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  1. I have always used my mic to tell people there are traps at the vehicles, If I am calling the cops, even people without mics I will let know. But sometimes its just fun to dance around, and cry when I juke Jason.
  2. A need for extra emotes, that only people without mics will use is unnecessary to the game itself. We already have the most useful emotes like: Hello, No, Thumbs up, Leave, Quiet, and Get low.
  3. 150 XP for using a pocket knife is a little outrageous...If pocket knives were more rare maybe. But because every other cabin you can find one, its pushing it a little bit.
  4. Report this to to the bug reporting forum. Always try reloading your game or restarting your console/PC.
  5. They are doing there job. Be careful what you post on topics like this.
  6. Just letting you know, there are already many topics related to this. Make sure to check forum rules and look for other topics relating to one you want to make. I agree with you on some stand points but please follow rules!
  7. I am a amazing Jason, but breaking down a door you have like a 1-2 second delay until you can do anything at all. That gives any counselor a chance to swing at you from inside. Unless you work at doors with combat stance, which doesn't work for me. I either get stuck in the wall or it just doesn't work. Now windows, I have never had anyone hit me through one.
  8. No counselor is underrated. Each counselor serves their purpose and some people have a different game play. Someone may main Tiffany while someone else hates her and loves Debby they all work for how they are supposed to play.
  9. Have you noticed that they are wonderful with surprises. Its also on the DLC road-map. So saying that they are staying quiet and not releasing it is because its coming "after" the snowflake; not before.
  10. They are...The support from all of us, has gotten them to start working on these things. They might not be perfect but Gun & Illfonic are working hard to get everything including patches and updates out to the players. Be patient!
  11. Oh okay, thanks! I looked but wasn't able to find anything. Sorry
  12. Also, make sure to check other topics related to this! You can always post your opinions on there instead of starting a repeat.
  13. Please check other topics possibly related to this. Its always good to check before you start something new!
  14. I am honestly with you, especially when there are 6 people at the car waiting to start it and go. I honestly think Jason getting stunned should be rare. You should have to hit him good or in a certain spot to stun him. I don't know what the game developers can do anymore...The game needs help! I wish it represented the movies much more then it does. Maybe they can fix something about it, but I have little hope now.
  15. People just tend to be jerks, its life. I am level 100 and yes I juke, and yes I escape almost every round but its for me. I have never done anything horrible to make a Jason rage quit. The level I am at, I have played with people the same level I am at juke me so much that its impossible to kill anyone.
  16. Hey! I have an idea for a new (Part 8 Jason) kill. Give me your feedback and possibly other kills you want to see implemented to the game! Step by Step animation: 1). Jason grabs counselor. (as normal) 2). Jason twists counselor around. 3). Jason swings back of Fire-Axe into the back of counselor. 4). Counselor falls face first. (Still alive at this time) 5). Counselor proceeds to crawl away. (Game would have to acquire crawling animation) 6). Jason walks up to counselor from behind, pulling axe out of counselors back. (Sorta like the back-stab kill) 7). Jason pulls up axe, and whips it into back of counselors head. 8). Counselor groans & dies, while Jason pulls axe out of head. This would be a very complex kill, probably as long as some of Part 4's new kills. But yet so brutal its outrageous!
  17. I have an idea for what Alice Hardys stats would look like if she was added to the Friday the 13th Game franchise. Composure - 6/10 (Able to break free from Pamela's grab quite easily but staying somewhat calm with a physio woman in the woods) Luck - 4/10 (Her ability to find things in the movie were not bad, but not great either) Repair - 3/10 (Didn't fix very much but was able to brew up a nice pot of coffee) Stamina - 5/10 (After seeing Bills dead body, she ran back to the cabin, gasping for breath) Speed - 6/10 (Not horribly fast but not to slow either) Stealth - 7/10 (She was able to stay somewhat quiet in the pantry while Pamela was lurking) Strength - 4/10 (Again she was able to hit and fight Pamela okay for a girl) Tell me what you think, I am just trying to bring many new ideas for counselor stats that could be added into the game!
  18. Yea I didn't realize they had to equal 35 potentially but seeing other counselors stats, I always wondered. Thanks a lot though! From what @MyersVoorhees said, I think her stamina and speed should be lowered just a bit when I realized Reggie left her in the dust, unless Reggie is just fast as lightning lol. She really wouldn't be a bad character.
  19. I have found multiple topics on different counselors we have now, and what their stats should look like because of how unbalanced some are. But I created this topic to pull in everyone's ideas for (all) counselor stats, and what you think they should be. Thanks, everyone!
  20. Good Jason's will stop what they are doing to go and check on the car or phone just because, If I someone with gas or a battery, I will stop chasing someone just to go after them. Often times I will find high repair counselors and kill them to leave the stupid ones behind, lol. But I often just warp to places people often are, such as the car or boat. There are alot of good Jason's ya know?
  21. I could so imagine a Halloween night in Haddonfield, and being one of the scariest games on the market. I get chills thinking about it already, lol.
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