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  1. Maybe it could activate when the crouch button is hit a few times. Example: someone decides to tea bag Jason so when the player hits the crouch button maybe 4 times Jason could do something.
  2. I know they may not have the rights for Freddy and the Jason from "Freddy vs Jason" but this would be awesome. There is two ideas I thought of with this. First, they could make a hybrid that has a design mix of Freddy and Jason. The second idea is a Jason that has an ability to turn into Freddy for 30 seconds. I know it's "Friday the 13th" but technically Freddy vs Jason was apart of the franchise. I also know this doesn't make sense.
  3. My idea is the host could have an option to make the game third or first person.
  4. Maybe when everyone left escapes to the police tommy has only one 1 minute to get there. If he doesn't he could loose the match or not get experience.
  5. Maybe make it if they don't play for 5 minutes they get auto kicked. I only got one idea. If Tommy is to close to Jason while he is on the ground Jason can grab him. That could do a kill or he gets up quickly and he is just in the grab.
  6. They should make it where he can only escape with the cops when is the last one. This is just an idea.
  7. Hello everyone I'm just a gamer that plays xbox. Sometimes I do live streams and that's really all I have to say.
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