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  1. this is my biggest worry here, they had something awesome and fun, they had f13 they had jason etc.. and it feels like each patch they do gets progressively worse and they keep listening less and less and less to their community here. i wish theyd get a grip, listen and fix their shit but its been like a year now and we still dont have the dedicated servers promised for day 1 and the devs are more worried about giving us features locked behind huge level caps and grinding than adding fun varied content for everybody and just fixing gamebreaking bugs. the game already IS dead on pc pretty much. average playercount is like 200-500 usually. and the devs dont seem to care. we dont have any player counters for ps4 or xbox, but i honestly dont believe that the game has even 20% of its original playerbase left on there considering just how long we have had to deal with disconnects host quits and general bullshit without dedicated servers now.
  2. i dont disagree with you, but the devs fucked up on a lot of levels and seemingly didnt even playtest this update themselves which we spent waiting like 4 months for and theres so many new and old bugs that break the game that they didnt fix at all etc etc and all people keep saying is "great work devs" "dont criticize them" "be nice". being nice is something weve done for like a year now and the devs are still actively fucking things up and not listening to their community. we need to stop being nice 24/7 and start asking for changes at this point, no matter how polite. i agree the other post was an overreaction, but i can 100% understand why he would be pissed with how things went. its clear that the skipping wasnt the only thing that pissed him off, its just the cherry ontop of the shitpile.
  3. jahzaveamanaie

    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    your logic would work if the devs didnt put one of the most anticipated features (weapon swap) behind level 113, actively ENCOURAGING playing this game not for the fun but for the rewards and xp grinding.
  4. watch out that you dont hurt the devs pwetty wittle feewings with bad words and perfanity. you have to tell them theyve done an amazing job as always, and then add a little sidenote such as "but (THING) was done just a little not perfect enough, please do (ACTION) to perfect (THING) fully you awesome devs you". optionally (but preferably) you can then end it off with a dorsia reservation with a table for 2 and pay the meal for the devs and apologize for the time they must have taken to read your complaint too. they will fix the gamebreaking bugs even faster if you get them a window seat.
  5. done, sorry bout that hmm i waited 5 mins for anything to happen at all and nothing. if thats the case thats way too long to wait to do somethin
  6. pree sure harpoon gun is glitched. tiffany has been sittin at the dock for like 5 mins now and i cant use the harpoon gun in any way. also when she was walking towards the end of the dock i was already standing at the harpoon gun, no kill prompt.
  7. jahzaveamanaie

    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    yeah. for the record, i just aced the 2nd challenge (got every single reward and all 3 skulls) and i didnt get any of the xp i "earned" in it. i figured maybe you have to ace the challenges to get the xp but nope, nothing for finishing the challenges other than emotes. they dont seem all too good or interesting at all either, atleast the first 2 challenges dont have any cool looking ones.
  8. jahzaveamanaie

    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    - still incredibly disappointed with lvl 113 requirement for weapon swap - still incredibly disappointed with no dedicated servers to properly grind xp for weapon swap and no fix to the car rubberband glitch - now incredibly disappointed with no xp in singleplayer challenges to atleast have something new and actually fun to grind xp for weapon swap + it feels like performance improved a bit + i love the new grab animations, the one you intiate as well as the one when someone breaks free. i love the subtle camera shake, it adds a lot of weight into it. feels way more satisfying. + singleplayer challenges is pretty fun, but - give us the ability to skip the cutscenes. theyre fun the first 2-3 times, then they get old fast, then they get annoying as all shit. + like 1,800 players online on steam rn. p sure most of these will leave pretty quickly after finding out weapon swap is lvl113 and they cant skip the intro cutscenes and major gamebreaking bugs werent fixed, but its fun while its lasting. cant really think of anything else. didnt care for victoria, bitch can die for all i care (literally, lol) and the rest of the additions are pretty minor and nothing interesting after like 4 months of waiting. heres hoping you guys dont half ass the next patch and deliver quickly. salt mines dont save the terrible connections non-dedicated servers have.
  9. not to mention how quotable he is. he deserves easter eggs like his own custom sounds for getting found while hiding (dam enchiladas) and repairing shit (singin ooo baby) and hitting jason (now u gona get it bitch) it would just be glorious in every way
  10. pretty sure its supposed to be saliva, just badly done to where they have huge streams go down looking like milk. it should have been droplets or a thin stream, not a recolored blood effect. i dont wish for an entire overhaul of the gore system as it is, but having the same generic splatter appear for most kills is terrible for a slasher game. and the spilling is so bad too. instead of fading the splatter in using animation or just simple alpha fading they just place huge splatters on the floor that come out outta nowhere. it should have blood dropping over a small time period until the splatter forms, but the way they did it the huge blood splatter just poofs out of nowhere and it looks bad.
  11. me again with them novel posts 😫 tldr; the best kills in my opinion are the ones with their own blood splatter and gore variations the only good parts of the kills imo is the well done sound design and animations ragdoll is garbage - engine update seemingly didnt fix it at all like they said they would according to what i saw on the livestream they still flopped and flew like injured birds i wish they reimplemented the early alpha environmental kill system where you could freely choose what part of the wall or rock or whatever to perform the kill on
  12. jahzaveamanaie

