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  1. I remember on the PS4 there was this guy who always picked Mitch. He was a wizard at fixing cars and always mowed everyone down and then drove off. Being chased by cars is actually scary, but the next few games I spent trying to repair the cars as fast as posible to get back at him. Never worked out, but I was very motivated.
  2. As part 3, I got decent kills, maybe all of them. This was just before the halloween update. I didn't know how to grab or purposely exit shift, so I just slashed everything. I cant remember if the objectives were done or not. It was on Higgins Haven.
  3. What we really need is a virtual cabin uppdate where we can look at the Jasons unmasked. Why is this not already a thing?
  4. There is a whole thread on this, and it is pretty entertaining to read and hope. I do love your title though.
  5. About the no internet unlocks, I think they should copy your data (level, unlocks) to your system so they can be used completely offline. When you go bacl on the internet, any changes made overwrite the old online information. This cant be that hard to implement, can it?
  6. I usually use the sounds to get their general location, then use sense/seeing them to follow until I can get to them. I am a very aggressive Jason who tends to win via extreme force rather than careful planning. (I do enjoy going into stalk and walking in the unlocked sides of buildings, however.)
  7. Virtual Cabin spoilers ahead: Since Jason X has been confirmed, I have a game mode idea that would take place only on the Grendal map. In Jason X, pre uber Jason is killed and revived as a cyborg monstrosity. What if there was a game mode where a regular Jason tried to become Uber Jason, and the counselors had to escape/ counter him while he tried to upgrade. I have no idea how this will be implemented without making Jason either underpowered or completely breaking logic and making the whole thing pointless and silly. What do you think?
  8. These people woulsnt know Christianity if it cut their head off.
  9. The only thing I see kid Jason used for is if Pamela/Roy try to stop a boat escape. For Uber Jason, i have devised some possible stats. This Jason starts with no knives and 2-3 traps. Never used anything like them in the movie, and I think it helps balance out his positives. This Jason also has a very slow water speed and walks rather slowly. This Jason has minimal morph and shift, but has extreme shift and stalk. This Jason can break down barricaded doors and their space equivalent in only two hits, and unbarricaded ones with just a single hit. He is a robot after all. This Jason also has lots of HP. I am really excited for how the Grendal will work. I have a few ideas of my own and these Jason stats somewhat reflect that.
  10. This is probably a bug, but did Tommy have a machete or axe? It wont work if he doesnt.
  11. Part IV: The Jarvis family has taken an unconscious Alice into their home. They cannot take her to a hospital, or even out of the Crystal Lake Area, as the tree that Alice crashed into is blocking the main road. Additionally, the storm has knocked down the phone lines, so they cannot inform the police. Tommy is fourteen, with a similar personality and interests. The group of teens staying in the rental house across the street is largely the same, and they are introduced as they interact with the Jarvis family. We get time to bond with Tommy and his family before everything hits the fan. Alice wakes up later that night, and thinks that it is all over when they hear about the police investigations of the Higgins Haven and Pacanack massacres. However, when hearing that Chris survived but Jason was not found, she begins to worry. Jason soon arrives, now using the axe that was once lodged in his head. He still wears the baghead, and is very enraged. Alice desperately tries to convince the Jarvis' that Jason is coming, but they do not believe her until Jason starts picking off the teens in very brutal ways. Soon enough, Jason makes his way to the Jarvis house as the surviving teens retreat there. Alice teams up with Tommy and Trish to defend themselves after the mother is defenestrated. A long battle ensues, and the last teen is shoved into a fireplace which starts a small fire in the house. Eventually, Alice is grabbed by Jason here, and she uses a can of hairspray as a flamethrower, burning off Jason's baghead. His head is a combination of the original part 2 and 3. Alice retreats, and Jason goes after Trish, much like he did in the original Part IV. Tommy shaves his head and attempts to trick Jason, but because this Jason does not have disassociative body disorder, he slams Trish's head into the wall, killing her. Tommy is assaulted by Jason, but is saved by Alice, who returns with a chainsaw. She and Jason duke it out, ending with her grazing his torso before slamming it into the side of his head, much as Tommy did with the machete in the original. Jason is finally dead (not), and Alice and Tommy are the only survivors. The film ends as they huddle together as the police arrive, having