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  1. I hope the strap and branch kill from Part 5 makes an environmental approach - and I still like the idea of Roy starting with a flare. For the intro, if they'd changed it, Roy could be turning up after a Jason killing spree and sees Joey dead (or even Shelly - both have similar builds) - and from offscreen you hear "Come on Roy, get your hands dirty" as he snaps. Not sure about the garden shears in full - though the eye stab should be a signature kill for him. They could also take inspiration from the Burning - sure it's not Jason, but it's still Savini's effects work - I'd love to see Roy do a number on boat travellers like that raft massacre scene - but I imagine he'd struggle with the water unless he waited in a canoe blocking the exit.
  2. Grandead

    Where is everybody from...

    I'm in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia - about 282 miles northeast from Melbourne - 286 miles southwest of Sydney.
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing Jason have a chance to use his weapons to smash windscreens of the cars - in Part 6 he does so with the graveyard fence post - and he smashes a window in Part 3 with his head - obviously the counselors have to try to escape in the vehicle, but tension is something the multiplayer game is starting to lose since the balance of power shifted away from Jason - so he does need a few more tricks. I've been practicing the "Jaws" shift - that is having him swim underwater and then shift once I lock onto a nearby target. A couple of times I've tried and missed the target on a jetty or pontoon and landed in the lake again - but on a couple of others I've managed to shift and hit my intended victim - usually getting stabbed with a pocket knife if I grab them. I do like the ambush idea - and he should have more chances to do so - especially if the power boxes go down. With all these knives and medisprays the counselors have access to, the developers can balance things a little - and take away the counselors torches so they have to run with only moonlight or the odd lightning flash to guide them if the power goes out...
  4. Happened today to other players around me (and to me once in a roundabouts kinda way) on a public lobby on PS4 (I know, surprise, surprise...) - in that one guy was playing as Buggzy and he was mowing down others in the 2 seater - but he often waited to do so when Jason had grabbed one of us. He then plowed the car into the counselor killing them - and since it happened 4 times consecutively, no way was it an "accident". I was playing as Shelly and got mowed down in this fashion. In a way, I'm a bit of an enabler to this - since I put the battery in the 2 seater and left the keys near the driver's door whilst running off trying to find a gas can - but I always play to try to assist counselors if possible - unless I'm near escape and Jason's on my tail. Why the Jason bothered with this, I don't know - after all, he doesn't get the kill XP. In the other instance, I was Jason and a bunch of Chads were running people down in the four seater. Stole 3 of my kills that way - and I finished with a measly 2 in the end (good Jason, I'm not - but if they were trying to get me to rage quit, they failed).
  5. I can confirm that the bots don't count towards the badges count, complete kills in a match (7 or 8 counselors), but they do count for the fireplace environmental kill trophy (Cooking with Jason), and the Dismemberment Kill of Part 7 Jason when you do them. XP and CP count as normal. Like the main game, they also have a few glitches - one of which is Super Kenny here - I think he must have tried to come out from under the bed around the same time I was going to axe him through it - still you've got to laugh, haven't you?
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    Current Updates

