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  1. How much damage to get Jason naked?

    Getting the mask off depends on 3 things. 1. The weapon(machete and axe are best; machete is better) 2. Strength of counselors(higher strength= faster mask knockoff) 3. How you hit him(combat stance and do a power attack, it takes it off faster).
  2. Marathon and Night Owl

    That would suck if the perk only worked at a specific percentage. I would expect that it would at least give me an extra hit with a wrench since it's an epic, it's not like It's a common.
  3. It's funny because everything you just said actually relates to you. @Imayslaylizdaw was only asking for evidence of chain-stunning. They were telling people to please give evidence as their tests are showing that chain-stunning isn't possible. You expressed your opinion in a rude personal attack and that is when they shot back. We get it, you don't like losing arguments, but seeing as how we're going to do tests and you're not gonna do anything shows that you really don't know whether it even exists or not. Show us these supposed tests done by people who do game mechanic tests on a regular basis. Show us these results and I'll gladly say you were right. As of now, you're just sore that you can't win this losing battle by using sarcasm.
  4. I thought static showed when Jason got an ability back like shift, not when he actually used it. I've had Jason running behind me and all of a sudden there's static and a second or two later he begins to shift.
  5. Not true. Wait a minute, are you talking about an ACTUAL stun or that flinch Jason does whenever you hit him and he doesn't get stunned? That isn't an actual stun.
  6. Marathon and Night Owl

    I have an epic 22% Man at Arms and it has no effect whatsoever on any characters. Shelly still gets 2 hits with the bat and Chad still gets 5. Even his wrench hits stay the same. It does nothing.
  7. Actually, this would make for a really good experiment. Thanks.
  8. Yup, there's an argument about this on another thread. People are throwing "chain-stun" around as if Jason is getting stunned then immediately getting stunned right after. In reality, that doesn't happen and he is immune to stun for a few seconds after being stunned. Jason can easily block or shift away from a group of counselors trying to smack him around.
  9. @Imayslaylizdaw Of course. I'll add you as soon as I hop on, but that probably won't be for a couple hours.
  10. Both of you chill out. To be fair, @Imayslaylizdaw was just asking for video proof. There was no need to get so personal just because you couldn't provide it. Simply put, there Is mention of a stun-lock going around by a lot of people, yet there hasn't been any actual video proof except for the double-stun with a pocket knife. I reckon most of these people complaining about this "stun-lock" haven't even encountered it themselves and are just complaining about it because others are. The fact that there isn't any video proof of it shows that, if it DOES happen, it happens very very rarely and isn't a big enough deal for there to be a lot of videos on it.
  11. I think you should be more clear. From what I've read, I am assuming you mean the time when someone told you stun-locking was knocking Jason over then knocking him out immediately after he got out of the stun animation. This I have yet to see any evidence of. I majorly agree that the pocket knife double-stun is not a major issue when there are very few pocket knives in the first place.
  12. I also see a lot of posts that are saying, "Stun should be nerfed! You know it's bad when I keep getting stunned by Lachappa!" Well, stun has nothing to do with strength or luck, so you have just as much of a chance getting knocked out by Lachappa as you do with Chad or Buggzy. The weapon is what dictates that and I think it's totally fine how it is. I always find it funny how people who play Jason want to make it IMPOSSIBLE to fight him because they want an easy win. Literally all you have to do is block and you're golden, but nope... They want to give Jason invincibility frames when he grabs, give counselors less chance to stun, make it so that after you've been slashed you can't hit Jason for another two seconds... This is ridiculous. @BeautyNumber2 Jason should not be able to clear almost a whole room every time, that's just too much.
  13. I think @Imayslaylizdaw and I would really like to see a video of this infamous chain-stunning we keep hearing about(not the one with a pocket knife). I keep hearing this thrown around yet nobody has shown any form of video of this actually happening.
  14. Marathon and Night Owl

    Mine luckily doesn't have any negative. I agree it's wasted on Chad since there are better perks to put on him(Sucker Punch and Swift Attacker), but it's amazing on Vanessa. I don't play Buggzy so I don't know which perks suit him.
  15. I'm not a millennial but even I know that this is a video game, not a movie. There's no need to complain about source material when you can be part 9 in Packanack and kill Tommy as part 2.