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  1. No point in playing as Jason

    I do agree with the lack of balance but some people make it seem as if the game was actually scary before the patch. I've had the game since June, and, when I first began playing it, it was scary because I didn't know how to play. I didn't know how Jason worked or how anything worked so there was a sense of fear anytime I would see Jason or leave a cabin. A month later, though, that fear stopped and I would approach Jason more casually and wouldn't be afraid anymore. The game stops being scary once you learn how to play not because of a patch.
  2. Uh Savini has all the strengths of part 4 except he has shift. Not being able to run isn't a major issue when your shift comes back in about 10 seconds. Savini is the best Jason hands down. Anyone who disagrees is obviously kidding themselves. His weaknesses are laughable, his strengths are amazing, and his median abilities are all still good(morph, 5 Traps, Sense).
  3. Disagree also. If Jason was meant to clear rooms easily, then this game would not exist. A game is meant to be played for a little challenge otherwise everyone would be Jason, clear a room in a few minutes, and repeat to get to max level. Then there'd be no replay value. If it's too difficult for counselors, though, they'd lose a huge junk of their revenue. That's why the game needs to be balanced so that Jason can just as likely wipe out a room as counselors can escape with their whole team. I'm sorry you don't like it but they can't alienate that many people just to please Jason players. I do agree that Jason should be buffed a bit to achieve that balance but he should not be buffed by a huge amount.
  4. He's supposed to be OP enough to clear a room, but not OP enough to do it easily.
  5. It's funny how you have to justify losing your age ad hominem by basically saying "Ha no you're lying, kid". That's clearly a last-ditch effort to keep any credibility.
  6. We don't have to own him to know. His strengths and weaknesses are clearly superior than any other Jason. That's like saying we can't know that Lachappa has less stamina than Vanessa if we haven't played as them. The stats are right there that shows her stamina is clearly superior.
  7. The game was designed to be a game where you can escape with teamwork. It was not designed for you to have 0 chance to escape. Not my fault you want it to be easy peasy as Jason and want to kill all counselors in the matter of 5 minutes. Where's the fun in killing any counselor you encounter instantly? Also, based on the birthday shown on your profile and the one on mine, I wouldn't call myself a kid.
  8. Of course his hit detection is garbage, but that has nothing to do with pocket knives or grabs. And yes, his grab WIDTH is bad, but his forward range isn't.
  9. I know what I'm talking about but you obviously don't. Jason can literally grab you and kill you right after. He only he a few frames when he first grabs when he can't kill but those are irrelevant unless you're right next to Jason when he grabs someone. Or you're behind him with a flare fun or shotgun.
  10. I've yet to see that. I've seen people swing at Jason and completely miss. I'm not saying Jason doesn't have this problem either. Right now, though we're talking about how difficult it is to save another counselor when grabbed by Jason since you have to be in just the right place. What does shift have to do with anything? +shift Jasons have a 10 second cool down. And, if someone wants a fast shift, then be a +shift Jason, simple. Let's not forget that Jason has many tools such a stalk. You can easily activate stalk and shift-grab a counselor.
  11. I'm sorry reading causes your brain to hurt. Maybe go see a specialist?
  12. Uh you do realize how fucked up the hit detection is right? You have to be directly behind Jason in order to hit him. Anywhere else and the weapon just hits the counselor he grabs instead. So all Jason really has to do is turn toward you and you're shit out of luck. Let's not forget that if Jason moves an inch, you're weapon misses even if you're touching him.
  13. Savini is obviously OP. Anyone who denies it is kidding themself. He has good shift, meaning you can't run for long; Good destruction, which means you can't hide either or regain your stamina; and he has weapon strength which means you can't fight him either. Those 3 things are pretty much a counselors only options and he has the upper hand in all of them. Let's not forget his weaknesses are laughable. Water speed and grip strength? Ha. Can't run? His shift definitely makes up for that. This also means he still has a pretty good morph and 5 Traps.
  14. Bad idea. What exactly is wrong with knives? I get it gets you mad that you have to waste time anytime you grab someone but that's what they're for. They're supposed to give you a false sense of victory until you realize you haven't won yet. More knives isn't a problem, especially when J2 exists. He has 7 Traps and there wasn't enough pocket knives for his Traps before. Now there's enough for all of his Traps and maybe one or two extra for a counselor to use as protection. Even if all the Traps are just tanked and every counselor has one pocket knife, so what? So they get a free escape, now you have to try again to get them. Seems fair when Jason can instantly kill you once he grabs you.
  15. Luck has nothing to do with stuns if that's what you're getting at. And you do realize that stealth is useless if you're good at leading Jason around, right? I run around all the time with Vanessa, I never crouch walk or jog(I only jog if Jason is chasing me since it conserves stamina) and I don't die because of it. Stealth is not a must-have. In fact, a lot of people see stealth as one of the useless stats alongside strength and composure.