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  1. i guess other posts have been hiding yours cause i just haven’t seen any from ya. you’re very understanding. keep doing you.
  2. @DamonD7 I miss you, buddy. wya.
  3. okay, but you understand then that things can be read and taken in a more offensive tone then what they were meant to be? have you sat there and thought about maybe you guys are taking some of the stuff more offensive or serious than it was intended to be? because reading that paragraph about myself i could’ve taken it as “you don’t even post here, your opinion doesn’t matter” but i was reasonable and knew that’s not what you meant. because i think you’re taking some of the stuff i said more serious or unreasonable than i intended for them to be.
  4. alright, then i have a question. are those paragraphs you made to all of us a big “fuck you” to each one of us? because we could sure read it that way.
  5. hi, kodiak! i no i never posted much on here, but i checked in daily and would read and scroll for quite a while. the deleting, banning, and suspending of members has made me coming here unenjoyable. it’s affected me and my enjoyment here. also, it’s not “falling in line” it’s having a fucking opinion. when all people see are one side of the story it’s hard to believe the other. we don’t know nothing about Gun’s side right now, so it’s hard to take their side. and i don’t know if you read my post earlier but i said that i agree some posts were rightfully deleted. also, some were not, and you guys have been pulling out some bad excuses about it. also, again just bc it’s not happening to me doesn’t mean i’m not affected by it? ex: best friend’s mom and dad are getting a divorce. it’s not your mom and dad so it’s like you can be sad or affected by it. moving on. you’re kind of a hard ass now, kodiak. you’re a cool dude i’ve played friday with you once or twice. but, uh, here lately on the forums from what i’ve seen you’ve been pretty trigger happy with the deleting and warnings. let me reiterate, some posts deserved to be deleted, some sure as hell didn’t. some posts have said “the round earth has flat land” and were edited into “the earth is flat” because editing too much changes how things are perceived. you’re hard asses because i’ve read stuff on here that weren’t against rules and i still saw it deleted. wanna know how you can do right? be a reasonable moderator again, kodiak.
  6. there’s frustration here. you’re getting that confused with straight up anger. you know what? i appreciate you guys trying to comment why you’re doing such but there are really times when your guys’ reasons are, and i say this in the nicest way possible, but complete and utter bullshit. we are all adults here. we are trying to figure out what the hell is going on with this game and instead of answers to all of our questions, members are getting banned and suspended. and us saying we don’t care about warning points isn’t equivalent to banning. you are twisting words yourself, dear. i will admit, your moderating has improved a little since what happened with Alder, but quite frankly before then a lot of forum members weren’t impressed with you. a lot. you were a more unethical mod. kodiak and damon were cool, but kodiak has officially left the cool mod and became one no ones fond of anymore. i say all of this calmly and not spitefully. i’m being honest with you guys. will you take constructive criticism? try not to be such hard asses. think before you delete. am i just reading this post wrong? am i thinking they’re more mad than they are? the answers probably yes. i know listening to people bitch and complain about you is hard, but shit happens sometimes, you’re supposed to be the bigger person, right? bless your soul, sweetie.
  7. they can kill the game off, but all the players they’ve pissed off will make sure to spread how bad of a company they are. not good at fixing games they release way too early. they made their bed...
  8. they have ruined their reputation with the shit they’ve been pulling recently. all the shit they’ve been pulling in game, on forum, reddit, etc. it’s starting to feel like they really don’t care anymore. they won’t even release a statement.
  9. they were mad bc you were making them do their job.
  10. it’s absolutely uncalled for. it’s not even moderating anymore. they’re just censoring this place. i still have yet to get a warning point. yet.
  11. ok, this is bullshit and you know it. y’all (you, ben, and kodiak) have been deleting posts like crazy. sure, i get some of the posts were rightfully deleted but some sure as hell weren’t. i’ve seen worst stuff posted and not deleted. some of the posts didn’t break rules but y’all just didn’t like them. you guys are just abusing your power now. it’s absolutely ridiculous!
  12. I’m close to because of the censorship going on here. no one’s safe to post anything they think anymore? i’ve seen posts not break any of the forum rules but because the opinion wasn’t the same as the mods it got deleted! people have given Gun crap about their work forever on this forum! but now it’s gone to “oh, you don’t like this about gun? deleted and suspended.” i’ve seen forums with thin skinned mods take more crap than the ones here. let people have their opinions and conversations with one another! are y’all really getting THAT butt hurt? also, mods PM me if you have a problem.
  13. you deleted posts that were relevant to the topic. that’s not cleaning up the thread, that’s silencing.
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