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  1. Part 4 the Final Chapter or Part 6 Jason Lives...They both are equal in my book.
  2. Damnnn... somebody is moody. I'm stating my own opinion because personally leatherface is one of my least favorite films, and I wouldn't be playing it. As well as if there was a Halloween game I would hope to god it wouldn't be made by Gun or Illfonic. Somebody with great talent needs to make a game like that though your idea is good, I would find a different way to put it.
  3. All these characters need their own game...Personally Micheal Myers. It's my favorite horror film other the Friday the 13th and I would love to see his own eerie game!
  4. Not everyone is a bad Jason, you make it seem that way. There is not always an excuse of "Oh the Jason was just bad". NO, because I know so many good Jason's; me included and I know for a fact that there are great Jason's and bad ones at the same time.
  5. They are trying to focus things towards the movies. No movie includes snow and it would just ruin the movie reputation this game has.
  6. Okay please...please look for other topics related to this. There are a lot of other threads related straight to this topic. I just have to call 9-1-1 on this @JPops But yes it is a none problem and it can be frustrating
  7. Yea great idea! It would be more for the skilled players. And the risky low players
  8. It also seems like a little far for the motorbike to escape compared to everything else, unless the boat escape is under the bridge near Jason's shack.
  9. This is great @AldermachXI You know exactly what to say lol
  10. ...Dedicated Servers...They will come, there are way more problems then just Host leaving or loosing connection. For example, Jason being a wuss now and the OP counselors. The patch is coming, don't worry
  11. I am also enjoying the idea of the motor bike, in Part 6 Jason Lives, the couple gets on the motorbike but they both got stabbed instantly, I think the motorbike should be its own kill animation where even if you have a pocket knife it shouldn't do anything, like the drowned kill. An instant stab through both riders or one of them or a double decapitation.
  12. Did you do the new environmental kills? I had all my kills and the only one I was missing was a Part 9 kill, achieved it at level 78 and I am 100 now.
  13. As well has this topic been stated already. Check other threads for "christmas"
  14. I am as well very pumped for Offline bots, it will be an expierence for sure
  15. This is an amazing idea! I am fascinated by this map! I see the one blue objective is a motorcycle, that sounds like a great idea but idk if they would add that to all maps. Still this is really good! I wouldn't mind playing this map at all, there is plenty of things to look for on this map!
  16. Yea some people do that, but from how I play I am not one Jason to puppy-dog the car. If the car starts I will stop it...just that simple, I have only ever had 4-5 cars escape from me.
  17. Don't expect a darn thing. This game and movie is shifted towards a summer camp, not a winter retreat. I will never expect snow in the game...and if it comes I will have 0% hope for this game living up to its reputation.
  18. Unless I have placed a trap, that adds 30 seconds for Jason to morph back. So plus that, 1:30 for Jason to come back. But its whatever your gameplay is
  19. When I play Jason, I always pay attention to objectives, even if my trap hasn't been trapped I still check it more often then not. Just a norm for good Jason players.
  20. But this kind of stuff is happening on all consoles, and its a known problem Hopefully Gun can take care of it!
  21. There are many threads on this already. Please go check them out and make sure to look for threads before starting new ones! Thank you
  22. UPDATED STATS: Composure - 6/10 (Her fear was contained through out most of the movie, but Jason was able to scare the living hell out of her many times) Luck - 1/10 (She didn't really have much of an impact on this, also to keep stats balanced) Repair - 5/10 (No sign of repair in the movie, but she was very intelligent) Stamina - 6/10 (She kept her breath after running from Jason for a while) Speed - 4/10 (Normal to average speed) Stealth - 9/10 (She was able to stay quiet and hide from Jason for the most part and did it so good Jason didn't realize she was there) Strength - 4/10 (She hit Jason a few times and do it in pretty well)
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