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  1. How are they not Only with friends though. When I am in a bikini i feel uncomfortable dancing with random Chad's...
  2. @SmartestJew There are a few topics relating about patches we should witness in the future. Make sure to check out the search function for topics relating to what you would like to post. It would also be appreciated if you posted on the Introduction forum to let everyone get to know you! Thank you.
  3. Well that depends. Is it summer or winter? And if its summer just sit your beer on the chair and it'll get cold; won't it?
  4. Hello, Welcome to the forums! Sorry I am a bit late; If you have any questions there are some wonderful people around that can help you out! Also, make sure to check out the Rules & Regulations forum relating more information! Link: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/4-rules-regulations/ Sincerely, TiffanyCox A.K.A - Clayton
  5. Hello, Your idea has been mentioned multiple times in a few other threads. I suggest checking the Rules & Regulations thread for posting new ideas. I do agree that Jason's traps should be tweaked; but not to much that people that play counselors more often complain. Link: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/4-rules-regulations/ Thank you!
  6. @Maddogg_8121 I always have problems with Chads. No matter the day, or the match. Chads piss me off
  7. @Maddogg_8121 Maybe they have a surprise for us? Hopefully we can get word of some upcoming DLC/fixes soon. I would love to see a updated roadmap!
  8. @a kamikaze man It wouldn't be like Friday the 13th. There would be many different aspects. The players would have to have some advantages to them; like the F13 does. But i doubt a Jeepers Creepers game would work. His victims didn't do much to "fight back" Like counselors did to Jason. Just my opinion though, there could be a whole idea about it that I am missing.
  9. @Poormetheus If your limping, you can still use pocket knives. I have done it multiple times. Most of the time when I am limping Jason doesn't bother to pick me up though, he just slashes me
  10. Hello there, The Devs have been working hard to bring us new DLC, but with all the bugs/fixes being requested its hard to take one persons opinion. There has been talk about upcoming clothing packs that could possibly be Futuristic clothes; for Grendel of course! I think by emojis, you mean emotes? We have a lot of emotes as it is, maybe down the line. I am at 114,000 CP, I use it to roll perks once and a while. Just making sure you realize, there are multiple threads relating to upcoming DLC, it would be a wise decision to use the search function before posting a topic. Check this link: Thank you, TiffanyCox A.K.A - Clayton
  11. I have as well read the rules forum I feel hurt
  12. So did you expect somewhat the same clothing? Same mask with the axe damage? I feel everything is to worn, and it was brand new in Part 3.
  13. You can't say this Part 4 is amazing. My favorite Jason to play! He doesn't look as good as some, but he is my top 5. And who knows...maybe he took a stroll to the discount store and picked up some XXXL clothing
  14. @Cokeyskunk This is why I don't understand the community sometimes. I am always around to help, and provide information but the majority of the people backlash on it. The Devs have definitely, like you said been working hard to get us the game we wish for.
  15. @Psychosocial23 It can be hard to fix/run a game while being there for the whole community. I do feel somewhat the same, that the game should have better communication between Devs. No one really knows why they are staying quiet, but its quite obvious they have hopefully been working hard on fixing many of the problems you described. We can only think about the future of the game and see what happens.
  16. Yes, this has been brought up quite a few times. It would seem like a great idea, but it would be difficult to renew a Jason; It's somewhat like the host migration idea. It could take a few minutes for a new Jason to load in and it could cause glitches. As Jason leaves, you still get your XP and usually you return back to the session screen, and usually it doesn't take long to start a new game. TiffanyCox A.K.A - Clayton
  17. @Shelly Finkelstein I have never witnessed this Bug before! But before i do, lets hope it gets fixed. Could definitely affect game play though.
  18. "If enough people ask" won't get you anywhere. They notice almost all of threads, and I am sure they have things tight right now; working on patches and upcoming content. Pamela wouldn't be horribly difficult to add to the game but before we get there lets think about fixing the game before releasing content, like you said in another recent thread you created.
  19. Could we all get back on topic here? One person could have asked for him to check his grammar punctuation's, and moved on. We don't need to be bashing each other over something so stupid. Please? This is a repeat thread, and using the search function would have been just that easy. Always make sure to search what your looking for, before posting. If you need more information on that; don't be afraid to check this link: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/4-rules-regulations/
  20. Hello, I do notice many people feel it is time to fix the game and leave out all content. But doing that could hold off content for weeks, or even months, but many people know how you feel. I do agree the game needs fixed but if they were able to release some content, and huge patches; I would be okay with that. TiffanyCox A.K.A - Clayton
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