    Playstation 4 update is live (just started a moment ago for me - and I'm in Australia). Currently on the download trail.
  7. Crazy Ralph was a big part of the vibe of the original film (and to a lesser extent Part 2)- seen as a nuisance by the police and his fellow townsfolk, and as some oddball drunk by the counselors - he totally deserves an appearance in the game at some point - stepping out of a pantry, or from the woods - riding to an exit after the Police arrive and have them leave because "It's only Ralph" if a counselor doesn't get there quick enough (or just has Jason on his tail at the time) - there's a few things that could be done here. Even an animation where he suddenly turns up at the campfire doing his whole death curse spiel - and then getting wiped by Jason - or Rob gets killed and he just gets on his bike and rides like the wind would be a nice touch and a great tribute to Walt Gorney. I also wonder at the graveyard now, if Martin the gravedigger from Jason Lives should turn up at random intervals - if he sees people rummaging around the graveyard he could shake his head and call everyone fartheads - or if he sees people getting chased by Jason, chasing Jason as a pack, or similar stuff he can shake his head and give us the "some people have strange ideas about entertainment" and that's about all his involvement.
  8. Any counselor within grab range, could be tripped and have their fear increased - or be bent in half if they spend too much time dancing and teabagging a stunned Jason. A proud counselor will celebrate knocking Jason down - a smart counselor will celebrate well away from his grip.
  9. This is a pretty cool kill - could work for Part 9 as well - since he has that double bladed axe. As a cheeky nod to Jason Lives, I'd like to see this Part 6 kill (and well, it's often stormy at Crystal Lake). 1 - Jason sweeps his spear and knocks the counselor on their back. 2 - He impales the counselor with the spear through the chest (stomach, heart, whatever) and pins them to the ground. 3 - Jason steps back as a bolt of lightning strikes the spear, and burns the counselor to finish him/her off. (If they want to buff Jason here, any of the "Undead" Jasons - 6,7,8,9 could be healed hit points if damaged - but I suspect that's probably overkill). And is there a bisection kill ala Andy's death from Part 3 yet? Could be adapted for Part 7 Jason and gives him a pretty badass death to arrange. Another death idea I have - probably for parts 4, 8 or 9 Jason (probably leaning towards Part 4 - it fits the brutality of his kills so far). 1. Jason gets the counselor ready as per the usual kill animation. 2. He slams his weapon into the guts of the character in a horizontal fashion. 3. He pushes the weapon into the wound, winds some of the guts of the victim around the blade or haft, and drags them slowly out, disembowelling the counselor.
  10. If Jason is mobbed (as often happens these days) - I'd like to see another use for his Rage ability once it kicks in - the ability to kill multiple counselors at once in a given area he can reach - this would probably benefit chopping or slashing Jasons admittedly - but counselors close together could be grabbed and smashed together - even if only for a stun effect. I figure if he's fully enraged, his kill factor should also increase to represent this (could also happen if he loses his mask before the Rage meter is filled too). Apart from the double impalement in Part 2 - we know he's killed multiple victims at once - In Part 6 we have the triple decapitation and a double impalement, Part 9 Jason bashes two cops heads together and kills them instantly. I think if he's enraged and has a chance to do it - he should get some sort of option to kill a couple of counselors and make space - if anything else - it shows he is still the focus of the game - but it also shows that swarming Jason could be one of the most dangerous things you could do to escape from him and might add some tension and fear to the character again.
  11. Grandead

    What is your favorite Friday the 13th?

    The original and Part 6 are my favourites - but it's hard to go past Ted White or Kane Hodder as my favourite Jasons. Kane I like because he respects the role and made it into his own - Ted I like for his sheer relentlessness and brutality - not to mention that I also think both actors add an extra dimension in the body language of the character that other actors didn't bring to the table, IMO. The original gave us the playground we're all in now - and Part 6's meta-humour and the nods to classic monster movies and Gothic archetypes are fantastic (and Alice freakin' Cooper in the soundtrack. Enough said).
  12. Grandead

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    PS4: I am the corpse frequently known as meeplestein.
  13. I don't play often as Jason (well, not yet at least) - but the only time I'd consider trapping the shack is when I'm Part 2 Jason - because of his extra traps and his fast morph ability. With other Jasons, it's probably quicker to take Tommy out of the equation if he's around by the time people get to Jason's shack - but allowing Jason to set up traps inside isn't too bad an idea - if counselors can do it, why not allow Jason to do so - if the player playing as Jason wants to burn a trap, he should be able to as he/she wishes. It just means one trap less where it could have been used elsewhere - and it will give Jason a chance of an alert due to the trap noise - even if a player has the mask (or at least I think that's how it might work, if this became possible).
  14. Apart from his own self-esteem issues - Shelly was fairly composed - his main concern in the movies apart from hoping Vera would like him was his run in with Ali, Fox and Loco at the store - and he kept pretty cool under the circumstances - well until he accidentally ran over one of the choppers. In this regard, I think he'd have at least an 8 in composure, but his lack of confidence would stop it being a 10 in my opinion. Apart from a high composure, I see him sort of similar to Kenny stat wise - fairly balanced, but not overly skilled across the board.
  15. Awesome to see another character from the film series in the game. I don't know if they'll do it, but I'd like to see a speargun added to the weapons in the future - for counselors or Jason - also a nod to Shelly. Maybe also a new perk to do with practical jokes - reduces the fear of the joker for a short stint, but risks increasing the fear of other counselors for a similar duration - or if he has a hockey mask, can confuse Jason for a short stun, but reduces something else as a penalty.