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  1. I don't think there is an output option on steam just receive volume :(which is maxed
  2. I'm almost 90% sure its something to do with some game files somewhere that linger even after a reinstall as I get it with no other games
  3. Yeah I always make sure it's closed in the system tray ;/ my mic settings showing them all disabled - and then the headset settings -
  4. Even when I play without my friends and have discord closed the same issue occurs
  5. Just f13 :/ I can speak and hear my friends in discord so I'm really confused why I just can't hear anyone
  6. Haha yeah I'll check when I'm home. Thanks for helping:) literally can't find anyone with the same issue who has resolved it and f13 don't have official support
  7. Indeed it is. Yeah it does steam is set to the snowball as my headset doesn't have a mic. Players can hear me just can't hear them. I'll post an image of my sound settings when I'm home from work. everything is disabled but the mic and the headset of the top of my head
  8. Hi, Thanks, I'll make sure I do I'm using a usb headset with a blue snowball mic
  9. Hi all, can't hear any player talking but when I talk they can hear me. I tried reinstalling, verifying cache, all my windows sound settings are fine and steam sound settings are fine. Tried it with 3 different audio outputs one at a time. Weird because I can hear game sound just not players voices. Google has nothing on it so hopefully someone here can help:) Had this issue since getting the game
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