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  1. I would nerf luck by 2 to 3 points to make strength about 3/10 - 5/10 because i personally think that luck is a useless stat for jenny if she won't get a strength buff but another reason i would want this stat to be down by 2 points is because if she would be given a buff for strength then they would be evened out. Probably made no sense but if you think about it then it would understand and plus why do I have to nerf something to buff something else (just asking a question)
  2. Hi! I wanted to point out a character that has really bother me to this very day all the way to the start of the game. His name is....eric....yes the "meme god" (that's what people refer him to) he is so USELESS! There is no point of playing him when you have Deborah. No it's not the reason of him being fat, its the fact that his stats are horrible. Only thing he is useful for is repair and only repair because all his stats are lower than Deborah's by 2 to 1 point! Here is proof as you can you see that Deborah and Eric both have the same amount of points on reapair but that's it. You might thinking that Deborah is worse than eric but the thing is what do they take off him and her. deborah - Deborah has lower luck and strength than eric (things that are used in fighting jason) eric - eric has bad stamina and speed, composure, and stealth than Deborah. deborah might have the worse strength but it's better than having stamina that last in 2 seconds. There is not point playing eric! Walking meme or not...he is the worse counselor in the game. FIGHT ME! (Just kidding) see you later ❤️ Love - @vanessamyers
  3. I want love to have more recolors that are cute patterns like white flowers with a baby blue background on jenny (damn...im a expert:))
  4. It's not usless even when not killing jason. If you try to hit him and doesn't get stun you will regain stamina even when he is stunned. Why would you want to buff her luck if she has the worse strength? There's no point. SAME If any of you are wondering...im talking about demasking (i dont see the point on trying to kill jason in public when you can just escape from car, police or go survival of the fittest) im talking about stunning him and stuff to give time to get out of a area or save someone or regain stamina. I also wanna buff for her strength is because she is the final girl (according to her aesthetic) also they should buff repair for her too but just by 2 or 1 points. Also who else needs a buff? Love to hear suggestions! *insert smiley face here*... (I'll stop with that soon).
  5. This is a random thing to talk about but i really think jenny needs a buff to her strength because what final girl isn't strong if you know what a mean *insert winky face*. I love jenny myers but her strength so bad (if you didn't know, her strength is 1/10) GUN MEDIA. PLEASE. BUFF. THIS.
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