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  1. I 100% agree from a Jason stand point. I go into stalk to catch the counselor on their way to a cabin, or I leave and come back in stalk. This affects me as Jason because the counselor will know I am there when I am trying to get a good kill. From a counselor stand point, keep it! It lets me know Jason is there and to stay inside or stay quiet... But I love playing Jason, so I am going to have to agree with getting rid of it.
  2. Threads have been made on this multiple times. Find another place to post this topic, please. Luck also has multiple uses, so its not going to affect Stealth as much as you think. I wouldn't know amazingly, because I don't use high luck counselors.
  3. Stalk is wonderful. Since the patch I took advantage of it. Because if I stalk outside of a cabin or in the woods near the car while 6 people are at the car or inside; that one person will stray away to go grab a battery or gas and I will shift towards them, not the car. Grab and get a great stalk kill. You just have to use it as a skill! If you have the skill to use it, I highly suggest it.
  4. I understand what you mean. But if we are being fair and honest here, most people who play Tommy are horrible at it. I run across Tommy's as Jason and they completely miss me with the shotgun, and let themselves get grabbed, and do nothing. Some even run to the exit and just wait for police or a car to roll by. Yes, there are many good Tommy's who protect other counselors and don't let them die. That's why as Jason stalk is great, for that one time someone strays away from the group, but its hard to give the pro's the things they need but yet give the noobs something that they don't even use wisely. It is there fault for not playing right, but we have to be fair. I would 100% agree with you if people actually played Tommy the way he should be played.
  5. Remove Tommy's pocket knife...There is no need for it. It makes him way more powerful then he already is with 10/10 on every stat. Packanack for instance has two shotguns, when really Tommy should be the only one coming into the match with a gun. Jason is so weak right now, and all everyone wants is more and more for counselors. This is EXACTLY why the game is not going to have a good future because of people who want counselors to be even stronger!
  6. Oh okay, well the game does have its problems. Good luck figuring it out
  7. Nothing is wrong with Jason other then his stun resistance. Its the counselors they need to work on. I am level 101 and playing Jason is a breeze. Its easy, you just have to use skill and think about what your going to do next. I know newer players have a hard time because of higher level counselors beating them to rage quit. The game is very unbalanced right now...
  8. I play with a group of 101's as well. But we don't team up. We make it easier on the Jason and at least give him a chance. The game is not supposed to be ran by counselors. Jason is the man, hes supposed to be working wonders of killing dirty counselors. The game is not that way, and it should be!
  9. That's what they want!!!! Instead of a whole group of people hitting Jason and fighting him, they can split off for Jason to have his eyes on one and potentially kill them. It makes it easier for Jason.
  10. I'm a very good Jason, play him as much as I can (Preferably part 4 Jason) and kill everyone. As a counselor juke Jason whole match, or escape with someone else. Its not easy or hard to play as a counselor. People also make a huge deal about how you can't kill anyone as Jason or its difficult. Though everyone has different game play, its not hard. I play as Jason 4 times within a 2-3 hour period and kill between 6-8 people every one of those matches. So, no its not to easy to be a counselor yet its not to hard either. Depends on how you play, for me its a glorious escape every freaking match, for you, it may be a dead end.
  11. Its definitely your connection. It works fine for me, and it has nothing to do with being a low level player. Though, I have never had this happen to me before! Either its your connection or you just need to restart your game.
  12. The idea that I am still talking about horror characters is beyond you I guess, because Micheal Myers and Micheal Myers are related.
  13. Welcome to the forums
  14. Heyo, and welcome to the forums. As I always say, its all fun and games until Jason finds you...
  15. Check other forums, there are many other threads related to dedicated servers. Don't forget its all fun and games until Jason catches you... Calling 9-1-1 @JPops
  16. Welcome to the forums! It's all fun and games until Jason finds you
  17. I will be on Saturday Night if y'all want to add me. If possible add me after 9-10 on Saturday night! I'm on PS4 at: Thesnotlicker
  18. Well your post caught my eye, and I didn't make this thread so technically I don't have to go somewhere else to comment because I didn't create the thread. I'm placing my opinion about what you said here.
  19. Will Part 7 Jason be getting a Buff as well? How about a new kill pack, I really am looking forward to one!
  20. I haven't had this problem in forever...its only ever happened to me like twice. Most of the time I have little brat kids yelling and yelling for Jason when he isn't even near by. Yet some how they still get Jason to come to me, but I lock the door or windows on kids face so they die first I honestly almost never die now days unless the Jason is really good. I played Jason yesterday and I can't even tell you how frustrated I got...I don't think about the nerf until I play a walking Jason. Since the nerf instead of shift grabbing I make the counselor run out of stamina by using Part 4. Or maybe I just wasn't a good Jason last night, sometimes i am great and other times i'm trash. But counselors have been so OP that I can barely get 5 kills when before the nerf it was 8/8 24/7.
  21. I really don't have problems with people cussing me out and stuff, but occasionally...well never mind all the time I come across kids younger then 10 or 11 swearing and going off on anything Jason does to piss them off. This game is not for the little brats who think they own the lobby. But I usually do a party with my friends, and its always been fun!
  22. If you want to mute all...just pull out your headset.
  23. I agree, I have the perfect amount of perks I need now. Yea I may enjoy having a Epic Grinder perk to start the car, but I am okay with My dads a cop...everyone's different.
  24. You know what, it's as hard as it it already to shift grab, I agree on a certain stand point of dieing or escape 5 minutes into the match and having to watch people for 15 minutes, possibly when Virtual Cabin comes out you can mess with that for 15 minutes! And no deal because its a rule...
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