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    Double XP

    And of it you who know of course because your "special" get out of here with that you dont know A DAMN thing so could you shut you lying because you no shifty and you dont no so stop lying my god
  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah no thats over
  3. Ummm hello jason x k m and that guy you dont see it but we know they did it so ya there is one in the 3rd act
  4. Kayleb98

    Whos you main

    I always get buzzy i got him 10 times in a row once no joke lol
  5. Dude im sorry i got a bit out of hand have a merry chrismas and eve
  6. Kayleb98

    Whos you main

    No where listen im srry for calling you a dick Whos you main