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  1. its cool man, i just hope some devs see this and maybe think about doing something similar to what the insurgency devs did to revive the game on steam again its funny cause i just thought about the people who were talking about how the playercounts dropping were temporary things and how things were gonna get better in the future. they were warned like a year in advance, continued doing shit and saying everythings gonna get better and now were here steam aint even bothering to count the super low playercounts anymore
  2. nahh im just saying what they did launched the playercount to the sky and f13 devs should do that too considering their game is a buggy mess and not worth 40 bucks in its state
  3. to make more sense of the title, below a specific amount of players ( ithink its something like 200 or 100) the steam community hub stops displaying how many people are playing the game right now. i think we can finally literally say that on steam, this game has died. lol rip f13 game on steam 2017-2018 btw insurgency sandstorms devs decided that since the 2nd part of insurgency is coming out next month that the first insurgency gets free forever if you download it within 48 hours. their current playercount grew from ~5k to about 120k. maybe yall can do this now
  4. dont think i could sum my issues with dbd up any better at all. f13 hasnt had true content updates for ages, and has only one killer, is buggy as shit and wont recieve any more content updates and still remains on top in my opinion. again, the casuals may leave for free dbd but the actual slasher fans and f13 fans will stay with this game forever or atleast until someone releases a better slasher game. and those people really matter.
  5. usually when id do it its cuz im waiting for people to come in or im waiting for people to ready up and when they take too long i unready and browse the jasons buy stuff with cp or generally compare my counselors and perks and shit. i often forget about the match and ironically i end up sometimes being that last person that doesnt ready up. i think a lot of this could be prevented or fixed if you had the ability to change counselors / jasons / perks etc while ready.
  6. i always figured shes pretty kind and caring and in the challenges you can see her being rather nice to shelly instead of tellin him off when he asks her out
  7. has been happening to me ever since the beginning of the game. dont think the devs are gonna fix it anytime soon, but i think it doesnt matter what character you have or what you do, it just happens for no reason in the worst times. i also often have it happen that i spawn with my camera randomly fixed in some spot after the intro and the only thing that makes the camera go behind my characters back is when im grabbed or slashed by jason. another bug that happens to frequently to be overlooked to me, ever since i started this game like a year ago.
  8. sad shit fr im gonna miss this game. only slasher game on the entire steam market and one of the only few horror games that were fun to play. too bad nobody makes games like these now.
  9. wanna add to that, if any teams like rockstar for example made this with a big budget they would have likely took the time out of their days to give the jasons actual personality and shit as well. such as pt2-4 being about counselor sized with a normal average body shape like in the movies and with their own kinda walk style animations and gameplay style for example. in this game the main difference between pt2 and 9 jasons is literally just some minor strengths and weaknesses, in the end they all look and play the same as a huge 7 foot bodybuilder with more mass than brainpower and a fetish to grab people by the neck and then very slowly lift them up before killing them i would have gladly paid for those jasons if they actually changed up the gameplay a little bit and actually looked and played more accurate to the movies theyre in
  10. for a lower pricetag this game would be worth it even with the bugs. i think some people are being melodramatic about this. its hard to play at times but its far from unplayable and 9 out of 10 matches usually work well enough. 13 bucks is a good price for this. you get a shitton of content and its fun enough to play for a while. (note im talking pc / steam here, not consoles. consoles still have a good playerbase but steam is steady dying right now)
  11. to be fair i think it was more like this because they never did a single bugfix but always released huge content patches along with it which was the reason it all fucked up. well see how it goes now that they ONLY do bugfixes and nothing else.
  12. thats more of a thing if ur a slasher fan vs a general fan of games. im a slasher fan which is why this game got me good in the first place and ill forever have fun with this even in its buggiest state ill enjoy this more than dbd. dbd is so damn repitive its just not any fun at all. slash someone til theyre on the ground, pick em up, put em on a meathook and wait for a huge spider demon to escort them into another deminsion. its fucking lame. not even any blood effects besides the blood pooling when youre wounded. a lot of people here have stronger love for f13 no matter what because as it is right now, its the pretty much only true slasher game in the market. its the only game thats fun, simple, casual, and true to its slasher roots- fun gory kills asymetric mp gameplay and realistic varied fun objectives with a campy stereotypical cast of teen counselors. fix a car or a boat and get the fuck out or call the cops and get escorted by them or try and hide til the timer is out other than dbd where the only way to win is to fix a bunch of generators. dbd can be as polished and fun as anybody wants, im here for a slasher game and dbd simply isnt a slasher game. its lovecraft kinda horror at its best, but not good lovecraft and not really good horror either.
  13. the painful irony when absolutely everything theyve done from the beginning is bad business and they end up considering the only thing that would be good business as being bad business smh? now that i think about it this game saw huge rising numbers of players whenever the game dropped price for sale or had a content patch..
  14. theres low budget indie games with no advertising pr whatever that have more players after 6 years than this commercial f13 licensed huge e3 game has after like a year. and the sad thing is that all they REALLY have to do is just lower the price. like we know these devs cant even put out a single patch without fucking more up than fixed. but i really doubt theyre so low that theyd fuck up changing the pricing.
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