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  1. Oh I would much enjoy doing a mini-game instead of slashing troll fuckers? Who do you think I am
  2. I am out of reactions today...Who couldn't put down that offer?!?!
  3. They should have called him Jason the Transformer. (Still can't get over that avatar )
  4. Seems to happen to me once and a while, you could possibly open the door. Walk up to the drawer until you get the blimp to open it. Works for me, but I usually am able to walk up to it and open it without a problem.
  5. Seems like it would be a great idea, I doubt they would do it. I would love to give my honest opinion to the Devs
  6. I notified @JPops He may be able to move it for ya
  7. I am noticing a lot of dance parties! @TheButtonMasher don't you just love yourself some Tiffany ass? Or...oh god; don't tell me your a Debby, A.J., Vanessa kinda guy
  8. They must not do a great job. Tell them to play Jason once and see how frustrated they get when 7 pocket knives jab their neck...
  9. Freddy Vs. Jason was a great movie, but it just didn't fit for me. He looked more like the (2009) remake than anything else, and my opinion stated; The remake sucked...
  10. Many things go unread by the Devs. They only focus on the important threads or the ones they are being made fun of on. I do not understand why they can't be there for their supporters. But about 95% of what you stated, I agree with. This game has some pretty great moments, but the happy moments are decreasing
  11. (I am not used to introducing people from the General Discussion) Hello, Welcome to the forums! Make sure to check out the Forum Rules & Regulations thread (Link Below). Also, if you have any questions feel free to let anyone on the forums know; there are some wonderful people here! Link to Rules & Regulations thread: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/4-rules-regulations/ Sincerely, TiffanyCox A.K.A - Clayton
  12. The thing is, i am not paying for this upcoming month, got a few things to pay for. Hopefully the game gets fixed by then so i can come home to a fresh game...probably not though
  13. This is a known issue. There are topics relating to this thread already. If you have a bug you can report it. I have definitely witnessed this multiple times, this happens with many games and it could also be a game crash. Sorry, I don't really know why it happens but we all have been blue-screened.
  14. I hope so! It could be very useful, as I was in a match this evening with two other people as Jason. 2 kills wasn't enough to relieve my stress
  15. It sucks though, hopefully it gets resolved. I won't be able to play for about a month starting this Saturday, so I will be around the forums more often! My feelings right now: /
  16. I have never witnessed this at all? I notice it pops up a lot lately though.
  17. awh... no way! I see anyone dancing I go over and dance with them, yea it takes away the horror aspect but its fun!
  18. I would love to see a Halloween game thats 100% better than this. It would be wonderful roaming the streets of Haddonfield and the boogeyman comes out behind a bush, getting chills right now!
  19. Yea, me as well. I don't think it depends on how many players there are. Even if it was the Devs wouldn't give two shits either way!
  20. Use stalk and sense to your advantage. Wait it out, never shift onto someone with stalk. Because sometimes they will see the static, and run and because you have slow shift, you can't catch up. Instead, activate stalk and hide in a cabin. Wait for the counselor to come in and lock the door then go for the grab. Fairly easy and always works!
  21. Someone would say that it was copying DBD. I suggest Jason should be able to smash them with his weapons as an animation like doors, and windows. The Devs had something about this before, and said it was being thought about but would be hard to implement.
  22. I have not found anything about this. I believe Ben had said something about it opening in the future? But who knows maybe there is something no body found yet.
  23. Olá, I am not sure if you will be able to read my language, the problem your seeing is known. I believe it is a bug? But I haven't had it happen to me? Can someone else help? Translation of Posters question: Hello I have this problem to run the game, anyone with this problem that can help? Or someone who solved this problem is able to tell me how to solve.
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