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  1. As someone who actually plays with good Jasons, I can assure you this is not the case at all. Not only is block safe, but it has easy ways to punish. First of all, all of your arguments rely on the fact that counselors will literally be pushing up against your ass attacking at separate times in order to hit that one second that you're not blocking which isn't as common as you guys make it out to be. Secondly, there are safe attacks you can do out of combat stance. One being throwing a knife and quickly go back in. It's also very easy to come out of CS quickly by pressing the sprint button on the joystick or on the keyboard(whichever console you're using). Also, you're saying that you, as a Jason, will need to be blocking 24/7 when against one counselor.... what? Slash at them, they'll be forced to retreat or attack, Jason's swings ALWAYS have priority unless a counselor's comes out way before his. You don't have to bait a swing to attack first, that's not even close to a good strategy. Again, each one of your arguments assumes that every single counselor group is extremely coordinated and stays within inches of Jason. If you block at random times and back out of the group, they will attack a few times. Run up to them, slash, and block. Their weapons will run out soon enough, and you'll be able to kill them off. Or throw knives out of block and make them waste their sprays. Your strategy as Jason is literally just to stand still and block and wait for them to attack. No, they will chase after you if you try to block and move away at the same time, giving you ample time to swing at a counselor who is in front of the others and go back into block. Seriously, counselors don't stay in a circle formation at all times, they're human players.
  2. The easy thing to do as Jason is get the ones who aren't with the group. After you've gotten them, it's really not hard to make those in a group scatter. You don't have to stay blocking at all times, obviously, that will make them stop attacking, but be smart and predict when they'll start attacking and block as many of those as you can. You may get stunned, sure, but they'll run out of weapons very soon(especially with the new nerf to durability) and you'll be able to kill one off quickly. Of course, once their weapons break, they'll scatter into houses attempting to find new ones, leaving some who do have weapons out in the open. This is the perfect opportunity to kill off those who have split up from the group or outmaneuver the ones there with weapons and kill them. Another strategy is to use knives and slash as many of them as you can. I've seen it done before, especially if they're trying to get your mask off. They'll keep attacking even if you're blocking.
  3. I mean, I can try to find the clip, but again, as I said, I'm not sure how far back it was so finding the clip may be a bit difficult. I've seen him play, and while he's no doubt a good Jason, he pales in comparison to the likes of Mx or other Jasons in Nuggets's tournaments, so I don't think it's too much of a stretch that it was him. I don't think CKY has yet to find a Jason they couldn't kill, so I'm about 90% sure it was him on account of the name.
  4. That has nothing to do with anything I just said. Dopamine isn't a drug that people take hits of. It can be, but the type the brain naturally releases is just what regulates when you're happy. You don't say someone is taking hits just because they get happy. @The Wolf with that Toast I mean, sure? If you can get addicted to being happy, then yeah. Dopamine is only a huge problem when you take drugs that raise the amount released. If not, dopamine isn't that harmful since it's literally just what regulates your mood. Anything that gives you a good feeling can be addicting.
  5. He plays PS4, right? I've looked up other reyezbloods and there seems to be only one that plays F13. I know for a fact the person the killed was called that, not sure if it was him or not is the problem. He used J4 and no other Reyezblood plays this game so this guy is the only option left. I can try digging through their Twitch accounts to see if I can find a video on it but don't hold your breath, It would take a while to sift through all the videos to find that clip. By the way, it wasn't a competitive stream or anything, they encountered him in a QP lobby. The only reason I remembered his name was because I had seen him in many other QP lobbies as well. So if he did die, I'm certain he wouldn't go off telling his friends.
  6. I'm pretty sure it was him. The guy's name was Reyezblood and had a number or two after his name(don't remember which ones think It might've been a 3 too) and he mained part 4. He got killed by this one crew called CKY. The only way it wasn't him is if some other random person was called Reyezblood too, but I highly doubt it.
  7. Why not bring that stuff in? Why would I just say, "Yes, It's true just because!" Evidence is always better. You do get dopamine when it's harder, but as I stated before, if someone is losing more times than not, they won't stick around for the large pay off.
  8. Aren't you the same Reyez blood on ps4 that uses part 4 and got killed by CKY a while ago?
  9. Yes I am, because it's exactly that problem. Like with the car, you are tied to the window throughout the whole diving animation, even while standing up. Because of this, Jason can break the window at any time and still harm you. It most definitely is broken because you should not take damage after you've already gone through the window. Once you're past the window and fall to the ground, Jason should not be able to break the window and still cause you to take damage. It did not used to be like this.
  10. I'm speaking for all counselors based on common sense and science, of course. Anytime someone loses a game, they do not get the dopamine dose they get from winning, no, it's the opposite. If counselors were to lose even 70% of the time, people would quit playing because they aren't getting the euphoria they'd be getting from winning. It's basic science and I don't know how you don't know this. Jason has traps. You can easily monitor objectives if you pick people off and trap important areas. Jason CAN steamroll. Block all attacks and kill them. Or just go for the shift grab. There are many options... Combat against Jason should be valid if you have the perks and the character for it. It is in Jasons favor, it always is. His attacks come out faster AND he can block all attacks. Counselors can only attack and block(but get grabbed if they do so). I'd say it's heavily in Jason's favor.
  11. Because counselors shouldn't take damage unless they in the middle of the diving animation. If they're already on the ground, that counts as a "rubber-banding" glitch and shouldn't be in the game. If Jason can't catch someone looping then that's his fault, he shouldn't have his hand held.
  12. Are you planning on fixing the thing where a counselor takes damage after Jason breaks the window they jumped through even if they're already on the ground?
  13. I got it. I used "you guys" as more of a broad term. I read your replies back there and knew you weren't necessarily advocating for a nerf.
  14. Which further proves my point. When you guys think of buffing Jason, you think of "Average Jason" vs "Advanced 150 Counselors". Nope, if you want to compare then compare "Average Counselors" vs "Average Jasons". Jason is not at a disadvantage in this matchup.
  15. That's the problem, no matter how much they buff Jason no one's gonna stop the teabagging and it shouldn't stop. It makes the game fun. Look at DBD, over there they teabag the killers too. It's part of the territory in these survival games. Once you learn how to play, the horror always leaves the game. I was fucking terrified when I first played this game and DBD, now I'm not scared of the killers in either game. It happens to everyone. So stop using that "It's supposed to be horror!" excuse. Not necessarily. You can still destroy in private matches if you're good enough. I recommend you play with Wiz, Khan, Craig, PleaseMe, Mx... Those are some good Jasons that will prove there does not need to be a nerf in private matches. Because it's a MAJOR advantage to him? Blocking is what everyone in this forum doesn't know how to do, that's why you always see those threads complaining about stun chance when they have an ability that blocks all forms of stun in their possession that they can whip out at any time. It's ridiculous. Jason should NEVER be made powerful enough to clear a room by an average player. That would ruin the experience for counselors. Sorry people who only play Jason, but this is a game for both sides, not just for you. You don't get it easy; you should have to work for your kills not just spam a grab and catch people. I play both, but I'm so tired of all these "buff Jason" bullcrap posts by uninformed people who barely play the game. For those of us who love this game, it'll ruin the experience. I don't want an easier time catching people than it already is and I don't want a harder time escaping than it is right now. It's good how it is. EDIT: Haha, I like how someone sad reacted to my post not even a minute after I posted it. Shows just how easy these people want it as Jason.
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