and the fact that traps can be disabled easily enough by stepping on them. Maybe that's why I'm considered a new player. Perhaps there's some meta that I'm missing wherein becoming injured and alerting Jason isn't supposed to be a bad thing? I'm kidding obviously and I have come to understand that there is a sentiment that Jason isn't as powerful as he should be. I'm inclined to disagree with this just as I am inclined to disagree with the sentiment that traps are inseparable from Jason's win condition. I have personally witnessed players wipe all counselors as Jason just from utilizing every other ability at his disposal. However, Jason isn't meant to be able to wipe all counselors every match any more than they are meant to all survive. It's often a partial percentage who escape while others don't (just like in the movies!) with 100 percent scenarios existing as the exception rather than the rule with the outcomes of course augmented by player skill (and luck). Inundating a vital component of an escape avenue with traps heavily upsets that balance and doesn't offer a realistic means of recourse for the counselors involved. To reiterate my proposed solution with the addition of the concept proposed by Foobar: Allow counselors to disable Jason's traps utilizing a skill check system with the caveats that they can be reset and the counselor performing the action is vulnerable while doing so. Would that be acceptable? Why or why not?
  9. Thank you all for the warm greetings! Looking forward to crossing paths here on the forums. To that end, I've hit the ground running on my feedback efforts in creating a thread in Suggestions/Feedback called "On Disarming Jason's Traps". If it's a subject you're interested in, please take a look at it and share your thoughts!
  10. I would be greatly in favor of a snow map for the game. The potential for new aethesitcs (If you've ever been in the woods at night in the dead of winter, you can understand the creep factor inherent to the situation) and contextual kills is just too great to pass up. Despite the fears expressed by some here, I don't believe such an addition would detract from the overall experience. Sure, it's awesome to see locations from the movies (Jarvis Residence is one of my favorite maps for that reason), but one of the great things about the video game medium is that it allows for a little more opportunity to experiment. In any case, I believe the developers have shown us that they have a lot of love for the source material and so if they did decide to go the route of a thus-far unattempted aesthetic, I believe they would do so with the integrity of the license in mind.
  11. Those perk combinations probably would contribute to allowing one to tank the traps in the situation I had mentioned, but--think about it. From the perspective of a veteran you are using all of your perk slots and precious resources to counter what is ultimately a supplementary tool at Jason's disposal; A tool that can be effectively deployed with game-start-morph ease, unless the counselors build their characters completely around tanking it. It just seems unbalanced, especially when players leverage this to the degree described in my anecdote.
  12. I would be in full agreement with a skill check system for disarming Jason's traps.
  13. I apologize if it was unclear in my original post. I fully acknowledge the viability of Jason using traps on objectives (in addition to trapping windows and doors, I've had just as much success with the latter method when cornering a counselor in a cabin). What I am challenging is the Jason's ability to absolutely innundate the spot with multiple traps (that can't be passed with fancy footwork) with no recourse on the part of the counselors save for pooling precious resources on the tenuous basis of cooperation in the face of the persisting threat of Jason's presence or, in my particular case, sacrificing the rest of the match to thwart such an easily engineered tactic.
  14. I appreciate your insight and I did see a lengthy discussion on how to propagate situations such as this one rather than mitigate them, which gave me pause, but I figured it was worth representing the other side of the question. From the veteran's perspective, how does one reliably circumvent Jason's traps?
  15. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my topic! For a moment there, I was worried I had written that article to no avail! You are right on a few fronts, though some of your suggestions are a bit tenuous, allow me to respectfully explain: -Jason's traps are indeed limited, but if the concern is that all off them will be disarmed in one go, one would have to question the antagonist player's placement of the devices. That is to say, that the chances of a counselor (or 8) being able to consistently spot and disarm every trap (and any and all subsequent replacements) seem unlikely. -Teamwork, while possible in the game, is certainly not guaranteed--perhaps by design. Every player realistically has the ability to engineer his or her own escape. Therefore, the temptation to allow your teammate to be slasher bait while you sprint for the finish becomes that much stronger. As an additional effect, altruism has a greater value, adding greater depth to the experience. -Tiffany is indeed no pro with a wrench...or a gas tank. However, I don't believe it is a reason to forgo the notion of using her for the repair objectives. After all, what else is there for her? Distraction? Sweater donning? That again leans pretty heavily on the teamwork aspect. Besides, who wouldn't like the added thrill of getting one over on Jason with the unlikely hero? Who is Eric LaChappa? -Dropping the objective part is a viable method that I often use (e.g. leaving keys that I find by a car instead of dying and losing them somewhere obscure). However, in this case, I would have only been setting an invitation for my other teammates to be sequentially caught and slaughtered in the nefarious scheme. So, in a way, I did the best I could in the situation by springing them all. But whether or not such a situation should be able to so easily present itself is the question addressed here.
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