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  1. Hey everyone! I checked the forums for topics relating to a new counselor, but couldn't find any one for Pam Roberts from Part 5 a New Beginning. I have some ideas for what her possible stats could be, and why: Composure - 4/10 (Running from Roy in Part 5, she tripped constantly and was screaming for help; not staying calm. But able to keep Roy distracted) Luck - 3/10 (Again not staying calm, being very frantic but yet being able to stay on top of things in a bad situation) Repair - 2/10 (No scenes of her repairing anything in movie) Stamina - 8/10 (She was able to run very far it seems in the movie without having to slow down) Speed - 7/10 (She was able to run for long duration's but not as fast as Vanessa per say) Stealth - 3 or 4/10 (Roy came into barn, she was not very good at staying quiet; Roy heard her obviously; I would give her a 3-4 because we already have so many low stealth characters that adding another 1/10 stealth counselor would not be good on Guns part) Strength - 4 or 5/10 (She was able to keep Roy distracted, and injure him quite a bit; High strength is always great for someone who likes to juke) I feel giving Pam these stats would make her one of my go to counselors putting stealth perks on her. People have been asking for a high speed, and strength counselor...so here is a female. Some people may think that these stats are obviously horrible, but for my game play these sound spot on. Give me your suggestions! Do these stats approve of you? These seem balanced to me. How about you?
  2. Playing as Jason: - Trap all objectives accurately and not let anyone escape. (Level 1-10) - Kill everyone with a environmental kill in one match (Level 50-60) - Getting PH.D in Murder after looking for one kill in a matter of one month (Level 70-80) - Killing everyone as Part 7 Jason (Level 30-40) Playing as Counselor: - Killing Jason as sweater girl 10 times. - Not dieing as Lachappa. - Fixing both cars, phone, and electrical boxes all in one match by myself. - Surviving the night in one cabin, lol. - Making Jason rage quit because I lock him out of a cabin. These are just some of my happiest achievements & moments in f13 the game.
  3. My preference is for Part 8, I have really been craving some new kills for him. I personally have an idea for one of the kills he could acquire. Step by Step kill animation: 1). Jason impales counselor with Fire-axe into the back. (This would require new crawling animation)(Jason would flip his axe and whip it into the counselor facing the opposite direction) 2). Counselors falls face first. 3). Counselor proceeds to try and crawl away. 4). Jason walks up to counselor, rips Fire-axe out of counselors back. 5). Jason then proceeds to chop the axe right into the back of the counselors head. 6). Counselor groans & dies. Brutal yet, very simple.
  4. I have never slashed someone unless I was getting mad, messing around with them, or there are 4 people at the car and they are all juking me. But, I get pocket knifed all the time! It really doesn't bother me because I am a great shift grabber, and great with stalk! So I have never had a problem with someone escaping just over a pocket knife. Depends on how you play as Jason.
  5. I play Tiffany all the time and have just got used to her game stats. She isn't even close to Vanessa with ferrying items, but you know what? I still use Tiffany. She also isn't even close to Jenny or Vanessa juking Jason, but you know what? I still use Tiffany. It just depends on how you like to play and what stats you prefer. Let me just put this out there as well, people say so many bad things about Jenny but truly, she is one of the best for taking Jason on tours! Ring around the rosy! & back and forth window jump!
  6. I was going to make a new topic on a Game mode of Paintball! Glad I came here. It sounds like a awesome game mode, where there would obviously be 4-5 counselors, represented from Jason Lives, but its the counselors playing paintball, while Jason has stalk the whole game and picks them off one by one!
  7. Tiffany Cox!!! If Jenny looked more like Chrissy Higgins, and had more balanced stats I might play her more.
  8. Yea, I am not saying its all about sense, I just wish Stealth had a greater impact for counselors and had more uses.
  9. I honestly wish there wasn't music at all unless your screen was almost pitch black and you were being chased by the crazed kill Jason himself.
  10. Regarding this, I wish the game was actually somewhat eerie. Even Jason chasing me, my screen doesn't turn dark. If you got a uncomfortable feeling playing, I might admire and play it more. Its supposed to be a horror game, don't get me wrong its wonderful to play...It just doesn't have much of a horror feeling anymore and really never did.
  11. This is not just for Kenny, all counselors have problems... A.J - Stealth doesn't work like it should. Debby - I notice her repair has been 3-4 clicks to actually complete objective when it should be 2. Jenny - Many people just hate her even though she has the best composure and luck! Tiffany - (My personal favorite) her stealth also doesn't live up to being 10/10. Personally all high stealth counselors doesn't do anything for them. That's just "some" of the other counselors going through the same thing.
  12. I wish Jenny Myers (The girl next door) looked more like Chris Higgins. They only caught the small parts of her like her clothing, but man that hair so far off from what she really looks like. If she looked more like the movie I might just play her more lol!
  13. 80's & 90's mostly, but I could never turn down some "Summer of Heat"!!!
  14. I from experience play as Tiffany lol, not a Chad kinda guy!! Dang it
  15. I like where you are getting at this, taking parts from the movie. But I do have some advice. 1) allowing Jason to climb through windows would be great, but the windows are just so so small, it would be hard to pull that off with a 6 foot man... 2) Furniture being destroyed, I have nothing; I am 100% with ya on this one. 3) I personally use stalk all the time but one problem I have is the new scream; counselors make when Jason is a certain distance from them. I may be using stalk and the person screams and know I am there, same with the red square showing up on the radar. 4) I'm not really against Jason being able to hide in different places, but the last place I would suggest is beds and closets... I already hide behind doors and walls. 5) I am not a fan of Jason being stunned, In the movies Jason hates being hit; so he gets mad and goes into instant rage. If Jason could go into this for about 30 seconds, it would help game play wise. 6) Picking up weapons is all over the forums, I hope Gun does something about it. 7) Jason being able to grab through windows is awesome, i feel like it should only be possible on certain windows though, maybe it could actually be a kill animation. 8) I don't know much on this but if they did it for Part 7 it would have to be available to all Jason's. 9) This has actually came up before in a forum topic I saw earlier... @Alkavian Great idea!!! Hope this helps, enjoy playing!
  16. This game is "Friday the 13th game" That's the name isn't it? Give them time, there are problems that need fixed but it takes hope to get there, and you have none of that. You can't get anywhere just trash talking the game! They are always adding new features and open to new ideas. Send them your ideas, let them know you want the game to be #GreatAgain.
  17. Not doubting we won't, after the snowflake on our DLC roadmap, a Jason comes by himself without a new map. Guaranteeing that's him 100%.
  18. All we know is it could be anytime from tonight, to possibly even 2 weeks. Sorry I don't have more information for you.
  19. Yea, positively!!! I do understand there are many problems...I get very frustrated with them sometimes but for the most part I just go with it and try to have fun.
  20. Not always for the car, I have walked into several traps hopping into the car from beyond the trap, sometimes your foot skims over the trap and it sets it off.
  21. Not on you, I'm focusing on the creator of this topic @NytmereZ
  22. Sometimes the counselor will and will not react to this depending on how close they are to where the Electrical Box is.
  23. Not really...The game already has so many "on point" movie aspects you just don't have the time to notice it because your to busy complaining about "stupid clothing packs","Total death of this game","90%"...This makes me laugh because about 90% of people actually do love this game, the other 10%!?!? YOU
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