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  1. I would just ignore him, he always has to win arguments and honestly its annoying. He will always think there is no point in grinding, because it seems he gets everything he wants already
  2. I never said it become a issue. I am just stating that the game is still fun even though there are a few downsides. Point proven.
  3. I bought the $8 Part 1-8 at WalMart All i needed was to see the movies
  4. That's why they do it. To keep you grinding levels and getting better at the game. Not because they want everyone to immediately have everything. That's getting your ass handed to you, and its not the way people should be treated. It's a game that is supposed to positive and fun, not negative or getting made fun of all the time.
  5. I always notice (By the way, I play Tiffany) I work well with Debby's. I do not know why but when I play with a pro Debby it always seems to go well. Bugzy's and Chad's work best together
  6. Oh okay...I wasn't reading you fully! Thank you, and yes the grab and hit detection is shit. Jason is truly a T-rex
  7. That isn't what I mean. Gamma helps, but I just wish for more graphics. The graphics now suck, if we could see more condensation on windows, lights dim out, more noises when walking through the woods, a constant feel your being watched would bring so much tension. I can feel myself having goosebumps thinking about it.
  8. @izmakiel88 could you please slim this down into points, or possibly smaller paragraphs. I am getting a headache looking at it. (But from what I could read, It isn't all Jason. Counselors need a downgrade, although I agree Jason should have more ways to confuse and put fear onto counselors.)
  9. Jason isn't really "shitty", the counselors are just so OP. I can play Jason anyday in a public match and effectively kill everyone. Occasionally it can be difficult against good players but I still enjoy whooping a lobbies ass, because they think I am bad but they end up leaving because I am so good
  10. No, not really is it...I can take the host leaving if at least i got to kill the fucker who teabagged me
  11. This topic would be well suited for the Suggestion & Feedback Thread. Here is a link: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/9-friday-the-13th-the-game-suggestionsfeedback/ Hiding is a last resort. Jason can easily spot you in a hiding spot as a low stealth character, unless you use the right perks. Jason's rage mode affects his abilities recharge speed, and how he can find you. He can easily find you with sense during rage as a low stealth; if you use Debby or A.J. you may be able to get away with it. Strength has do with how your stun takes charge on Jason and it can also affect how long Jason can grip you. So yes, in a way strength can help breaking free. Crouching is great for recharging stamina, when Jason is chasing you it is okay to run especially as Vanessa or Bugzy. Save your stamina when you have little fear, and Jason isn't chasing you; so you can get away when he finds you. Good luck playing, hope some of this helps!
  12. I wish the idea came abroad for more fog and more brush throughout the map. Give Jason more chances to jump scare counselors. For example, a counselor is walking down the road and all of a sudden Jason walks out from behind a tree and grabs you. The amount of Jason chase music in the game also needs to be decreased to only when he is chasing you or your fear is high. There are many other adjustments I could think of. It just ruins my mind they wouldn't have thought to add this near the beginning
  13. Well, thanks for using something different. I would have been fine with it, but your idea seems great!
  14. Friday the 13th the Game made you cry? It made me throw my controller...
  15. I agree, they definitely should have added a few kills and possibly the clothing packs into levels 50, 60, and 70's. It would have given lower level players the chance to unlock things earlier instead of grinding 50, 60 levels before they unlock anything. I also wish Part 4 (Heavy) bloody skin came earlier...My favorite Jason
  16. I hate to lose my Playstation Plus this Saturday because I love playing but, when i found out none of my data saves...it looks like I won't be playing for a month or so
  17. Hello, Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions, there are some wonderful people that can help you out! Also, make sure to check out the Forum Rules & Regulations (Link Below). Here is a Link: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/4-rules-regulations/ Sincerely, TiffanyCox A.K.A - Clayton
  18. Me neither. I am on Console as well, and they are starting with Steam so we will have to wait a little while before we see it. But it does look great!
  19. Last Year the Horror game. Looks really well detailed and better than Friday the 13th and DBD.
  20. I never use the mask to enter the Shack. I just walk on in and do the norm. I usually play as Tiffany just because I like her play style, and it definitely distracts some Jason's away from objectives like you stated.
  21. Oh okay, I am out of likes for the day Thank you for the reply!
  22. I always get pissed when they switch the eye from which Jason was stabbed...Frustrates me why Jason's face switched eyes? (I haven't seen Part 9, its the only in the series I didn't see)
  23. Part 2 was always a great part of the series, couldn't leave out trash-bag head
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