    The killing me is the wait.

    this is the most revolting thing ive seen in my entire life 😫. 2 girls 1 cup doesnt compare a *single* bit to this. im not even a big fan of bananas or most cheeses myself so it only goes downhill from there on
  13. jahzaveamanaie

    New Friday the 13th tv show

    the scream tv show wasnt all too bad and it would be fun to have a tv show for every major slasher character
  14. best way to deal with it. i already mentioned before, it would be cool to have an alternate outfit for each counselor. otherwise, hell no. they advertised the game from day one on saying people are free to play whatever counselor they want and if the entire lobby wants to be jenny they can all be jenny. removing it would just be another stupid thing to do to kill what remains of the dying playerbase
  15. alright yall so all my hate for the ridiculous weapon swapping level cap aside, what the hell is up with how lackluster all the gore effects are? again, slasher game, kills are pretty much the focal point of this entire game and theyre so... half assed to be real with you. im not gonna kiss your ass and say "great job as always" but id rather voice my criticism on the kills this game has, the system most of those are performed with and the job you keep doing with them. lets start with this being a slasher game and all that, we all know this. the big point of watching friday the 13th movies was the kills. nobody watches a slasher movie for the setting - we watch them for the creative, fun kills and gore effects and shit. i have no problem with the smaller details like the blood being discolored from the beta / alpha showcase where the blood looked better and was bright red as it should be and not all discolored brownish like it is now. the gore in general should be expected to be ATLEAST good / passable - and it honestly isnt in this case. let me explain why, and actually give you guys credit for some of the things you did RIGHT: the animations and most especially the sound design. sound design in games and movies is in my opinion a heavily underappreciated field and the sounds you guys done, well whatever you did or how you did it you did an amazing job. especially the head crushing sounds are fucking awesome, they even make me as a gore enthusiast cringe at how meaty and crunchy they are 😧 the animations are great. the motion capture is well done for an indie studio and i like that you put a lot of time into doing a lot of different, creative awesome kills. but now lets talk about the bad shit and the disappointing shit youve done. first off all, quality over quantity - you guys chose quantity by a long shot and its heavily noticeable. i didnt count to be fair, but i can tell that only a very few of the kills in this game really stand out to me: jaw breaker eye gouge heart punch the pt7 machete kill (lets split up i think?) now i can see a clear pattern in all these kills: they all have either their own blood splatter thats appropriate for the kill, and / or they have a gore variation / something OTHER than an animation and sounds happening with them. what really disappointed me though was seeing the boiling kill. i expected the head to look boiled or burned and it just ended up being a generic blood splatter. and now we have seen the new kills trailer and while the kenny kill looked great and had cool sounds and animation but once again, the visual part is an entire let down all around. this man is burning alive - why the hell is he rolling around in a huge pool of blood splatter, and covered in blood splatter? hell- im not even expecting any savini jason burn texture. just darken that motherfucker. literally just make his entire shader go dark. anything is better than putting blood splatter and a blood pool on a burning person. same with a lot of the kills in this game: whats up with the head crush? i can understand if you guys are too lazy / have techinical complications and are unable to make a head gore variation look good on all the counselors. but if thats the case, why not just use the decapitation gore to take the head away and place 5 generic gory head pieces in the middle when the crunch happens to just simulate the head exploding? anything is better than just slapping the generic nosebleed blood splatter you put on 90% of every other kill there is in the game. the counselors randomly nose bleed the same brown liquid over their faces when they have an axe slammed inthe middle of the skull, have a machete part their face, are put into boiling water / a campfire, have a marshmallow poker put into their throats or have their head curb stomped. after a while, these kills just lose the little value they had when they all result with the exact same visual effect, a counselor who had the cola mentos prank played on him. the worst kill in this entire game in my opinion is the wall punch environmental kill: jason punches the counselor in the middle of the face, against a hard wall, and the head cleanly decapitates off the body. what the hell lol? also the ragdoll. honestly not much to say, its straight garbage. add some actual weight to the ragdolls, put on believable rotation limits and fix the way people go from death animation pose into flying 20 feet in the air. the engine update didnt fix shit as i could clearly see 2 instances of ragdolls flying in the air like they do right now in the livestream, it doesnt look like anything changed at all. and what happened with being able to dynamically choose where to perform environmental kills? in the gameplay world premier we saw 2 instances with deborah and vanessa where you could cleanly chose what part of the wall or what part of the rock to perform the kill on. i hate how nearly nobody goes for environmental kills unless RIGHT infront of one because you removed that system and instead chose predefined places to perform them in, like one in the middle of a 13 feet long cabin wall that nobody would ever do because the time it takes to walk all the way over to it with a counselor grabbed gives the counselors 2 chances to break free before death.