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  1. Things About The New Update

    The game is fine now they just need to work on servers and some bugs and fine tune the bots.
  2. WHAT THE FUUUU***** ??????

    Man Jason is a BAD ASS again he got me 3 matches in a row but I dont care. I almost got away 2 times so I just need some time and luck .The game is still buggy but its a step in the right direction
  3. 1.30 patch likes/dislikes

    The bots are still doing stupid shit like Tommy running in palce in front of a door.
  4. Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    Dont be A Holes its a Jason game that was turning into a joke so grow up and be happy they are working on the game or just go away.
  5. I played 2 matches last night. In the first one Jason got a serious beat down between pocket knifes and being hit and they danced in front of him by the police then escaped. In the second one I was Jason and they came after me and I let the pukes have it slash slash slash and then came the IM calling me a C sucker. Im glad I had no mic on so STFU to any of you babies who think slashing in a game based on a slasher movie is wrong. PS please get this game fixed Gun ! like my dad use to say this is getting to be old shit.
  6. If they are smart they should throw us hard core players and the rest of the community a little info on how close they are to putting something out.
  7. Jason harpoon

    Ya thats a great kill plus its in the movie. You big babys make people sick with all your crying. God forbid Jason get a one shot kill on a counselor with 2 pocket knifes a med spray and a shotgun
  8. Nerf The Car

    I forgot about this thanks now we will have more noob brats and trolls that got the game for Xmas doing this . What a dick move.
  9. No boat for bots

    Ya they need to fix online first then bots and then make a true no bullshit AI Jason. I think that would make a good game epic if done right.
  10. So what setting do you guys think is the hardest ? I have not had the time to get in to the bots that much but I will later on and I hear hard is easy and easy is hard.
  11. Back in May/June this game was the funnest game I played in years. It scared the shit out of me a few times you know that zing you get in your gut like when you seen the movies for the first time back in the day. I even tweeted to them how great it was and that I was all in and would be buying all DLC and a season pass or add on stuff to support them and how do they thank me they fuck up the core game play. Thanks
  12. Man Im starting to feel like a fool because I bought this game back in May and have been a big fan of the game so much so I have told my friends and family to buy it. But after the last 2 weeks of playing its the same shit every night. I get maybe 1 or 2 matchs in then its the counselor beat down show. All 5 of us were by the police and I go in and the rest wait for Jason to beat on him for over 10 minutes. The bots are nice to have but they are a joke to play against so come on get this shit tuned up. It reminds me of the old Frankenstein movie where the townspeople chase him around with torches not a big bad ass Jason game. How many times do you have to hear this story before you do something ?
  13. I dont care how they got the offline bots as long as they can tune them up to be harder because on hard it is so easy to kill them the fun dies off like the bots do.lol
  14. Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    So far so good. I dig playing with Jason offline after 5 months its so fresh.