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  1. I highly doubt we'll be getting anything worthwhile from them now, but sure why not.
  2. Hellraz3r

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Leatherface. Didnt feel very memorable, wasn't expecting anything great but was a pretty pointless. Feels like it's just a pointless let's do this because why not. I wouldn't really count it with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original or reboot) since they decide to change the family name, Tommy and generally muddle things. 5/10.
  3. Hellraz3r

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    This is something that has bothered me for a while now, I really hope this rubber banding gets sorted soon too.
  4. I have to agree, I don't really care if they are friends and decided to kill me but still kills them at the end of the match anyways. It's the really over the top shit I get annoyed at. One game I had someone run past Jason to close the window from the outside and then body block me from the outside so Jason could just walk straight inside to get me and then same game do the obvious car bullshit.
  5. Hellraz3r

    Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    I'm only going to miss getting a pocket knife for taking out a trap on an objectives more than using it against Jason here, well maybe not that security in the car. Now I worry it'll be a 'no you go first' at any objective with a trap on it. It does sound like this patch could address most of the issues however so I am looking forward to it.
  6. I hate this, I'm always really glad to see one and play against one, I think I got half a game before they quit out for people being shit. It's unfortunate just how ill out people have taken this to the point that many people don't seem to want to go him and take this kinda shit (which is only fair), all because they either didn't want to foot the cash for it or simply missed it.
  7. I never really bother with repairing the 2 seater, because I play with someone else. I always try and go for the Fuse and 4 seater repair to help out the others but it does get annoying doing it all yourself. However I never find myself willfully Team killing folk, even the useless hangers on however it does get mighty annoying when people steal your weapon, the vehicle or horde pocketknives yet don't use any to take out traps. It almost feels special when you get some random people that help with parts,repairs or dealing with Jason to buy some time.
  8. It certainly does seem people are just envious or have a chip about the Savini Jason because they missed the chance to get him since it was exclusively for backers of the game (or the Sony slip up). I've noticed people just quit out in protest when he appears in the cutscene or do troll/grief much more which is unfortunate for people that backed the game and want to use him. I myself don't have that Jason, but I always enjoy whenever I see others using him, just a pity others aren't.
  9. Hellraz3r

    Unmasked Jason

    Absolutely, I can imagine the time it took to go into that level of depth with little time for appreciation in the main game. It's certainly a good idea for offline mode but it would be a good addition into the virtual cabin to toggle the masks on and off to actually look and enjoy it as well.
  10. Hellraz3r

    Jason X unlock

    As much as I want to play as Uber Jason I really don't want him to be in the regular mode getting stunned and knocked down but bats or pots constantly, while it is just a game it would really take away from him being, well, Uber. I would be alright if he was only on the Grendel with map appropriate weapons and means of killing him though.
  11. Hellraz3r

    Unmasked Jason

    It is an interesting idea, would just have to change the play style of Jason to accommodate for it which could be fun. Part 7 is probably my favorite looking, but Part 6 and 9 are also pretty cool unmasked.
  12. Hellraz3r

    Jason X skin

    They are. It will also sadly make no sense having Uber Jason as a skin in current maps because he should not get knocked down or stunned by any characters or weapons in the game just now. This should only work from some high tech weapons on the Grendal that are introduced in that update because being Uber Jason and being insta-stunned by an AJ with a pot would not be good at all.
  13. I like the sound of this for sure but the only issue with this would be if you were still able to fix that generator, because if once you kill someone on it then it's completely busted this would mean you can no longer call in Tommy if that cabin is knocked out by this specific generator which wouldn't go down well. This would have to be able to repair it even after it's been used as an environment kill which might take away from it since the body would just drop to the floor afterwards instead of become static in the electrical box.
  14. More incentive to be a good Tommy would be nice, it does get a bit shit when you see a Tommy just crouching at the edges of the map and then bolting for the escape leaving you and who ever else actually done the hard work to die. So giving players that xp for doing specific tasks wouldn't hurt.
  15. Hellraz3r

    Jason Leg Break

    I have said about this one before as well, it would only make sense to have this as a thing. Too many times this happens and you have to just sit there and wait through peoples stupidity till you get back up. Hopefully it's not too long before they add something like that in to it for Jason but it would cost a lot with needing to be motion captured and new assets and animations all around so hopefully they also deem it to be important enough.