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  1. The other potential solution would be to make the changes to Jason, but further nerf the counselors and keep all of the items. So reduce the stun likelihood across the board, decrease the overall stun time and make Jason faster and improve the animations. Sick to death of people complaining of OP Jason and nerfed counselors! He is meant to be OP and they are meant to be squealing helpless young adults; that's the premise of the movie that the game was based on and that's how it should play. I am sick of games when Deborahs, AJ's and all the other 'fixer' characters knock a giant monster on his ass with a pot/poker or some other BS weapon. So no, I say nerf them further, punish people for trolling/dancing/teabagging being general assholes! Therefore you have the beast Jason you want whilst the counselors still have a bit of a chance, cause they can still use their weapons and items. They would soon learn though that this isn't viable and they should Play the Objective. I'm just playing Devil's Advocate here, not saying this is the best way to improve it
  2. I agree to an extent though not to the commentary about Jason having too much of an advantage. He should have an insurmountable advantage. I do agree though that the lack of weapons could be an issue, but it's to combat the players who don't play the objective and spend the entirety of the game trolling Jason. I don't know the answer to combat this whilst making it 'balanced', but again my mind continues to stray to the , it shouldn't be balanced camp! I think the solution would be for the devs to come up with another, more sensible way to start each map rather than him insta warping to your location leaving you helpless before you've had a look around. Then again, I face this issue consistently due to speed looters anyway.
  3. Whilst they missed a few fundamental flaws, I for one look forward to trying this new patch! It sounds like Jason will finally be the powerhouse, tank that he was meant to be, and of course you have to balance realism and 'fun'. In my opinion the flaw here is that the counselors were buffed too much in the first place which people got too used to. I can't pass too much comment having not played the patch yet, but from the notes this is the patch that has been needed. I reckon it'll draw a lot of players back into the fold, and hopefully either force people to work together or leave altogether. I'm down with either of these scenarios to be frank. Regarding the other major bugs, sure they are fundamental, but now at least the devs can get on with fixing those without worrying about folk leaving/rage quitting/sitting AFK as Jason. As I have said to @Hellraz3r countless times, survival ( just like in the movies) should never be a sure-fire option! It should be done with luck or come at great sacrifice. This new patch certainly makes me believe that one or two folks are sadly going to have to bite the bullet for the rest of the team, and I'm not sure the community is ready for that.
  4. Sure the patch has 'stuff'. Just not sure if SP or Virtual cabin was the right 'stuff' to appease people of the glaring game breaking bugs that exist. Of the one game of SP all of my fears were realised when the AI was as bad as i expected! Running into a bed for a good 2 mins with no apparent pathfinding in place to unstick themselves. Every single counselor immediately diving through windows as soon as they saw me ( even if I was a good 100 yards away)- they could have opened and climbed through as normal. Fixing the car, starting then reversing into a tree and sitting there for the entirety of the match whilst i murdered every other counselor. Single player ruined the whole experience of the game, it felt scripted, wooden and there was no life or dynamic which I love the MP experience for. In my honest and unwanted opinion they should have pushed the SP back a good few months until they addressed the other issues which hamper and hinder the MP game.
  5. I am also in said party, and it's shambolic. You spend 20 odd minutes trying to get into a lobby only to get bounced at the Jason reveal or right before the end. I want to play this game, i like this game, i don't know how I would know this as i cant actually get full game!!
  6. I am saddened by this, knowing that you guys got to play Jason as Jason should be! I still like the game as it is (don't judge me i've never known any better) but i'd like Jason to be Jason
  7. Thanks for the replies @Caulus & @MichaelMemers. Whilst i'm new to the game and am late to the party. In my opinion I don't think it's OP, i think all Jason's should be tough as nails and being a counselor should be a challenge. I'm talking challenging as in near impossible, as that's the point of the movies and the whole Jason lore. Surviving should be about sheer cunning or luck of counselor. Every Jason , Savini or otherwise should be powerhouses! Again i've never played against a Savini but i can't see why folk leave just cause you cant run circles around him with Vanessa!
  8. Can anyone explain why they think this Jason is OP or p2w cause I don't see it Strengths Shift - The cooldown for this ability is shorter, and can move at a faster speed. Weapon Strength - This Jason can deal more damage with his weapon. Destruction - This Jason can destroy barricaded doors with only three hits. Weaknesses Water Speed - This Jason is very slow to move in the water. Can't Run - This Jason can only fast-walk, and cannot run Grip Strength - Counselors will have an easier time breaking out of this Jason's grasp. These are just the usual perks with a different skin on top. Sure he has a long reaching weapon but nothing more. I reckon folk leave lobbies with him there cause they're bitter that they don't have the skin themselves.
  9. Strange topic, but I'm a fellow software dev and have been curious for a while how the guys at Gun(@GunMedia_Ben, @GunMedia, @ShiftySamurai) go about developing the game. I ask not from an attempt to shitpost, or to reveal all the secrets behind the wizards curtain but from a professional perspective. I know you guys have a roadmap that you follow, and in quarter/iteration x you have committed to y and z; but you also pick up technical debt, and I'm just curious how that gets worked on. I'm mainly curious to know how you guys prioritize work items on the backlog, as I'm sure there must be loads of things on there! Do you take so many would likes, so many must haves and so many be nice to haves into each iteration and work from there? Or do you use the feedback through forums and Discord to help direct your dev cycle? Further to that point, again without divulging all the goods- what( if any) system do you use to assign time and effort to these tasks? Whilst I'm sure you guys are too busy to answer my shit, this could also go someway to showing the fans just what goes into developing a beast of this magnitude!
  10. I've noticed that the hitting Jason doesn't always work when you try to save a teammate from a grab. Several times over multiple games my friend and I stuck close together incase we got grabbed. Then I got grabbed and my friend (playing as Adam) struck Jason 3 times with the bat, breaking it over his head and getting the points for hitting Jason. However this didn't stun Jason as it should have (?) This is a pretty fundamental flaw, or we are just playing it wrong?
  11. Hi all, I'm a fairly new player to the game but love it so far- even with all it's quirks! I play on PS4 and run mainly AJ Mason and whichever Jason looks coolest at the time! Happy hiding!
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