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  1. If you get to know the game its great, Gun & Illfonic are doing a great job, just be patient.
  2. I wish there was more eeriness to it, but overall its great. But i tend to notice way more glitches in rain; then not.
  3. Jason is alerted at the Boat, but you have to not be chasing someone to hear it, most of the time newer Jasons forget the boat is even there, so high stealth & repair players fix it and escape 5-10 minutes into the match!
  4. I play Part 8, one trap at phone, two at four-seater, two at two-seater, and if there is a boat I only place one, and save the other for a used one at the phone box or car.
  5. Exactly, people need to start reading "how to play" or even Gun needs to make the "how to play" more accurate to most peoples gameplay!
  6. Reggie would definitely be interesting, adding a child to the game...Probably have the best speed of anyone, it would be a blast to play him; I bet!!!
  7. I have always just been great playing as Jason, but I can never kill everyone unless I play as Part 8.
  8. For me playing as Jason has been just as easy as before, but for some reason I feel its easier to avoid and escape as counselors. Just my opinion!
  9. These suggestions are great!!! The Higgins house basement would be a perfect place for a new type of kill done on Chuck. The barn could also have the kill from part 3 done on Fox. And possibly even Jason hanging a counselor from the Loft door.
  10. No never take down a chance to be Jason!!! I personally now have an advantage to playing Jason because of people like you. People think well the nerfing patch will make the counselors stronger but in all honesty people will juke around with Jason without even getting grabbed, but because i've gotten to know it, its actually fairly easy for me to kill them. People just give up on Jason! I've had people just walk straight towards me because they know they can juke me, but I take advantage of that and grab them right before they swing. I usually do this and kill everyone. Its not even hard to play Jason, people just over exaggerate to get attention. I may be pushing it..everyone has different gaming styles and for you it may just be difficult, but for me its spectacular!
  11. I will be playing Friday the 13th the Game this upcoming weekend, if you want to join in the fun just add me at my PSN: Thesnotlicker, and make sure you let me know you added me.

  12. I understand what your saying. For example I did a private match to see whether AJ or Debby could last longer hiding and not showing up on my sense, guess what...? I was able to kill AJ 5 minutes into the match but it took me an extra 13 minutes to find Debby. The stats are not only useless they are also obviously not correct. Thanks for opening this topic to the public!!!
  13. Happened to me just yesterday, I have also found slowly going through a window (not jumping) from the first floor. Both of these times happened on the jarvis Map for me.
  14. Stealth should be more then just not showing up on Jason's radar; you should never show up on Jason's sense, possibly even being able to hide in certain places other counselors cant since you would be stealthy (sneaky). Just a few ideas...i really don't know what could make it better.
  15. They are pretty great with the word "soon" which could mean anytime from this second, to at least 3 weeks time.
  16. I have found floating knifes near dead bodies, but nothing ever like this. good find!!!
  17. I personally love playing as Jason and have become pretty good at it. I usually place a trap by itself about a foot beyond the phone so when the player bends down to fix the phone, their back foot lands in the trap. Once they set the trap off I head over to the phone and place a trap in front of where I placed the other so when they bend down once more, their front foot goes right into it. Pretty easy to understand I hope, and it always has worked for me.
  18. Thanks man! Great somebody gets the fun in the game!
  19. Well...no thank you! Im a guy that couldn't think of a good name but love playing friday the 13th and my favorite couensler is Tiffany. So...
  20. Well Hi there, I'm Tiffany Cox!! (Not really im actually Clayton). I am from the United States and enjoy playing Friday the 13th The Game with my friends! I favor part 8 Jason, and enjoy playing as AJ and Tiffany. I'm not much into repairing objectives but to juke around with Jason and make the most of each match. Not to be worried, I love playing Jason as much as i do counselor. Don't think about escaping when playing with me lol. I hope to see you around the f13 forums and maybe you could add me on PSN at "Thesnotlicker" (Capital T) Thank you, "Signed by" Tiffany Cox
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