tracked Alice's car to the area. Part V: It has been another two years since Jason's defeat. Skepticism arose after the ambulance carrying Jason's body crashed into the lake, causing the body and the ambulance to be lost. The only survivor of the crash was paramedic Roy Burns. (Yep, he is here.) (He had intentionally sabatoged the ambulance so that he could commit the murders at the mental care facility and frame a supposedly living Jason) Tommy and Chris are both being treated at this facility. They have become close thanks to their shared experiences. Alice makes a cameo during a visitation, but is otherwise absent, now working at Camp Forest Green, yet another area of the lake. We see Roy dressed as Jason (wearing a hockey mask) infiltrate the house of the head doctor, where he plots to kill him in his sleep. However, when he turns the man over to stab him, he see's that his throat has been cut. He stifles a scream as the real Jason impales him against the wall. We get a brief view of his face, which is now heavily scarred and missing an eye. He survived the events of Part IV, and now takes Roy's mask as his own. Jason now uses a large hacksaw as his primary weapon. He is just as capable as ever. He attacks the facility, which causes Tommy and Chris to lead the survivors in an offensive against Jason. This goes poorly, with it all ending up with Tommy and Chris at the top of the barn seen in the original Part V. Jason knocks Tommy to the ground, and uses the opportunity to saw into Chris' head, starting with her eyes. Tommy fashions a noose and puts it around Jason's neck as he does this. Jason gets Tommy in a choke hold, but Tommy tackles him and they fall out of the barn. Tommy falls to the ground while Jason is hanged, apparently dead again. The film ends with Tommy patching himself up, only to return and find Jason gone. Tommy correctly suspects that he is headed toward Camp Forest Green, and he rushes off through the woods to warn Alice. Part V We open to two kids, who are about ten years old, walking together at night. They are a cute couple, but run into Jason, who kills them. Their screams alert Alice, who immediately suspects that Jason is back. She gathers the counselors and children into the main cabin, arming the counselors with guns and instructing the children to remain quiet. She and one of the other counselors go to investigate, where they run into Tommy, who explains the situation. They quickly search for the children. Meanwhile, a few counselors abandon the main cabin for some illicit activity. Jason catches up to them and eliminates them. This alerts the children and loyal counselors, who take a few shots at him, but miss. Alice and Tommy, as well as the other counselor return to find Jason inside the main cabin, hunting children and counselors alike. Many children are killed indiscriminately. In my opinion, Jason resents other children for the bullying he endured before drowning. The counselors band together to fight Jason, and everyone dies horribly except Tommy and Alice. Jason slashes Tommy's head, severely injuring him. This gives Alice enough time to grab a rifle and shoot Jason. He is visibly injured as Alice rams a decorative katana into Jason's skull, finally killing him. She manages to contact the police, saving Tommy from blood loss and finally ending the Camp Crystal Lake murders. Part VII Alice is living at home, with a new husband and a pregnancy. She is good friends with her neighbors, the Hilton's. Someone starts killing off the people near her in brutal ways. She suspects Jason, and contacts the police, who escort her and her family away from her home, which was visibly trapped. However, a truck rams the vehicle, severely injuring the officers and killing her husband. A man dressed as Jason steps out and executes the officers while Alice retreats to anearbye home, where a large group of teens are having a rad party dude. The imposter Jason begins murdering everyone until Alice is the only one left. They duel, resulting in Alice getting stabbed in the stomach. She manages to remove the mask from the killer, revealing that he is an insane Tommy, who believes that he is Jason. She decapitates him before breaking down over the loss of her child. Part VIII Jason returns, having been resurrected after a downed power line near his grave electrifies the water soaked ground. He is now a full on zombie Jason, and nigh immortal. He goes after Alice in a H20 style film, with Alice finally putting Jason down for good. Jason stalks the reopened Camp, killing dozens before he and Alice engage in one final fight. I have not imagined any specifics about this film, but the only important part is the Jason vs Alice concept. In the end, Alice has impaled Jason to the ground with a metal beam. She pours gasoline all over him before setting him ablaze. She uses a long weed wacker similar to the one Jason used in the original Part VII to decapitate him. She watches as his body is completely burned away, until nothing remains but a charred skeleton, which she pulverizes with a sledgehammer. Jason is at last finally, definitively dead.
