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  1. She would have good Stealth, Stamina, and Composure. Bad luck will not affect her as much as you would think. I have been with the game long enough to know the difference between how stats work.
  2. Tina is not a confirmed playable character in the game...And if she does in the movie, she will in the game.
  3. Your talking about Jenny right? It doesn't really matter...Ginny played a way more important role, Jenny is based off of Chrissy in part 3, and half the time it doesn't even represent her whatso ever. Ginny would be a great addition, NOT as a hero...just as a character.
  4. I notice now...I took some of the composure and added it to stealth, but I will replace 3/10 luck for 1/10 and add 2 to 4/10 to equal up to 6/10. Luck really has no affect in the game anyways.
  5. I would like the idea of bringing Ginny to the game back to life! I have an idea for some of her stats: Composure - 4/10 (Her fear was contained through out most of the movie, but Jason was able to scare the living hell out of her many times) Luck - 3/10 (She got slashed by Jason in the leg, wasn't able to make much damage before she was limping) Repair - 5/10 (No sign of repair in the movie, but she was very intelligent) Stamina - 6/10 (She kept her breath after running from Jason for a while) Speed - 4/10 (Normal to average speed) Stealth - 9/10 (She was able to stay quiet and hide from Jason for the most part and did it so good Jason didn't realize she was there) Strength - 4/10 (She hit Jason a few times and do it in pretty well) It seems like these stats look pretty obvious, and they would match her well. She would be able to stay quiet, repair if need be, and keep Jason distracted for a certain period of time. Just like she did in Part 2.
  6. Exactly, Alice was only in the movie with Jason for like 5 or 6 minutes, and unless Pamela was added it wouldn't work. I also noticed that the stats I placed for her would make her a counselor not used often. She just isn't completly "balanced" in the movie and would neither in the game.
  7. You've been posting alot of repeat topics lately. Make sure to READ the rules before adding so many repeat topics please!
  8. I am not saying your idea is bad, because its acutally really good! But other people have talked about putting her in as a helper or hero before, and using their topic as a starter would work better instead of starting a new topic relating somewhat to it. Sorry
  9. Acutally I have seen 2 topics relating exactly to Alicy Hardy spawning in the game as a so called "hero" or "Tommy Jarvis comperison", I am not dumb when I say check for other topics.
  10. Please check other forums for this... There are many topics related to this! Its just more hardwork for the moderators doing so much to keep the forum moving on! @Kodiak
  11. Sometimes the static just happens, I can be playing as a counselor seeing Jason from outside. I see static but then Jason is in the same exact spot, when Jason is close it just spawns in sometimes.
  12. There are topics related to adding Alice Hardy already, go and check them out! Make sure to check before starting a repeat thread.
  13. Exactly, @Dusty1515 please read forum rules; PLEASE!!! There are an outrageous amount of topics related to this and this has gotten old, people have been requesting a update since before Thanksgiving. Make sure to check for other topics related to ones you might want to make. @JPops
  14. It's all good! But surely it won't be long. People getting impatient and frustrated on these forums, tend to lead to arguments and clashing against Gun and Illfonic, when really they are working their hardest to get us content!
  15. That tis why it's going to be a "surprise" when all of a sudden it shows up in the download inbox!
  16. You can not tell me I am new, when I have been playing the game since July. I was on the forums before starting a new account. The game development crew for F13 is small and they have alot of things to get out to us in December and it takes time.
  17. Welcome to the forums!! Some great times here!
  18. Check for other topics related to this around the forums. It's just putting more work on the moderators who work so hard to keep this forum great! Thank you.
  19. Please check other forums for this topic, I don't even know how many topics have been made about this. Please check for other topics before making another, thank you!
  20. Yes I am on console, PSN Gamertag: Thesnotlicker I am always just used to eating traps, ferrying items, or juking Jason. But as Jason, don't expect to escape
  21. I play as tiffany, I always go to the bathroom, collect a first aid spray, which i have x2 of; and firecrackers or a pocket knife, and go straight to objectives and instead of using my pocket knife, I have always just ate the trap to help out high repair counselors. It's just my good deeds, lol.
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