  12. I have thought up an entire series on this. These are basically how I think the originals should have been done, he ce why Alice is a recurring character. Friday the 13th always lacked a Laury Strode character, and Tommy came in too late t really count in my book. Also, the first part is set in 1979, just like the original. Part I: this is a remake of the first film, and is basically the same, save for one major difference. A new character, Pat, is the camps cook. She is older, and used to work at the camp when Jason and his mother were there. Though Ralph appears, it is Pat that provides most of the backstory. She had left the camp shortly after Jason drowned, and always suspected Pamela of the murders that took place a few months later (five people died) She and Mrs. Voorhes were close friends up until Jason died, which led Pamela to go a little crazy. There is a scene where she is looking out of her cabin window, and spots a very masculine figure in the dark. She is visibly concerned and locks her cabin. At some point, she drives off, telling the remaining counselors (Alice, Bill, ect dont know there are killings, they just know people are missing and blow it off) that she is going into town to get help with the phone lines, which are nonfunctional. The remaining counselors are picked off one by one as the day progresses, until only Alice remains and finds all the bodies. Pat returns shortly thereafter, and they both rush insode amd barricade themselves in as Alice explains what has happened. Pat begins rambling paranoid madness as she slowly reveals that she was actually Jason's mom. The fight ensues, and she is decapitated. Alice relaxes in a canoe, but instead of actuallu going out into the lake, she is pulled down into it by a much older Jason. (I am just going to say that I think a good casting choice for Pat/Pamela would be Amy Steel. She played Ginny in part 2 and her age is still well in the range of believability.) Part II: After three years, Alice is now the head counselor of Packanack. The events of the first film have gar ered her respect among the other counselors, who are prettry much identical to the originals, but better executed and scripted. Ginny also makes a return. Things go very simple from here. Jason, with a bag on his head, is killing everyone. Though he does use the pickaxe, he kills with the environment very frequently. He runs quickly, and is very human in ability, though he is still very, very strong. Alice and Ginny team up against Jason (Alice is the one to determine that it is Jason because of her memoey of the end of the last movie) They eventually find Jason's shack, and Ginny dons the sweater after tossing Pamela's head down a convient hole in the floor. Jaspn enters and falls for her charade and narrowly avoids Alice's machete attack, with the weapon lodged in his shoulder instead of his baghead. He rushes Gonny undeterred, but steps near the hole with so much force that the floor near him collapses, and he falls through into a basement. Alice and Gonny run off together into the night. Part III Alice and Ginny arrive at Higgins Haven as the power is taken out by Jason. They hastily explain the situation to the group, whoch includes the same characters as the original Part III. There is strife within the group, as Paul beloeves that Ginny and Alice are the true killers, as he always believed Alice to have framed Mrs. Voorhes, as Brenda was his sister. This eventually doesnt matter, as Jason sets traps about the houses exterior. They cannot drive away because a couple bikers sabatoged their cars earlier. The subplots are very similar, though more developed and issued in a new way (as Jason is stalking outside for the entire movie) but Chris' subplot abput being attacked by Jason is scrapped because it always seemed kinda stupid. A few manage to sneak out to try and repair the cars, but they are slaughtered. Jason eventually storms the house killing most of the remaining characters either directly or as they run into his traps. When cornered, Ginny tries to play Mommy again, but Jason sees through it and rams the pickaxe into her chest, the yanks it out so hard that the pickaxe head breaks off. Alice and Chris had managed to repair one of the cars while tnis was happening, but Jason was able to interveme amd drive them back into the house. After another short fight, Chris is thrown out a window as Alice runs back to the car. Jason pursues, but Alice avoids him and drives away like a madman. She thought that Chris was dead. Chris, having managed to survive the fall, doesnt realize that Alice had already left, and limps into the barn and up into the loft when she sees Jason coming at her. Once she reaches the top of the ladder, she finds the bodies of the bikers, who Jason had apparently killed sometime during or before the second movie. Shs throws one of the bodies at Jason when he reaches the top, and he attacks it before realizing that it is not Chris. The distraction was long enough that Chris picked up an axe and shoved it into his head. It goes right through the bag, and he falls to the barn floor, apparently dead. Chris climbs down and walks into the night. It is now dawn. Chris wandered through the forest all night until she reached a highway just off the entrance to the original Camp Crystal Lake. She is picked up by a highway patrolman, but is unable to respond to his questions due to her basically going into shock and having severe PTSD. Alice is shown to have crashed the car into a tree that is lying in the middle of the road. A concerned woman pulls her out of the car and takes her into her home, the Jarvis Residence. I will continue with the next parts tomorrow.
  13. I have thought about this for a while, a d I think I have a good Jason idea. Jason is very much a force of nature. What if Jason had on some robe like garment with a skeletal hockey mask, and a long scythe? (I literally got this idea by watching hockey and wondering what it would be like to play it with scythes and the ability to kill your opponents, but them being fine in real life.) Ths Jason could have a higher teleport and sense, with less movement speed overall. The scythe would have a very large reach, but is a slow moving attack. I have imagined the three custom kills that could go with this Jason. 1: Jason impales the counselor with the scythe and throws them over his head, slamming the hard on the ground. 2: Jason stabs them in the leg, pinning them to the ground. They try to escape, but Jason snaps their neck. 3: Jason decapitates the counselor with one swing, then hits their head with the scythe like a hockey puck.
  14. I think it would be better to just have him in an alternate intro, rather than having Rob die constantly. Maybe he can appear from a tree, spooking the counselors before Jason garrotes him like in part 2.
  15. I think it all makes sense if you make a few logical stretches. In the Pamela Tapes she claims that Jason is "breathing" which would seem to mean that she thinks he is alove in some form. I think that she thinks that the old Jason is dead, and that the traumatic drowning killed his humanity. Additionally, I personally think that Jason was in on the 1979 murders. It would help explain some of the strong things that Pamela supposedly does. (Like throwing Brenda through the window) Additionally, it adds a new twist to the "Look what you did to him!" line, as she says it like he is actually there. He obviously existed at that night, as he would have had to grab Pamela's Head, machete, and sweater immediatly after Alice got on the canoe, as the police would have confiscated those items. Now here is where I really stretch things. Tina proves that psychics exist in the Friday universe. What if the reason that Pamela went crazy was because Jason was communicating with her telepathically? This might also explain some of Jason's apparent teleportation in the films. In part 8, we see hallucinations of a boy Jason, which could be what happened to Alice in the original.
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